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Gc.com Down?


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shure is -


dead and stinking -


no announcement so this must be some kind of system crash


I can get to a friend's profile page but nothing else.


I had to go to yesterday's history to get here as I usually enter though the gc forums link.


seems to be the exact same error no matter where I go.


as stated it seems to have just started as I cleared 2 pq's and then actually received one that I run only a couple times per month.


hopefully they will be back up soon -



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Server busy error. Anyone else having problems???

Yes - still - at 09:45 PDT.


Although most of the errors returned were server busy errors did see a couple of other ones as well.


Leaving shortly for a weekend trip - and all I've got is a map with the cache positions plotted on it (in MapPoint) Was hoping to snag a few caches along the way ... but don't have any info other than the map coordinates, GC waypoint and cache name. Really would like to read-up on a few of these to see if they fit into our travel plans! :laughing:


Let's hope the problem isn't anything too major ...

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With the exception of the Washington DC area and around Memphis TN, the weather looks nice for the whole country. Maybe a bit warm in some spots. Perhaps the folks in the Central and Eastern time zones are just coming in from a morning of caching and everyone's logging their finds at once. I just got in and tried to log my finds and update a couple of my caches...without success. :laughing:

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Here is one of the other errors that was received this morning:


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'


[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (PreLoginHandshake()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.


/mark/details.asp, line 16

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There was an issue with the DB server which was causing connection issues with both sites. The login routine is linked on both sites to the same database although the major content is on separate databases and machines.


Both sites are back up. I'm sure Elias will put together a quick post mortem about what happened.

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