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  1. Looks like things are slowing down. We probably won't make it to 7 digits until 2007. We are currently at GCZXHQ
  2. So now can I equate my post count with my find count?
  3. Well now we all feel like jerks don't we??
  4. Perhaps a well written 1 post topic could be pinned to the top of this forum. In it we could state the basics that everyone agrees on: It is always a hot topic that is debated There is a website that list who has the most found logs Found logs do not always equate finds and thus it is subjective
  5. We are on: GCZVD2 You still can check on the status of issued caches. If it has been assigned, but not published the error message is: Sorry, you cannot view this cache listing until it has been published. However if it hasn't been issued yet, it is: This cache has not been published yet.
  6. We are on at least GCZV8Y and probably a bit farther. If we have a major run this weekend, my guess of December 17 could be a fulfilled prophecy!!
  7. But now the discussion here has largely revolved around whether or not you can find something that you hid. In the case of an event, you can certainly "attend" something that you have "hosted." Apples and oranges my friend... or should I say, containers and events.
  8. AHHH!!! TrackInTheBox strikes again!!!!
  9. yeah, I had to go get some cheerios while I was waiting for gc.com to load.,... but no such luck.
  10. I will add my support to this initiative. I would love to see both image notification as well as edited log notification.
  11. this thread is quickly becoming pet peeves rather than dead horse beatings.
  12. People not taking the time to read the whole thread before posting a comment. Good one. Hey, give him a break. My post about premium members was a whole 2 posts above his. That is an honest mistake.
  13. So I went back and was reading the begining of the thread and here was my first post. It was the 6th post and came just hours after BPR's original idea. Considering it took weeks to finalize all the specifics, I must say I am a bit of a prophet!!
  14. and as we were just reminded.... premium member only caches.
  15. I am really just curious of your idea before I commit to anything. emurock can have the state if they so please - I already own the CAA-KY cache.
  16. I live in Kentucky (used to live in OR). Tell me a bit more about your idea.
  17. Come on folks!!! Just 4 left. Lets get it done so we can get the final up and running. Anyone have the leader board up and running?
  18. it is interessting what a search for the popcorn man brings up. Almost all those threads are multiple pages, and many of them drag on for several pages.
  19. If you could do a search for smilies eating popcorn you would immedietly know which thread contained horse carcasses.
  20. What steps did you have to take to be able to use the geocaching logo?
  21. What is interesteing to note is that most of these dead horse topic usually illicit several pages of comments. In other words we regulars love to jump in and start beating just as much as anyone.
  22. Lets not forget.... Travelbug hotel restrictions.
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