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What Should My 100th Cache Be?

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I'm at 90 right now and well within my original goal of having found 100 by the end of the year. Anyone have any suggestions for a 100th find?


With this being right in the middle of the holiday season, I'm not looking to make this utterly difficult or involve a bunch of travel, just looking for suggestions for something that will make my 100th find memorable.


Thanks -- Craig

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Just pick one...There is a lot to choose from!

No seriously, I would try to find one that has been a DNF for a few people but is confirmed to still be there. That way you can claim to be...well that's antoher topic.

I am trying to figure out what to hit for #500 which should happen by the end of the year. Good Luck! :wacko:

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Add me to the list of cachers that would hunt WUD for a century mark. <_<

Bummer...I just coresponded with the cache owner of WUD and he told me (and then did) that he was going to disable it for the winter. He said that it needed some firefly maintenance and that it's already pretty muddy and slipery out there. So...it's disabled.


He suggested that I try his Stumped? cache again (GC16F0) since I didn't get it on my first visit. Should be easier on me now that I've ready the logs.


Anyone have any other bright ideas?

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ANX is an awesome cache

That seem slike a little more work then I have time for during the holiday season. Not to mention possibly wading through water during the shortest and coldest days of the year doesn't seem like a good idea.


Also, I haven't even attempted to figure out what the checksum puzzles are all about yet. I haven't attempted to solve any of them yet.

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