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2006 Winchester Late Xmas Cache Bash

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A few people have started to ask "is there going to be another Winchester Late Xmas Cache Bash in January".


The answer is, assuming I can get it organised, YES! As ever, it will be tha last Sunday in January, and my diary tells me that will be the 29th.


Given that last year's location coped well, and provided good food, I see no reason not to go there again.


Maybe a couple of other Winchester cachers would like to help out this time (eg set a new cache for the event)


Also, could do with a couple of silly games or quizzes to run on the day: any suggestions?



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Well, with Debbie being away, Callum & I decided to go to the Cart & Horses for lunch!


Whilst the pub has changed management again, the lunch was as good as it was back in Jan 2005! Carvery for adults is £7.95, kids is £4.50. Today we had a choice of beef, gammon and pork, along with Roast potatoes, roast parsnips, brocolli, cauliflower & carrots, along with a yorkshire pudding & gravy! I'll be strongly lobbying for some lamb when we visit!!!


If you don't fancy the carvery, then they also have a full menu, which includes starters & deserts (and we can recommend the Clotted Ice Cream!)... I'll post a sample nearer the time.


The initial response to my "enquiry" was positive (not too surprising when you say "I'd like to bring about 60 people to lunch...."!), so I'm planning to go to the pub tonight, when quiet, to have a word with the manager,


Take a look at The Cart & Horses website to find out more.


No need to say if you're coming along yet.... I'll be assuming that loads of you WILL want to come along again!!!!!



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Please can you confirm whether this bash is still on?  Life permitting we would love to come.

I understand this bash event is still on!


We'll both be attending and are looking forward to it - last year's bash was huge - 100+ people!


Denise & Tim

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Well, I can 100% confirm that we'll be meeting at the pub on Sunday 29th January. Once approved, the event cache is GCRYVT . Its the same place (Cart & Horses, Kingsworthy, Winchester) as last year.


As last year, the obvious choice for lunch is the Carvery: £7.95 / £4.50 for adults / kids (which is CHEAPER than last year!!), you'll get a choice of Beef, Gammon or Turkey, plus roast & boiled spuds, along with 4 veg.... ooh, and don't forget the Yorkshire Pudding too!!!! They seem well organised, and I don't think anyone waited more than about 5 minutes to be served.


Paul G0TLG will (as long as he remembers) be doing a quiz of some sort, and I'm hoping we'll be able to place a cache for the day (may or may not be loggable & permanent, rather depends on the level of subterfuge applied!!!)


And the best news is left till the end: the pub now opens at 11:00am (an hour sooner than last year!!) with lunch available from 12:00 noon.


If you are coming along, and would like lunch, can you let me know how many (adults / kids) there will be, so I can give the pub reasonably accurate numbers a few days before.... you can either reply here, or post a note on the cache page.



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We are looking at making a weekend of it, so can anyone recommend a nearby B & B / Hotel / Motel, oh and cheap would be nice coz I'm tight  :(

There's a pair of Travelodges just up the road (Sutton Scotney)... you don't HAVE to use the A34 access, you CAN get in from the village ok.


They have rooms at £45 per night, for which you get a double bed, and a setee / pullout for 2 x under-16's


Travelodge on A34 Southbound

Travelodge on A34 Northbound



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Well, the latest figures seem to indicate at least 40 adults and 16 children for lunch, and quite a few more just coming along for the fun. If you plan on having lunch, and haven't yet said, then please let me know asap, so I can let the pub have some numbers tonight.


Whether there will be a special cache for the day rather depends of how my tax-return goes today!


See you all on Sunday: remember, the pub opens at 11am, with food available from noon.



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I emailed the pub regarding access for dogs and have today received the following reply:


Hi John,


We allow dogs in the snug bar but not in the restaurant, with the obvious

stipulations of being on a lead and well behaved.FYI the snug is a smoking

area. Look forward to seeing you at the weekend.




I thought this info might be useful to any dog owning cachers out there.

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Having completed my tax return this morning, I treated myself to lunch at the pub, where Karen told me that a couple of you had been in touch!


Indeed, dogs are allowed in The Snug (not sure where their owners go though!!!).


We will NOT be using the skittle alley, but will be lurking about the pub somehwere... don't worry, you WILL see us!!!


Also took a nice walk after lunch, and have found a couple of places for caches for Sunday.... so you WILL be able to walk the lunch off. Not decided whether it / they will be loggable yet though...



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Yes! Thanks Paul and thanks to the other Paul for the quiz (I know now why I got a prize ... it was for being last ... mine was not a serious entry you know!!).


For those who haven't got the event listing on their watchlist, sadly the fox died. It was humanely put to sleep by the RSPCA as they considered it was too far gone to save, and probably had blood poisoning due to the wound. Better to go like that, rather than out in the cold and dying a slow lingering death :D Liane, The Cache Hoppers

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I've finally gotten around to creating "Even more Itchen...." (GCT9WH) for the main cache, which I'm sure will be approved soon, and which I'm sure will get about 30 visits in the first hour!


I'm intending to also do something for the "Bonus cache", to make it a standalone micro, but I need to visit the cache first to "upgrade" it, as I don't think it's not currently suitable for a formal cache.


For those of you who are so desperate to do the cache before it gets approved, but weren't there last weekend, the coords are N 51 4.925 W001 17.640 .... park up at the Cart & Horses Pub in Kingsworthy (just off the A33) and enjoy a nice stroll to the cache.

If you didn't do LAST year's cache (Itchen to get back to the pub - GCMJYQ) then I'd suggest you do that one FIRST!.


By the way, no logging "found cache, took fox" :-(



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Good to see the pics Paul - thanks for the link. Cannot believe I had my camera and didn't take one photo ! Too busy talking and drinking me thinks :)


Cheers for all the hard work you and Paul put in for the event - was good to catch up with people - mind you from the pictures I can see there were lots of people I didn't get caught up with ! Maybe next time.....


Cheers, Laughalot :blink:

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