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  1. Got my two - Harry's Hidey hole Tugela Light (get in early Bats - not yet published! S29 13.345 E031 30.247)
  2. Watch Daniella the Dark Horse Dolphin ...
  3. He He He. Been watching ... Now seems to loop between 2 sites without loading a page ... Keep at it - you have watchers!
  4. I go along with Noddy. Thanks guys!
  5. With the new fruit thing, may have to change my handle janputte to jan pitte (pips). You guys make this a whole load more fun. Thanks.
  6. Picked up my second prize in the 2005 Travel Bug Race to Cape Town, a Peugeot travel bag full of goodies donated by Whostops. In it, found a bottle of old engine oil marked Peugeot Port, so must be from some left hand marine engine. To Africard for organising, the "movers" and the sponsors - a great game - thank you.,
  7. Add my thanks for a great, well administered race!
  8. Daniella Dolphin (sister of Dan Dolphin of 2005 race fame) posted off to GlabalRat today. Janputte
  9. My name is Daniella Dolphin - I am the sister of the first TB home in the 2005 race. I watched Dan Dolphin go, and it looked like fun. Please enter me in the 2006 race. My owner janputte will place a cache called Mussel Pot at Sheffield Beach in Natal in July 2005.
  10. And Dan plops contentedly into the end cache...
  11. Dan's going for the final dash. Last to first in 1.4km!
  12. Won't SOMEBODY put the little Dolphin out of his misery & move him 1.4km? Would be the fastest move from last to first!
  13. Go Dan Go! 1.4km for a small dolphin out of water can be a long way!
  14. Two for me please. Am I the only South African requesting coins? Regards from Ballito. janputte
  15. Looks great to me. Any thoughts on setting up a TB shop in South Africa? Postage from the US or UK is heavy!
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