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Countdown To Geocaching Ranking .com


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It's official, our evil countdown timer is a counting down to the death of Geocaching.za.net... it's soo sad, but shortly after the 15th of August our new uber cool site will be in place, probably on Saturday the 19th of August. This site will have a proper design to it (done by a professional, my brother :) - thanks John) and it will have some funky cool features. We have decided on a better ranking system, practically the same as the current one, except you will need far more finds to make it to higher ranks like for instance you will need 200 finds to be a First Lieutenant and 3000 finds to be a General, but don't worry we have included a few officer ranks and there are 7 ranks from 0 to a 100 finds to get through, hopefully keeping it fun for any noobs. colours will relate directly to your rank name, and there will be an added Fruit title. This is my personal favourite. You are labeled a particular type of fruit based on your Find to Hide ratio, like we are proud to say that we are currently a Second Lieutenant Pineapple! We might expand further on what we will include in the site, but for now we are interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions or comments about a new Geocaching Ranking site. Thanks for all your support! Charlie from QFC

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mixed feelings... personally I was hoping to see the QFC chaps disable a thermonuclear device while wearing underclothes over their jean pant, :D:D:D but I guess that was hoping for too much.

On the other hand... this new website sounds dandy and I'm sure that it'll be a lot of fun!! About the fruit thing though... I suppose that suspicion that our geomuggle friends have about us being a load of fruit cakes is only confirmed, I mean, why don't they understand that us running around the countryside looking for ice-cream containers filled with junk and a log book and taking something out and then putting something back in is ACTUALLY a LOT OF FUN!!!


Oh... and were not actually competitive about this whole lot are we?




Thanks QFC for making it more funner :D

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cant wait to see it, how will it affect the present rankings will the people be demoted or what :):D:D:D:D:D:D


Yeah, people are going to be demoted, but least we will all be in the same boat, when we started the rankings last year TVM made it to the top of the list in September with about 290 finds... so we thought if we made the highest rank worth 500 finds it wouldn't be hit too soon. but now with the top 10 cachers all having achieved over 300 finds, we decided to make the top rank out of anyones league... and it should stay that way for a good few years to come. Highest rank is a "Geocaching Marshal" and you ony have to find 5000 caches... hehe. There are only 43 listed cachers in the world that have achieved 5000 finds :D - Geocacher Rankings - 1-125

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but now with the top 10 cachers all having achieved over 300 finds, we decided to make the top rank out of anyones league... and it should stay that way for a good few years to come. Highest rank is a "Geocaching Marshal" and you ony have to find 5000 caches... hehe. There are only 43 listed cachers in the world that have achieved 5000 finds :rolleyes: - Geocacher Rankings - 1-125


I predict an atomic cache find happening towards the end of the year.


Be afraid everyone, very afraid of it.... :anitongue::anitongue::laughing:

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Well based on the 'Find-to-Hide' ratio, I'm sure Fish Eagle will be an entire fruit salad


Hey, fruit salad's cool :lol: - and plenty fun seeing all the logs coming in at the end of the weekend. :P


But, we might soon have a blemish on our record of no archived caches :anitongue: vrot fruit? :anitongue: - someone's busy putting up a bl**dy great game fence around one of our caches. Wonder if lodging a land claim will work?? :laughing::rolleyes:

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Sounds Cool!


I just hope we're not Brussel Sprouts.

You should add in a monthly interprovincial league, so that provinces can compete against each other.


Can't wait!

Daniel from TGF


About the Inter-Provincial league idea, this is something I'm quite keen to build into the system, but it might not be put in before the site goes live. One problem about competing provinces is to work out a good way to make the competition fare. I was thinking of working out the average finds per cache per month or something... Does anyone have any idea how this could work. GlobalRat would probably be a good person to ask ;)


Charlie from QFC

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Anyone currently checking their (much debated :huh: ) stats on geocaching.za.net today will notice that the countdown timer is ticking past rather quickly and we are down to mere hours.


In 11 hours, 9 minutes and a few seconds, at the time of writing this, the stats site will come crashing down. Luckily QFC at position 22 :huh: will not have too far to fall, but we suggest that the upper cachers (not saying that they are better than others :huh: ) invest in a parachute, plane or bungee cord to make the fall a little less shocking.


The bungee cord would be more apt because as soon as the site is down QFC will be working well into the night and next few days to get www.GeocachingRanking.com off it’s knees and up into the flying electronic bits that is the internet. (we are taking leave on wednesday... :mad: )


We hope that all have enjoyed the site, the rankings, the competitiveness (each to their own remember), the nifty features and the friendships that it has provided. We have! To quote Brick:

“They are doing this as a labour of love."
We are not here to police the sport (each to their own again), we are merely here to help caching in SA and have fun while doing it.


See you all in 11 hours to bid goodbye to our contentious friend (www.geocaching.za.net) and then again on Saturday for the birth and launch of www.GeocachingRanking.com.


:huh::ph34r:Don’t make any plans, we have made them for you. :mad::ph34r:


Play the game as you want to play it.

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Welcome to the SA forum Team Jsam.


The site has been designed to be available to the US and rest of the world, but for the moment we plan to just release in SA. So the answer to question 1 would be yes, but not yet. We will keep you informed on that.


2. Currently www.GeocachingRanking.com is only up for testing purposes. I am sure that we will soon see one of those irritating QFC counters on the home page telling you how much longer is left. Until that time... "Were still not telling.. :huh:"


Keep your eyes on the site and we will keep you updated.

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The site has been designed to be available to the US and rest of the world, but for the moment we plan to just release in SA. So the answer to question 1 would be yes, but not yet. We will keep you informed on that...


Count me in on this please... Sent an email to the old site a few days ago.. I am based in the UK but from SA originally.. Hope to do some caching in the EasternCape in September :huh: There is a TB (i think its still there) in PE which was at my one of my local caches just a short while back! Small world!

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I would like to put in writing my thanks to the terrible twins for all the work that they have put into the old site and even a bigger thank you for the world to come, but I will hold my thanks just in case I end up as a pumkin.


It has in my opinion the site revolutionised caching in SA, and hopefully there are only better things to come.




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:anicute: AHHHHH....! :unsure: Geocaching.za.net is no more. Please excuse the long redirect time between sites, this will be sorted out once the wine goggles have been removed.


For speed purposes, we suggest heading straight over to www.geocachingranking.com and watch the PRETTY numbers fly by. :unsure:


Please update your favorites/ bookmarks to reflect the site change. :ph34r:


See you in 294267593 milli seconds time... :unsure:

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For all those who have been watching the countdown timer tick by, you will be pleased to know that our site is finished, but we are having a few technical issues... ie: uploading!!! Just blame it on telkom :ph34r: We are hard at work trying to get it all set up, I say give us an hour or two, and check back again... go find a cache maybe :ph34r:

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Greetings all,


As you may have guessed the site is in a reasonably BETA state.

And yes, we know that the previous site never left BETA, but we are working hard to getting the new site complete.


we are hoping to have the checkstats up by the end of the week if not tomorrow, till then we ask that you bare with us.


For now you can upload images and setup your profiles with links to YOUR home page.

These links will then appear on the Links Page for all to see.

(just some free advertising for us important SA Cachers ;))


If you check out the Ranking Page you will also see that there are now some images for various fruit. It's up to you to decide if the fruit is a good fruit or a bad fruit :)

The page may take a while to load, sorry for those with slow connections.


Have fun caching... and if the site goes boom... remember that [ctrl] + [F5] is your friend!



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Hey, QFC....


What am I, a cheese puff? :blink:


Good job guys.


Vespa, you are a cashew, but dont worry we all know you are a cheese puff..... :blink:


Hover over the image to work out what you are should our cherry look like an apple.

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:):):) Hi QFC, the new site is realy cool, but what about the RSA trackable items, when will this be available? :D:):)




Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines... Cant one just cache in peace. :P We will start work on this feature in the next week or so. We have just been ironing out some of the bugs in the current section before adding more bugs to the system :)


Hopefully this will be done soon so that Noddy can keep on tracking the two SA TB races that are currently happening. With luck we will design this section better so that the RSA coins can be tracked easier.


Sorry to all for the delay and lack of response... The number 200 was calling... :D

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Im not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, but I didnt want to start a whole new topic.


Where can we find out about the South African geocaching records? E.g The most finds in a month/day etc.

I see that Crystal Fairy has 70 finds this month alone (Well done!!!) that must be some kind of record.


Will you be adding this feature to GR.com any time soon?



Daniel from TeamTGF

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Hmmmm... an interesting one! :mad:


The most caches found in a month we could do. The most caches found in a day is a whole lot harder and may require input from the cachers themselves. This would also require honesty on the cachers behalf.... :D


We probably will not be able to do the most caches found per day automatically since we have no clue when you found which cache. We only know that as of the update at time x and date y that you have found p caches. We work out hoe many caches you found in the last week by saying

[number of caches found today - number of caches found as close as possible to 7 days ago].


Hope the above makes sense. Feel free to offer suggestions if you have them.


<back to work>

Part 2

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