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  1. It's always nice to see new cachers, especially ones here in West Virginia! I hope you'll have fun with it for years to come!
  2. It sounds like you're doing what it takes to get people active in your area. I'll have to come down there soon and check out your caches. It looks like we have a number of caches around there we need to find. We live in St. Albans and often find ourselves in places like Ashland, KY since they seem more active than the Charleston area. Of chose the fact that we grab many caches as soon as they come out around here affects our perception. Keep hiding them and others will probably do the same. Maybe WVhunter74 will hide some more around there.
  3. If you're in the Logan area, you do have plenty of activity in your area. whbaisden and Spongebob Cachepants are very active around the Williamson-Pikeville area. They often hide large numbers of caches in the area. They will also be having a second Hatfield-McCoy event this year.
  4. Or twice. There is a CO who archives caches and tells people to keep logging them anyway. He does it to circumvent the proximity guideline. I just grabbed a bunch of caches in a new series where the CO had recently archived another series along the same road. I had assumed the CO archived the original series to get a more consistant series (the new ones are almost all EGGs.) One of the last ones we found that day fit the above... I search, come up with a nano on a post. Nope. This one had too many logs. A bit of research and I found another cache that was archived and realized it was for that cache. Back for another look... there it is about a foot away on the same post! Another nano. We talked with CO and she said she thought this one was missing when she placed the new cache. Only problem is the old cache was in plain site while the new one was hidden. Glad to see the log I mentioned was deleted. I wish I had a chance to find that cache myself-it was one of two caches in WV when I first looked at the site. I think it was archived by the time I found my first cache. We did make a trip out to that part of the state recently and found some newer caches.
  5. I didn't even know I was watching this cache, and I'm guessing the logger didn't either: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b0c416ed-ff9c-40cb-a964-15613256563b GC88 - Loudin Heights Cache This cache was archived in 2001 due to it being in a National Park (I think.) I like how this guy finds such a historic cache and his log is just "TFTC". Then I looked at his recent finds and saw he was logging a number of old archived caches the same way. Sorry for this to be my first log here in years. Out just grabbed my attention and I had the need to share...
  6. My guess is he's no longer missing since he has logged some caches since my last post.
  7. Any word from him? We're hoping all is well.
  8. I used to get them at the Milton Flea Market but haven't been able to find them the last few times I looked.
  9. I was just wondering the same thing. Mine are a bit older than yours. It also took me a couple years to search for your post and find this thread. So... who's going to beat 331 and 333? I had another one close to those (I couldn't remember what it was) but it was accidentally deleted years ago. I have changed these PQs many times over the years. Every so often I delete one of my newer PQs but mostly I just change them.
  10. Sounds like we need to ask Garmin about this. I have the same problem. If I load one POI db, it doesn't show up in the search "No Custom POIs" or something like that. It does show the blue dots, but they don't tell me anything. If I load more than one, it still shows No Custom POIs, but it lets me choose a db. Once I do that, all the waypoints in the db show up in the list. I'd love to be able to search for the nearest of all POI lists.
  11. Don't know if the Legend is the same as my 60CSx but should be close. Try menu>menu>setup>interface>USB Mass Storage (button down at the bottom). That's it... sort of. It turns out my Legend Cx didn't have this feature. Version 2.40 was missing that option. So I checked the site and found the 2.50 update does two things--it adds the USB Mass Storage and improves the stability of the MicroSD (something like that.) Sounds like a must have upgrade. That's installed now and the menu options are just as you said. Now to load some POI files!
  12. I'll be trying this out later today. Just one question--how do I set the GPSr's USB Mass Storage option? I haven't seen this anywhere. I have the Legend Cx.
  13. We've usually enjoyed hunting caches in cemeteries. I've always been uncomfortable about the idea of hiding our own in a cemetery, but we may end up hiding some soon. But... I can also tell of caches that make you think twice about caching in cemeteries: We once found a cache inside a marker. Mind you it was a great cache and the marker belonged to the cache hider (and hopefully won't be used for a very long time.) More recently we went to two cemetery caches in Ohio. The first we absolutely loved. Then we crossed the street to the second three part cache and at part one, the tombstone fell on my daughter. It sounds like this stone is still down. My daughter was (and is) fine. It also bothered me that the stone fell due to caching (that and the tree that had damaged it over the years.) SH ~ Hill Grove Cemetery
  14. I thought McDonalds was the cause of these 'emergencies'
  15. We'll go if we can. (Plus I'll have to pay more attention to surrounding states since I've mostly been watching WV lately.)
  16. St. Albans--west of Charleston There's an event this weekend in Dunbar by bluet. We'll try to make it to any WV event (as well as some out of state as well...) We're hoping to list our own event soon near Alum Creek. It's still in the planning stages...
  17. It's been a dual purpose cache for quite some time. I realize that I may have to recreate the cache page. I'm hoping that all I need to do is stop the locationless portion of the cache and have it reactivated just for the real cache. Since there are both locationless and regular logs for this cache, I'd prefer to keep using the same page. Either way I'm fine. Now, here I'm more interested in finding a way to turn the locationless portion of the cache into a waymark. Many people have enjoyed logging their vehicle reaching 100,000 miles (or km) over the life of this cache. I'm sure there is a broader category that this could go in where other milestones could be celebrated. I also realize this would not normally be a collection of points that many would want to revisit--except sometimes when people try to make sure they hit 100,000 at some special place.
  18. Ok... I want a way to list my 100,000 Mile Rest Stop. It looks like all the locationless caches have been moved to this site, and my cache has been archived--even though there's still a real cache at the posted coordinates. I'd like to see it be possibly in a larger "Personal Milestones" category where other similar waymarks would be listed. People love to watch for those zeros on their odometer. It would be nice to have a way for them to continue to share their experiences. Now to work on getting the cache itself unarchived so people know they can still find it!
  19. I like how media601 is rewording the message. I think it might also be improved by adding a third button taking the cache owner to the appropriate page. Or... If the system recognizes that it is the owner of the cache, don't allow just the SBA log. Give the owner the opportunity to write a note and archive the cache with a message making it clear that the cache will be archived. Removing the Needs Archived option would probably be better than my last suggestion.
  20. 860 finds, P. 25, 69.9 to 72 miles. I, of course, printed this page and the other blank pages that followed (just a few) since there were caches on this page that I wanted to find for a long time. Now I have more incentive to finally go grab them! There's also a cache or two on my last page (42) that only has 11 listed that I've been meaning to find...
  21. Gotta dream for when we win the lottery and go wild caching non-stop.
  22. Oh, oh. I guess I owe a dime--I managed to get 10 PQs today. I set up PQs for the next week. I already had the ones for today, then when I changed yesterday's PQs to the new ones I wanted this coming Sunday, I got another five. Looks like a glitch in the system. So... if I don't want to pay the extra $.10, can I return the PQs for a refund?
  23. I mentioned my 100,000 Mile Rest Stop cache in the other forum. It's both a regular cache and locationless. The locationless part allows people to log when their vehicle reaches 100,000 miles (or any 25,000 after that.) I'd like to split off the locationless portion of this cache and have that portion listed on WM.com How can this cache work on WM.com? What category would it go in? Thanks!
  24. My 100,000 Mile Rest Stop cache is a hybrid cache/locationless cache. It can be logged by either finding the traditional cache in Nitro, WV, or by having your vehicle reach a milestone of 100,000 miles (or km) or any 25,000 after that. I would love to move the locationless portion of this cache to the Waymarking site. I'd prefer to have the locationless logs separate from the logs for the actual cache. Would 100,000 fit into Waymarking? Unfortunately most of the places where people hit 100,000 aren't likely to be revisited by others. You won't be able to go to that spot and see the 100,000 anywhere... I don't want to lose this cache--it's been a lot of seeing everyone's logs as they reach their milestones. Do I ask for some sort of Milestone category? Should it be listed under automobiles or something like that?
  25. Hi Jeff, From the cache you found, I'm guessing you're not far from me (St. Albans.) I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with the caches in this area. It's hard for me to imagine what it would be like starting around here now with the variety of caches available--we've found most in this area over a four year period. If you prefer a hike, maybe a good size hill, with a box with a lot of trade items, be sure to check out the caches at Beech Fork and some of the other large parks in this part of the state. If you want to find caches closer to the one you found first, be sure to go to the Ashland area--there are a lot of letterboxes in that area. They'll keep you busy looking there! Hope to meet you on the trail some time! Tony (Man In The Wild)
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