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Hopelessly Overwhelmed


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Echo echo echo! :ph34r:


Exactly what the others said. Find your first cache(s), and if you'd like to trade "stuff", go ahead, but it's not necessary.


DO get your name in the logbook

DO log it on the site when you get home

DO have fun!!


DON'T get frustrated. :rolleyes:


Good luck!

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And before you know it, you'll be helping someone new become acquainted with the sport right here.


OK, it's cool to ask the hider for a hint if you can't find a cache.


You'll discover some of your best friends in the fellow cachers you meet.


Competetiveness is cool, but laid-back-ness is cooler.


Spend a little time learning how to punch coordinates in your gps. In no time, you'll start using GSAK and you won't need to punch them in anymore.


Join in anywhere that looks fun: here in the forums, at event caches, and, my favorite, in trying to write the most creative DNF logs you can. That's my favorite creative outlet.


You're gonna learn way more than you think you need to learn, and it's gonna be so fun you won't even notice the learning until it's too late, and you feel obligated to help someone new.


You can contact other cachers by clicking on their handle, which brings up their profile where you can send a message.


Hopefully other cachers in your area may see this post and offer to go with you on some finds. It is such a blast caching with others!


It's all about fun. Some folks live it, like me, but I just learn how to focus on fun more by doing so.


Welcome to the family. Once you're in, you can never get out.


- T of TandS

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To tell you the truth, I was pritty overwhelmed when I first started...but as I got more and more experienced, then the missing pieces just started coming together without me even having to look for them!


I will echo what the others have said...'cause I agree that's why! Look up caches in your zip code...find a few that are really easy...and then as you start getting more and more excited you will want to find some harder ones and it will just get better and funner from there!


The ultimate steps for finding your first ones is when you find it...Write your name in the logbook, hide the cache back excatally as you find it and the rest is mush!

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Just find a few within your area, print out the information (if you don't have a pda to store it all) and start cracking. I'd suggest just going and signing the logs. That's what I did and I just started last week. Super Nate said it best, put it exactly where you found it. Good luck and have fun!

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Being redundant, but everyone here has given great advice. Enter your zip code on the seek page. Then skim through the results. Look for anything with a difficulty/terrain rating of 1/1, no more than 2/2. Read through the description and the logs. In particular, look for ones that seem to be easily found. Sometimes, what one person considers easy, someone else would not.


I would also look at the maps. When I started, there were only a few in my immediate neighborhood. Looking at Google Maps, I realized the first one I read was less than a mile from me, off of the local bikepath. My family and I rode to it and logged our first find.


And, as you've already noticed, post here. People are more than happy to help out. I've been doing this for about 3 months, and I've already got my neighbor hooked, too. :rolleyes:

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Small stained glass would make good trade items. A bit pricey if you do it too often.


Trading is not a requirement. Do it because you want to. Just be sure to sign the log book.


The main thing is to do what feels comfortable. Eventualy, wandering around a city park or a walmart parking lot or other public place, GPS in hand poking into bushes, will feel pretty comfortable.

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I see you haven't posted your first find.

If possible, try to do something very few cachers have done and most others will never do: get an FTF on your first cache.

FTF is First to Find. When you scan for caches using your ZIP code, look in the "Last Found" column. If no date is displayed, then you have a shot at being the first cacher to find it.

FTF caches will somtimes include a FTF prize; you will have new fresh swag to choose from (if not a micro container which generally are only large enough to fit a log); and you will have bragging rights as being the first to find the cache.

Good luck.

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:D  There is too much info here and I'm completely overwhelmed.  I would like to try to find my first cache this weekend but unsure I'll know what to do with the contents!  Any suggestions for the first time out?

Don't make the mistake I made looking for my first few caches . . . :(


I thought my GPSr would get me to the exact spot . . . so there I was, standing where my GPSr said was Ground Zero, and there was no cache . . . :(


Doh! It was about five feet away. Another one was nine feet away, and another one was about 12 feet away.


Now I stop looking at the GPSr once I'm about 30 feet away. :D


Also, don't start out looking for "micros." Those ammo cans under artificial piles of rocks or sticks are much better for your ego than cleverly-cammoed micro caches. I just about gave up the sport when I DNF'd four caches by the same cache hiders in one afternoon . . . :D


Have fun! :D

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I thought my GPSr would get me to the exact spot . . . so there I was, standing where my GPSr said was Ground Zero, and there was no cache . . . 


:( I shoulda known there was something I keep screwing up while searching :(


From another newbie, the most important part...have fun! :D

(even if you do have to DNF some micros)



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