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  1. Found the answer for what I wanted to do. I can create lists on Geocache.com using the filters. After the lists are created I can download them to my phone via the Geocaching app. While caching in the US I won't bother with lists but when caching in the rest of the world the lists will come in handy. Won't have to use data or WiFi. Just trying to wean myself from having to carry my GPS since I always have my phone.
  2. I normally do my editing in GSAK and then load the file to my GPS while travelling. Now I'd like to ditch the GPS and just use my phone. Is there a way to download the GSAK file to the phone app so it shows up as a list in order to do "off Line" geocaching?
  3. Got it to work!!! Reformatted the SD ? Have no idea why some maps worked and others didn't but at least Zimbabwe now works. I'll see what happens when I reload all the other maps.
  4. OK - update. I removed all maps from my GPS. Also removed the corresponding gmapsupp.img from the PC. Blank slate. Downloaded the specific city in Zimbabwe - one segment. Move it to the GPS. Removed if from the PC including the download folder. Connected GPS to PC, ran Basecamp - all the roads, trails, etc. show. Disconnected the GPS - none of the roads, trails, etc. show on the GPS. It has to have something to do with the maps. I did the same for two random cities - Buenos Aires and Mumbai. They worked great. Just doesn't like Africa :-) Any clues
  5. I currently have seven maps on my GPS. They all are gmapsupp.img from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/. These maps are the full North America and full Europe that I keep on the GPS at all times. The other five are for a trip I'm taking next month. Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jordan and the islands off the east coat of Africa. Going about the "problem" logically I noticed I was concentrating on three that were having the problem of the details (roads, trails, etc.) not showing up on the GPS but yet showing up on Base Camp. I discovered that four of the seven work with no problem! After thinking it through last night I think that the problem may be that the three that are not working - Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa are over lapping. I'll try later today removing all versions of those maps from the PC and the GPS, just loading a new version of one to the GPS and see if it works. Thanks for chiming in. I'll update the status later today.
  6. Unfortunately that didn't help. Driving me crazy. I know the detail is there and can see it on Basecamp but not on the GPS when disconnected from Basecamp - Grrr
  7. I have a map installed on my eTrex 30 on the microcard. If I open Basecamp with my GPS connected to the PC I can open the map and see the street level detail. But when I disconnect the GPS and look at the same map on the GPS it does not so any detail. I've tried disabling the other maps on the GPS and just having the one enabled - same problem. Any suggestions?
  8. OK - no new GPS Just searched the Owner Manual and found that there is a Waypoint Manager that allows you to modify the waypoint and/or delete it. Wish I had known that this morning :-) A lot easier to learn the functions when you aren't under a time pressure of the Poker Run. Also learned how to use smiles I'm getting educated tonight. Now if I can just get my changed title and signature to show.
  9. That was the situation - caches had not been published and the organizer didn't bring a computer to load the coords. Was surprised how frustrated I got trying to load 18 caches into my GPS using that mini joy stick. Might be worth it just to get a touch screen. As you said - there is no NEED to upgrade but...
  10. We use a six year old Etrex30 for geocaching. The last couple years we average about 125 caches a year. mainly in foreign countries when we travel. Today we participated in a local Poker Run and while we had fun we were frustrated. Not having a computer or a master GPS to transfer the cache coordinates, we had to enter each cache by hand. Maybe there was a better way but we entered each of the caches as "waypoints". Not much I could do with "waypoints" other than go to them. I couldn't "Find" them to differentiate the found ones from the unfound ones. Also couldn't find a way to update the coordinates of the waypint on the puzzle ones. Long story short - we were wondering if an upgrade would make things easier? If so, what is the most popular GPS at the moment?
  11. Down Hwy 95 to Las Vegas. Will spend a couple days in Vegas and then head to St. George via old Hwy 91 - part asphalt, part gravel, part dirt and part washed out and between 25 and 30 caches.
  12. Istanbul is fantastic. We only spent two days there but definitely want to go back. Was able to snag ten caches between all the sightseeing and coffee stops.
  13. Haven't posted anything on Groundspeak in a longtime. This thread caught my eye since this is my caching goal - a large number of countries. So far I have 41 countries. Granted, some of them I only snagged one cache but hey it still counts :-) My goal is to have fifty countries by the end of the year. The nine I plan to add in December are almost like cheating since they will be Caribbean Islands. Next year I hope to add Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.
  14. After caching all day yesterday I've definitely decided I need a car power cord. Mainly so the screen will stay back lit. Hard to read when it is not back lit. Not so sure about a case because of needing access to the power plug when driving. The screen protection does give me a better feeling about placing the GPS in my pocket when out of the Jeep. I have a wrist cord on the GPS from a camera. I connect that to a carabiner on my belt loop while the GPS is in my pocket. Less chance of it falling out. While caching in the US this set up will work. We tend to do a lot of travelling outside the US and I do have a small camera case that my belt loops through. That way when I'm playing tourist I can place the GPS in the case instead of my pocket or hand. I know this is TMI but I'm just getting back into caching and experimenting with what works for me. BTW - paperless caching is fantastic!
  15. I just got a new phone and it came with a sheet of generic screen protection plastic. I've since ordered custom screen protection for the phone. Long story short I cut the sheet to fit over the screen on the eTrex 30. Not the best but it will do until I finally decide what I want to get for a more permanent solution. Yesterday was my first day caching with the 30. Sure do love the paperless aspect. In another week we'll be taking a two week road trip. During that time I'll have plenty of opportunties to decide what I need for accessories - power cord for the car, some sort of mount, case, etc.
  16. Is the case on the Garmin site? The only ones I've spotted so far didn't have the plastic. Guess I'd better look again. Thanks.
  17. Trying to decide what case and/or screen protection I should get for my eTrex 30. My previous GPS's have rubbed up against a number of rocks during their time geocaching. I'd like to protect this one as much as I can without having to put it in a metal case Unfortunately ZAGG doesn't make anything for the eTrex 30 yet. I also haven't found a case yet that has screen protection like the old eTrex Vista had. Any suggestions?
  18. Quick GSAK question. I've been playing around with it today and noticed something I haven't before. Some of the Waypoint Names are in bold letters. Is there any significance to that?
  19. Thanks for asking about GSAK. I've used it for a number of years but like a camera or phone I just used the basics. I had no idea of all the goodies until a few minutes ago! I can now down load a query, do all my filtering and just prior to a trip or even during the trip can get the latest logs, status, etc. without having to mess with another query. The Geocaching.com Access is fantastic!
  20. I have placed my Garmin eTrex Vista HCx for sale on eBay. It comes with a window mount, car charger, carrying case, City Select North America and City Select Europe. Not the prettiest but works perfectly. Reason for sale is that I just purchased an eTrex 30. Here is the eBay link
  21. @Atlas Cached - Thanks again for pointing out the Garmin Export macro. Just the larger text alone is worth it for my old eyes I've been slacking lately but with the new GPS and a number of trips planned for the next couple months I hope to snag a few interesting caches.
  22. Funny - my sig line is "I see it" but I didn't Now I have it - thanks. I'll also look into Open Caching. Thanks again.
  23. Garmin Export? No - I have no idea what it is. My version of GSAK is and I don't see that macro. I've been using GPS>Send Waypoints to transfer the geocaches to the GPS. I've been using File>Export>MapSource File... to send the geocaches to BaseCamp (also new to me). BTW - I notice that the maps and geocaches go to the internal memory. What is the SD card used for? I also noticed that while I am able to read all the text for the geocaches, no pictures are available. Is it possible to get the pictures to show on the GPS? A lot of puzzles and virtuals reply on pictures.
  24. I've used my eTrex Vista HCx for a number of years. I just purchaed an eTrex 30. Some definite subtle differences. Multiple maps is a great plus. Any specific hints, suggestions, etc. that you can share to help in the transition? This will be used 99 percent for Geocaching. Really looking forward to the paperless aspect of the new GPS. I use GSAK for my basic filtering prior to transferring caches to my GPS.
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