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How far would you go?

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How far would you go to hunt a cache? Would you go to another country? Understanding that some people utilize alternate methods of transportation to get to the cache i.e. bicycles, or public transportation, how far would you go?

I wouldn't just travel to find a cache. But once I'm there I look for caches. If I know that I will go to a new location, I try to find caches in the area which seem to be interesting. It's a good way to get "off the beaten path"



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I have only driven about 30 miles for a cache specific trip - of course it was multi so I ended up putting about 80 miles on the car to get there, get the cache and get back.


However, I did drive 13.5 hours from Kentucky to Minnesota instead of flying so I could add 4 more states to my life list. I figure 27 hours of driving to light up 4 red areas on my profile map... yeah it was worth it.

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The farthest I've traveled just to cache was from Mississippi to Manitoba (about 1500 miles), but while there, I found other things to do besides caching.


Joe has me beat on the Brazil APE cache, but since half of the world's ape caches now reside in Brazil, it's on the list... maybe in a few years (a good friend of mine is from there, so it wouldn't be a caching-only trip).

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Well, I went to Geowoodstock4 in Texas....and that was 800 miles!


As far as a drive to find a certain traditional cache would have to be about 75 miles...the cache was The Virgin Falls Cache and it is one that I would recommend to everyone! The Groundspeak lackeys even went out of their way to find it. (see the logs on the listing) :D

And a few volunteers for Groundspeak too. ;):)


Mine is about the same as The Leprechauns. On that trip, I did four states in 24 hours -- OR, WA, ID and MT starting from the Original Stash Plaque and the Unoriginal Stash at dusk on day 1, slept in Portland overnight and ending up in Montana at dusk the next day. Awesome trip, awesome part of the country.

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Recently did a 1200km round trip to our capital city. Got 102 caches in 4 days. March/April/May next year sees a 3000km round trip, then a 1200km round trip, then a 1000km round trip planned, with the hope of finding as many as possible on route. The middle trip will include an attempt to get in excess of 100 caches in one 24 hr period.

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I was between jobs for 5 weeks this Spring and did a 14 day 5300 mile trip. My goal was to do GCJG49 The Delicate Arch. Although I didn't do the trip specifically to grab this cache, it was the one that was on the top of my list. I ended doing around 190 caches but didn't do any micro runs. I tried to stay with interesting caches in interesting places.

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The furthest just to find a specific cache (GCA61D and GC2C32, which are virtuals) was 1500 miles one way.

The 2nd furthest for a specific cache (GC8485) was 1300 miles one way.

One nice thing of being retired and camping - see a cache you want to find, hook up the camper and go.

A typical day caching for us is to identify several in an area and spend the day caching. We often do 200-300 miles round trip days. The only cache within 15 miles of us (one way) is the one we've placed so driving any distance is a necessity.

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We recently had to drive from Washington to Utah on a long weekend to attend to some family business but ended up going FAR out of our way to grab a couple of specific caches from the Cache Across America series. (Wyoming, Nevada)


We ended up driving 2400 miles and grabbing caches in seven western states in three days. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana) We were deliriously tired by the time we got home but I would do it again in a second.


I love a road-trip. Combine it with caching and that is pure fun to me. ;)

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700 miles.


Already 100 miles from home, we were at an event in Central Alabama when a friend mentioned that they needed just one more cache to complete the Alabama Delorme Challenge, but it was 300 miles further south of us in Mobile.


The five of us who were standing there talking got quiet for a second, looked at each other and could see the light go on in each others eyes! We piled in two cars and went after it!


Call our spouses: "Honey, I am going to be a bit late getting home from the event..."


But then, my wife already knew that; I am a geocacher!



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My favorite caching stomping grounds are about 80-100 miles from my house. Just close enough that I can make it into a (very full) day trip, or spend the weekend (great camping, or we know someone with a cabin that we can stay in occasionally). I will certainly bring cache info anywhere I happen to travel for other reasons. I could see myself planning a geocaching trip/vacation just about anywhere. But I would probably pick a place I'd like to go and then go for whatever caches are there (with a cursory check to make sure I don't inadvertently pick some weird geocache black-out zone). I could also see myself travelling for organized geocache events. I don't see myself picking out a particular cache real far away and then travelling specifically to see it, but who knows; if I ran across the right one, I might.

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HAVE hiked 11 miles round trip for a cache, HAVE driven five hours one-way for a cluster in another city & have immediate plans for a 12 hour one-way drive to a place where there is a cache gold mine.


Some of us are simply NUTS, I don't recommend it for everyone unless they have a wife like mine who is understanding and/or likes it when I am gone (hmmmm) ;) .

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A month of so ago I was on vacation at my sister's is SC. I had planned on leaving there and go to Chicago to run the BoB series. I decided to add as many new states as possible. In one day I went from SC -> NC ->TN -> KY -> IN -> IL -> IA -> IL -> WI -> IL. Ended up being 1200 miles. Then next day I did the BoB series and a few others for a total of 98 finds but that is another topic.

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