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How Many Before A Ftf

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Our first FTF was our 105th. It would have been on our first ever cache but instead of trying to find a new one first we decided to find one that others had already found. By the time we got to the new cache we were second, and well and truly hooked :laughing:


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I am afraid my record is the opposite extreme - my first cache find was a FTF as well.

But there were only 36 other caches in the country at the time and presumably very few cachers too. And it was in an area which I should not have been in because of foot and mouth restrictions - I was innocent as I had entered by a legal route, well that is my story but when I realized that I had left my signature in a log on the wrong side of a notice threatening a £2000 fine . . . ! :laughing:

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marinor wrote:

the second cache we went for has been my bogey cache, with 8 DNF's to date

Yes, I've got one like that. My fifth attempted cache was the one, and I still haven't found it nearly three years later. Other logs say things like "our four year old found it easily"... :rolleyes:


It's my only not found that I haven't posted a DNF on. At the time I didn't have a gps, so I wasn't really surprised not to find one, and didn't feel a DNF would be meaningful. Now, it's just embarrassing!

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It was our 25th cache, Mother Dunch's Buttocks by The Phillimore Clan. We saw the cache published on a Sunday morning in January and decided to go for our first FTF despite appalling weather. We got soaked and covered in mud, the hillside was extremely slippery and we all ended up on our backsides at some point. Great fun!

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Mine was my 120th, the Chiseldon Camp Cache, although I was narrowly beaten on Fosse Bridge One and Two a month or so previously!


I have since had a second. Although I don't actively look for them I must admit to a feeling of satisfaction when you arrive knowing that no-one , other than the owner, has been there before.


I am on the lookout for a FTF puzzle cache - 'first to solve' almost as good as first to find

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:laughing: my FTF was a miracle FTF as StevieP was about 100 yrds away disguised as a bush- and we just pipped him, but managed not to cross paths.

My wife wondered why would someone walk in our direction and then disappear, a bit like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben but in reverse :cry:

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