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Cache Owner Etiquette

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I'll throw in my $0.02 - Nothing wrong with doing what you did. I have a TB hotel in my front yard, and I toss bugs in and pull bugs out all the time. When something really cool comes along (jeeps, rare geocoins) I sometimes log them out myself, but I also try to leave some for others. Usually if I do grab them it's to add them to an event or a needycache. I figure everyone (including me) deserves a shot at cool TBs, so I don't hog them but I don't completely ignore them either.

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Oh I am so glad to see this thread, we have done this but we did not post a note to the page, we just secrectly got the WJTB and logged it and moved it on. We have also gone to another cache to get a really cool and popular TB and move it to our cache to generate some traffic, but maybe I should not admit that might be wrong. :lol:


BTW what is SOP??

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