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Oil As A Trade Item?

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I have a bunch of "Xtream Sports Lube" sample bottles, which are 2/3 oz. (20 ml) each. They are great for bikes, skates, skateboards, pretty much anything. I guess use it on anything you would use a WD_40 type product on.


If I sealed them in mini-ziplocs, so they would did not leak in any way, do you think this would be a good trade item? Let me know what you think.

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I don't see any problem with it....although when I read the title of the topic, I was hoping you were going to put a case of 10w-30 in the cache...I'd definitely hunt for that one. :rolleyes:


hmmm, good idea. Does each finder get one or is the case a FTF prize? That would be a mean trick if it was a long hike out! :rolleyes:

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Is this in one of those completely sealed squeeze tubes that you need scissors to open, or in a more typical plastic cap-foil underseal tube?


If the former, I think it is great! If the latter, less so, but if teh foil seal is intact, but be OK.


Neat idea, though I haven't a need for one. It is a unique trade item, and that is good!

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Well I said "Oil" because I did not want to say "Personal Lubricant" :anicute::grin: . The small bottles have screw caps, but no foil seal underneath, I am fortunate to have a few thousand mini ziplocs ( I usually ziploc everything going into a cache) and I also have a heat sealer. I'm going to do a test this weekend, with one leaking on purpose, but double bagged.

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Superb idea, especially along bike paths or fishing holes. During hunting season if I happened to cache on my way through to game lands and found that I'd most likely call it a successful day and go home (at least I got *something*)


Wow, nice run-on sentence.....I'll edit later and see if I can make it longer

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