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  1. I am having the same trouble I am using a mac book pro and safari
  2. I downloaded a program called parallels and then loaded windows xp and run gsak on the windows side of my macbook pro works great even better than a windows computer
  3. I am not sure but I think for gsak to talk to geocaching dot com on win bottler you would need IE because I had to put it on parallels
  4. I had a hard time with wine so I went to parallels you may need to install the latest internet explorer
  5. going to try it again I loaded parallels and windows xp sp2 again this time i loaded it as a mac so there is a folder right next to all the other icons so it works just like it is a mac rather than windows then I put an old version of map source on here to and it seems to lock so that would mean i need more ram seeing how my mapsource is so old it wont send to my oregon 550 cause it is usb and it wont save a gpx to the desk top either if it would do that I could drag and drop it to the gps anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to operate this setup I have thanks
  6. will take a look at icaching . I did try wine bottler and just was not able to get the usb to work . thanks to every one for the help and tips
  7. it may be that I need to add more ram and if I figure out how to check it I will and try paralels again now I have looked into the memory macbook pro 17" processer 2.5 ghz intel core 2 duo memory 2 gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram start up disk macintosh HD now it looks like all I can up grade to is 4 gb right ? where would u buy your mac memory from apple or 3rd party
  8. I used parallels and xp sp2 it worked but at times it took along time for the computer to come on and it seemed to strugle to back and forth to windows. and for the software i tried to talk someone into makeing a program and then they can manage it and sell it like gsak is
  9. Shrek & Fiona

    laptop - mac

    I am using a macbook pro and I put windows on it so I could use gsak well I did not like using it that way and I have had no luck getting anyone to write a program like gsak for the mac . now I am looking for some thing small and with a usb port and have IE so it can run the api on geocaching page any thoughts anyone thanks.
  10. is there any mac version of these progams
  11. I have a mac and a garmin and the way I moved caches to it was to get the pq on the desktop then plug in the garmin when it shows up on the desktop open the garmin icon then open the gpx folder take out the old gpx files and drop them in the trash delet the trash and close the gpx folder so I can still see the folder then drag the new pq to the gpx folder make sure to delet the trash can or what you took out of the gpx folder will go back in there
  12. that was dumb I should of thought of that using an extra mini card to take extra gpx files along thanks any idea how much they are and for the other poster the screan can be locked just hit the power button quick and release and it will ask if you want to lock it and the same to unlock
  13. thanks for the help will give it a try
  14. Shrek & Fiona

    oregon 550

    is there a way to put different folders on the card in the oregon 550 and then get only the folder that I want rather than all of them at the same time so if there is 5000 caches in each folder and there is 5 folders can I pic one folder at a time to load to the gps
  15. I have a macbook pro version 10.5.8 processor 2.5 ghz intel core duo memory 2 gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram and I have a copy of xp service pack 2 will the parallel desktop 7 work for me ?
  16. how does a person do a parallel and how bad can I mess up my computer
  17. there is so many smart people on here and I can hardly get this thing turned on but anyway someone must be able to change gsak so it will work on a mac with out putting windows on the mac
  18. I looked at some of the software for mac and macaching is not kept up for like 3 years now and icaching is for 10.6 I have 10.5
  19. Clyede at gsak wont make a program for mac users so I am asking if ground speak would be able to come up with a good program similar to gsak there is alot of posts in the forums here and on gsak looking for a macbook program for loading cache info into and to search through them
  20. you know you have geocaching on the brain real bad if you (me) are having sex and thinking about caching
  21. delete the old file drag the new one to the gpx folder and empty the trash then disconect your gps
  22. did you change it from driving to walking
  23. is there any have to do caches in seattle we are interested in one near the space needle and one in fremont near the troll under the bridge other than that we want to hit virtuals and regular with a ratting of no more than 2- 2 thanks for the help shrek & fiona
  24. I looked all over the net for a good program for the mac and tryed a few and deleted them all the drag and drop the pq is the best way
  25. empty out the trash worked for me now I have a new problem I dropped the gpx file into the gpx folder in the nuvi500 and it looks like the parking cords all went into the point of interest folder
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