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Watch For This One!

Team Rampant Lion

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This one is NOT for sale and very limited trade (mostly for my kids to barter for their coin collections at events) but it will be out in the field for my FTF prizes, contests and events. Yes, I want to stay old school and get people back out geocaching.


The coin commemorates my bear encounters this summer. The bear charging me at "Aye Caramba!!" and the overly friendly bear at FEARGUS 1 among others. The coin is a fun way to share the experiences and get people back out into bear country (NW New Jersey). It will be a very limited edition.


I might trade for a few specific coins (Moun10Bike, Kansas, Wyoming) but other than that you'll have to get out there to get this one!



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If you would like one placed in grizzly country, interior Alaska, let me know. Would be glad to place one in one of our local caches that has grizzlies running through from time to time, actually more often than not. Big Country (GCQAF4) is one that comes to mind at the moment as our last visit showed a sow and cub having come through within days of our visit.

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I just have to say, Team Rampant Lion, I love your bear pictures. I have a hobby / fascination / addiction to photographing bears in the wild. While my husband, family and friends think I'm nuts, I love it. They take on a beauty unlike any bear in a zoo. I hate that I didn't get in on your coin but love your pictures. Of course, I now wish I cached closer to where you are so I could find some bears to photograph. along with the caches. Your coin is great. I love the bear bait aspect, very creative.

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