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Another Meaningless Statistic

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Most of our caches are more than 30 miles from home, (Trenton), we are big on getting in the Jeep and going on Piney adventures. The local caches remain mostly untouched, so we get to about page 3 and thre are no finds. If you went the other way and found the page with the most remote cache from our house, you'd be hundreds of pages in . :D

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This is a a completely meaningless statistic indeed. I could easily have a check mark on every page even though I've only found 162. I have only 31 pages.


Now, someone else could have 150 pages, 1,000 finds, and several pages without check marks. Nice try though. You made me look.

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As for folks out there reporting numbers way up there, my results of closest caches stops at 45.  How do you force a display of more?


I think it goes for 100 miles, regardless of how many or how few pages it is.

So perhaps a better use of this type of stat is to devide your answer to the original post and devide it by the total number of pages possible. For instance my answer of 43 was based on 45 total pages, so 43/45 *100 = 95.55%

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OK, I decided to check my own stats on this.


Out of 120 pages of cache listings, the fist page that isn't entirely filled with caches I've either placed or found is page 4. There's a new cache only 11.6km from home that I haven't gotten to yet.


The first page that's entirely blank is page 70. The distances are between 91.1 and 92.8km from home.


The last page that has finds on it is page 106. I've got a couple of finds out around 146km from home. There are further finds, but they're too far away to appear in my default search.


That's the stats as of right now. I expect to fill in the last of page 4 by the end of October, as well as most of page 5. Of course, other cachers plan to open new holes in that area at the same time. We'll have to see what happens. About the ony think I can say for sure is that I'm looking forward to finding as many of these as I can :-)

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860 finds, P. 25, 69.9 to 72 miles.


I, of course, printed this page and the other blank pages that followed (just a few) since there were caches on this page that I wanted to find for a long time. Now I have more incentive to finally go grab them!


There's also a cache or two on my last page (42) that only has 11 listed that I've been meaning to find...

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127 finds.


Within 100 miles there are currently only 150 listed geocaches - that amounts to less than 8 full pages.


We have at least one find on every one of those 8 pages. In fact, we probably have over half of every one of those pages filled with check marks aside from the first 3 pages where we have over half of each page filled with "mine" arrows.


The sad part of having such a large percentage of finds on all those pages is how rare it is to get a new find. It happens about as often as caches are placed :o There has been only 5 new caches placed within 75 miles of my house since the end of July. We got the FTF without even trying on 4 of them and the fifth is a cache we placed that no one has found. We even put a WJTB in it when we placed it and it has gone nearly a month with only one attempt to find it - and that was a DNF.


Gosh, I sound like Starbrand now :cool:

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Like this ;-)


With my ~1400 finds the first clean page starts at page 100 at 96,4 km (which is roughly 70mi.

I used to drive further in the beginning of the game.

As the quality of the caches is dropping rapidly here, my active radius is increasing again, whilst ignoring lots of them.

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Page 8, 99.9 miles away (we have 123 caches within 100 miles of home and 23 are ours) :lol:


We've found all but nine of those and we had something to do with hiding four of them even though they aren't listed under our account.


...not that I'm complaining...had a great day yesterday with six new finds including four FTFs :drama:.

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