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  1. Sorry Al Quote; People understand this; my changing my GPS to another format is not an acceptable answer....telling me to go to another site to convert...not really what I am hoping for. The acceptable answer is that YOU should be able to switch back and forth between formats! or use a converter. What are you going to do when you get a Spot call in Degrees? or Degrees minutes? Sorry
  2. Did these caches on our cruise in 03, getting there was half the fun. The other half was hoping that you'd get back in time! Except for this one, saw it from the boat Skagway cliffs Alaska Bridge over troubled water Camp Skagway No.1 Museum Trading Post Gold Creek Cache KETCH ME IF YOU KAN
  3. You didn't say how you were traveling or which way. A must do cache close to Cultus Lake is Othello Tunnel and Othello tunnel historic walk There are a few along the way to this cache as well. If your taking the #1 this cache area is pretty neat http://coord.info/GC1EZZC If your taking #3 Shamless plug Which takes you to very near this cache Earth Cache
  4. I for one will not renew for $8.99 cents more! The survey is all about sniffing out if they can get away with it! Also you can't answer the question about how long with anything more than 100 months as a premium member. My 2 cent's and damit I ain't going to pay NO more.
  5. Bring back the logs as they once were! About last week.... NO Avatars, Looks cheap and silly.
  6. The 60 Csx is a great GPS. I highly recomend it. It unfortunatly is not a paperless GPS. For maps, BC Backroads MicroSD card is the only way to go. It's data is amazing. The best thing about it is insert and go. BC Backroads Mapbook Garmin has a Canada Topo as well. Ibycus is not to bad and is free, but it's involved to get it going. R
  7. Note to self, remember to turn off watchlist for all local caches Anyone else watching these caches should also take note. I learn from my mistakes... aka last year.... Way to go Kris & Jordy, should be a great time.
  8. Back ground; Cache owner from out of town, has a bunch of caches around skateboard parks all over the province. After a bunch of DNF's archives the cache. I post a note saying with something like " not surprised that cache is archived without even being checked on, that's why they have an able to maintain rule" Recieved this "Log Date: 9/26/2009 Keep your #@$%ing $#%^&*% comments off of my cache pages this isn't a %$#&ing forum. Maybe if you had a brain you would realize circumstances change and this is a GAME. Sorry, real life sometimes comes first." Wow Sure tempting to get in a flame war, but true it is just a game...
  9. I also used a permanent marker to mark my contact info on the inside of the battery cover of my 60CSX. Figure that if they can't get it started they might look inside the cover.
  10. First day of Spring.... Scan of caches in the Princeton & Tulameen area
  11. If your driving? This is a must do GC80CB Othelo Tunnel This is right in Hope GC12PG Home Gold Mill A litle way up the Fraser Canyon but worth the trip GCA288 Crossing the Fraser What's your route and geomobile?
  12. Ha Ha, Sorry to throw snow in your eyes BUT... Winter is at least 3 weeks leaving this year (another inch today, plus 3" to 6" yesterday in town) I don't think that Whipsaw will be doable in MAY BC4x4.com Whipsaw run ran into snow on July 1'st You might be able to do Dicks from Whipsaw side and Falcon Hill from Loadstone but I don't want to be the first to try in between I think I'll pass and stick to the festivities closer to home....
  13. Google Earth has updated data for our area, unfortunatly it is only the area around the townsites of Princeton and Tulameen. It's a start. PS It's only 69 days to go
  14. It is 82 days to go or 2 months, 23 days or 7,084,800 seconds or 118,080 minutes or 1968 hours or 11 weeks (rounded down)
  15. This is a must do GC80CB Othelo Tunnel This is right in Hope GC12PGHome Gold Mill A litle way up the Fraser Canyon but worth the trip GCA288 Crossing the Fraser
  16. Hello Turtle clan, I have some of those Trip Plan Forms if you wan't them..... And Yes as always carry the 8 essentials and TELL Someone where your going.... -15° and 8" of snow this morning.... Ye HA off to plow the driveway.... R
  17. I to haven't recieved notification of new caches being published.. I recieve the weekly report allright... I use Yahoo, anyones else having problems?
  18. if it's 4 wheel drive it's a 4X4 might have clearance issues though LOL ie: down you dam floorboards down LO or what are these bumps in the floor Anything other than a stock 4X4, be prepared for pretty rough going I think a locker axle is one of the requirments or just crazy enough to do what you have to do to get through it... I'd say moderate bushwacking with pretty good elevation change. Tennis shoes could be used but not to smart to do so. It aint Saskatchewan toto Breath-taking terrain for sure Beautiful that is.... Please come join us.... You won't regret it...
  19. Sounds like fun, I'm in I'll have my ATV, So anyone interested could tag along if you want A couple of links about the area Tulameen info Princeton Info
  20. I recieved my query this morning using yahoo mail....
  21. No, as previous poster state that that they don't screw up PDA's Unfortunatly though they can screw up other tools one may use in the course of doing your job.... I just purchased a case for my treo and it has 2 magnets. In my job as a surveyors assistant, I went to set up a job yesterday. I grabbed our Shonstead metal detector and proccceed to where I knew a pin was buried under 3 feet of snow. I fired up the detector and it went crazy (usually indicating that I'm standing on the pin). I thought cool, no need to wade around in the snow. I turned the dial down to pinpoint it and it still screamed like crazy... Then the ahaha moment.... Took the phone case off my belt and everything back to normal. Sorry to hijack the thread.... Now back to your regular caching questions....
  22. Hello dwpsco, Reading Hiding a cache guidlines You will see that exceptions can be made to the distance rule. Just submitt a note to the reviewer.... Good luck....
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