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ok, now I need to add a thanks for the picture!


It made JAPTKD's brother and sister (sis especially) nice and jealous... ;) Of course, they've both been caching for more than a year, and are at about 100 caches each (give or take). On Christmas day, we'll have been caching for 6 months, hmmm, maybe new goal should be 250 by Christmas??

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IF you think you are having a BAD DAY.....Read This....I about choked on my morning coffee :);)


Let's just say it involves Prairiepartners, Cutter Mike, Peacecamp1, and a TOW ROPE!


<_<:) :) :) :)


Location: Bloomington, Indiana, United States

cutter mike found Lost Railroad (Traditional Cache) at 12/20/2005


Log Date: 12/20/2005

O.K., here is how it happened. First off, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS CACHE THIS TIME OF YEAR. So, I took a buddy of mine caching for the first time and we go down the hill to get this cache. When we try to go back up the hill my car will not cooperate on the ice. I get stuck in a rut on the side of the hill. I then manage to get myself unstuck. I turn around and think this road will lead to SR 37. WRONG. It dead ends at 37. I do not find this out until I am stuck with only two wheels on the ground cause I managed to drive my vehicle into a crater. Oh, about 2-3 hours later cache owner, Prairiepartners, comes to rescue me, only after peacecamp has come to pick me up and take me someplace warm. We meet PP down there and he tows me out and then we get trying to go back up the same hill and he gets stuck, however, he managed to make it up the hill in no time. It is another story for me however, cause I get stuck yet again on the hill. After about a half hour, I reverse down the hill gain some momentum and make it nearly to the top. From there PP was able to tow me out, seeing that I made it up far enough where his 30 ft tow rope would not place him on ice. There's the story, oh yeah I found the cache! Do not attempt this cache this time of year. I have requested PP change this to a 5/5 considering it required special equipment, however he just laughed in my face. Thanks Jim (PP) and Jon (peacecamp1) you guys are great friends~!

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I got stuck in the summer on a dead end gravel road once. I was driving my Ranger and the hill I was trying to climb had a fresh coat of gravel. After 3 unsuccessfull tries Indy Diver in his 4 wheel drive truck had to push my Ford up the hill. If not for him I would still be there. Thanks Gary.



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Take a moment to add yourself to the map!


Frappr! - Geocaching IndiGO

That is a really super map! I know everyone is not on it, but you could easily find cachers in your own area!!!!!! Again a really cool map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to get to the trailmix on Jan. 14. I'll have to see if Hounddogg is free that day so I can Hitch a ride!!! :lol:

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The first Indigo TrailMix will be Sat Jan. 7 at Morgan-Monroe State Forestry. We will be doing the Rock Shelter Trail and it's 8 caches. These were placed by the Bean Blossom Gang and they are all great hides. Check out GCQZTX for the parking cords.



GCQZTX keeps putting me on The Isle of Man. I'm sure thats not in Indiana! :lol:

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who does crazy things with their vehicle and then has to be rescued!


I thought it was just because I was a silly female -- what's everyone else's excuse? :lol:




P.S. Love your new avatar, Deermark!

happens to us Ohioans, too....


Now...only one minor problem. Remember the spill I took? Well apparently SOME WHERE (and I suspect it was near there) One key, and one key only, came off my keychain. you guessed it...my car key. THE ONLY key in existence for my car. Needless to say...after help from a woman whose name I still do not know, Keith and Mary Jo (of Keith and Company), one very disbelieving police officer, and my husband (gunslinger)...we finally got home about 11 p.m. SANS key (after getting Gold Star for the heathens). So...if anyone finds a Ford Key out there, possibly attached to a glow in the dark compass...the compass can be yours, and although the key will no longer start my car...I'd appreciate know ing if it gets found. I have torn up my body very badly trying to retrieve/find it to no avail.


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I was originally thinking the Isle of Man but I thought it should be a tad bit closer. Try GCQZTX again. That is the correct cache. If you can't find a ride to the Trailmix let me know. I could meet you in Mitchell and tote you the rest of the way up Hwy 37.



I found the area on the map--GCQZTC is correct, I guess there is just more than one! Thanks for offering a ride, thats really nice of you-- I'll have to get with my buddy, Hounddogg to see if he will go--if not I might try to get you to pick me up at Poor Boy's :lol: I have gas money!!!!! :lol:

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What a great Christmas. Did everyone else enjoy their holiday?



well, we spent the holidays with JAPTKD's family. let's see, presents included garmin's for jaspop and thingfinders (their old GPSr was from 2000, so it didn't have ANY bells and whistles!), lots of ammo cans and other caching stuff all around. somehow everyone thought alike, so in the rain and snow, you got to see all of us out in the yard with GPSr's in hand, since all that was wrapped were coords, and everyone had hidden at least one present for someone else in an ammo can in the yard that they had to find if they wanted the gift. [B)] nah - we're not addicted or anything... [B)]


we didn't make the goal of 250 by Christmas, but 220 in our first 6 months of caching is not that bad. our searching for new caches was interrupted by helping the rest hide caches around home, so it was still a productive caching time. [B)] (and, we did find time to do at least a little non-caching stuff with the family too).


Did you have a good holidays Deermark?

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What a great Christmas. Did everyone else enjoy their holiday?




I musta been a "good girl" .....


Hubby got me a new pair of Leki Trekking Poles,

I love the Ultralight Makalu Titanium series, 11 ounces, VERY light, much nicer than my previous hiking stick (old broomhandle) :)


NOW...lemme see....Where could I go hiking today????


Looks like DeiselDoc and friends hit the Rock Shelter Trail yesterday, appears much fun was had by all.


Gotta Hike,

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Indiana geo-911 has just replaced its second cache


Mc. C. Bushwackers Cache


if you have replaced a cache for Indiana geo-911 please email us through the indiana geo-911 profile so that a log can be left alerting everyone to indiana geo-911 and also alerting the cache owners that someone has had to take care of their cache for them.



bikinibottomfeeders-indiana geo-911

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Yes. Christmas was wonderful. Spent a lot of time with family and that is usually a good thing. Yesterday JPlus14 and I did a lot of caching. I left the house at 6:00am and returned home at 10:00pm. 16 hours, over 250 miles and 44 caches. A mixture of micros and regulars. We covered about 1/2 of Southern Indiana. I just love to travel so any chance I get to drive to caches is a good day.


Geo-911 was in action at GCNYCX. The cache lid was in the hiding spot along with all the swag and the ruined log book but the container itself was gone. JPlus14 replace the missing container with a decon box. Thanks Wayne.



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What a great Christmas. Did everyone else enjoy their holiday?



Yep, yep, yep. I must have been a good girl this year!


I told you that I got N1 a GPSMAP 60CS and had begged El Diablo to make him a hiking stick --It got here just in time for the holiday... I expect that he will use the stick for events and such to keep it pretty, and save the trekking poles we got from Indy for the trail.


What I didn't know was that he got me the GPSMAP 76CS. We got each other the City Navigator, so we took one back and got the Topo, too. Now I can find the creeks better.


N1 is sending the first GPS he had to his sister, who lives in Chicago. He would have donated it to my classroom (I am still trying to get a class set!), but she really needs one of her own. We took her caching with us the last time we were there and she loved it.

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we didn't make the goal of 250 by Christmas, but 220 in our first 6 months of caching is not that bad.

Well, what did the family think of the goal that you DID reach?

In JAPTKD's words


"green eyed monster reared it's ugly head"




However, on a positive note, thingfinders found their 100th find while we were all there (of course, he was the first one in the family to start caching, and green_eyed_lady (who was VERY green eyed over the 200th find) is at about 125, so he's lagging a bit, but 100 is still great). and, he got his 100th on JASPOP's cache (aka dad for the three of them).

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Here are the geo-911's that I have taken care of since the inception of IndiGO on 11/12/05.


11/12 GCP1WE Replaced log

11/12 GDGE8Q Replaced complete cache...only lid left

11/19 GCK78N Replaced complete cache container

11/25 GCNDQE Replaced damaged container & log

11/25 GCNDQY Replaced damaged container & log

11/25 GCN1BW Replaced log

11/25 GCM2OF Replaced log

12/27 GCGE8Q Replaced container after conversation with owner


I don't mind helping out! ;)

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Here are the geo-911's that I have taken care of since the inception of IndiGO on 11/12/05.


11/12  GCP1WE  Replaced log

11/12  GDGE8Q  Replaced complete cache...only lid left

11/19  GCK78N  Replaced complete cache container

11/25  GCNDQE  Replaced damaged container & log

11/25  GCNDQY  Replaced damaged container & log

11/25  GCN1BW  Replaced log

11/25  GCM2OF  Replaced log

12/27  GCGE8Q  Replaced container after conversation with owner


I don't mind helping out!  ;)

You go girl!!!!!!

Great Job Bad (or is that GOOD) Majec!


We all need to do our part everytime we go caching.

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much nicer than my previous hiking stick (old broomhandle) :)


I'll be nice...LOL


NOW...lemme see....Where could I go hiking today????


Maybe you can go do those Mt. Nebo trail caches???

You better be nice PP.....

I seem to recall having some pictures of you from junior high and high school :rolleyes:


Mt. Nebo...today??? yuck! I want to go somewhere and not have to call you to come tow me out of the mud/ice...like SOME people!


Thinking maybe I'll head to Bloomington

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:rolleyes: WARNING!!! Just received an email from a New Albany area cacher. He wanted me to know that one of his friends saw him find a cache in Community Park. Apparently this so called friend's new goal is the find all the caches in the park and steal from them! What a friend he must be!
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:rolleyes: WARNING!!! Just received an email from a New Albany area cacher. He wanted me to know that one of his friends saw him find a cache in Community Park. Apparently this so called friend's new goal is the find all the caches in the park and steal from them! What a friend he must be!

Well Merry Freakin' Christmas :)


Does this guy have ambitions to open up a dollar store or what? ;)

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:rolleyes: UPDATE ON THREAT FROM THIEF! I questioned the cacher who sent me the information. The supposed thief is thirteen and doesn't have a gps or computer. Really doesn't sound like much of a threat! From experience, some of us cachers even have trouble once in a while and we have a gps! The only way he will find a cache is by lurking around when someone is looking for a cache!
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Merry Chirstmas to all at Indigo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want o say Congradulations on you 100 cache find.


You go Girl ;)


Cache On!

Indy DIver

No big deal becuase its easily mistaken but----jadeskyline is a male of the species! THANKS, I plan to do alot more caching! ;) I just found 2 new hides by Indotguy at the Birdseye Trails. I just want to thank him for some challenging micros!

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Indy Diver CoinFound this interesting item on Ebay and thought you'd all like to take a look.

And here is his post


July 24, 2002 by cisupete (30 found)

Well Ed and Trixie, it took me nearly a year but I finally did it. I will be talking about this spot for a long time. I think my mouth literally dropped open in awe of God's work when I reached the spine. What a perfect place to reflect on life's events since this cache was originally placed, and be thankful for peaceful beauty like this.

The cache was in perfect shape, and well concealed. My GPS was a smidge goofy, but after it caught it's breath, it led me right to the target. I took a really cool geocaching coin that Indy Diver donated, and left a Clinton/Gore '92 campaign button, a 200 lira coin, and some first aid supplies.

A million thanks for leading me to this area.



PS: Be looking for a new cache to be placed soon, GOT FIRED - NEED CACHE

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Has anyone seen this one yet?




December 31, 2005 by Keystone (0 found)

Archiving this listing in response to the "Should be Archived" note.


Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer


December 31, 2005 by walmart security (0 found)

To whom this may concern

We stopped some people looking all around in our side parking lot, they were even looking at and touching our gas lines.

They gave us this website and web sheet with our property being used for this game.

This property may not be used for this purpose and violators can be prosecuted.


This information has been forwarded to the proper authorities.

Please do not use Walmart property for this game.

A copy of this letter has been sent to geocaching administrators.

thanks for your cooperation.


December 25, 2005 by The Witch (420 found)

FBTF - Foiled By The Fuzz! Shortly after arrival, the local Law Enforcement, lights flashing, stopped by, not to wish us a Merry Christmas, but to "strongly suggest" we end our search. Apparently, even though Walmart is closed for Christmas, their security cameras still have to work. I was told this area is for vendors and employees, not the general public. I don't think I'll be back since I like to live within the limits of the law. Thanks anyway and Merry Christmas.

The Witch


I'm assuming this one was close to the building because of the Gas Line reference. I just hope they don't cause the rules to change and exclude the main parking areas. If so, that would affect a few well lit caches that I know of!


Team D & D

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