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Well done Bats and Squirrel. My very first cacher friends. I recall back when you hit the 250th (My Lion Park cache in Vrede) as you were leaving SA. Then edging up to 400 in the UK. Well done my friends.... looking forward to that 500.

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Congratulations to IPajero with the 800 mark, this is one cacher that is on a roll.


However, there is one thing that bothers me. I am reading one of your logs, at one of my caches, that your guys took a break near the dam. Eish not nice, it is not safe at the dam. Not safe on or near the golf course as well. If a cacher wants to over night in this area it is safe to use Hein’s farm or you could stay over with us. I am just glad that IPajero did not have any problems in this area.


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Well done iPajero on your 800th.... Ooops already your 900th find, and that on my Cache at Ambleside.


Some i have missed:

Hosta on the 150

Strider_sa also 150

iNokia on 250

Dakardrix on 300

CrystalFairy with an amazing 1400

Brick on the 650

Warthog with 700

battlerat and pussycat with 600

4x4Maniac with 100

CacheFan with 1100

Jin & Tonic on 150


Some of these may be old news but congratulations anyway... if you have moved past this figure that was my bad... sorry.

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