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Going Somewhere Slowly: 2006 Tb Race


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I have approached numerous shops in the airport, but to date all have been concerned about security. They're not to keen on the concept of providing a point at which folks can drop off and collect objects which they have no control over, and will therefore not accept the responsibility of it.


You've sneaked in with the last available slot: Racers are:-


Africard (KZN)

Brick (GP)


Tricky Vicky & Mickey (WC)

warthog (GP)

GlobalRat (GP)

TB Hunter (KZN)

geocacher_coza (GP)

Discombob (WC)

vespaxvespa (WC)

GeoPoppit (GP)

Janputte (KZN)

Baa! (WC)

AE_Rodney (GP)

Rathlan (GP)

Seeker Two (GP)

Bokkie and Hubby (GP)

AE_James (GP)

Bjbez (GP)

batsgonemad (KZN)


Reminder: Bugs need to be tagged and processed before being placed for the start of the race. There are a few outstanding.

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Excelent did not think i had a chance, only now i have no idea what to to I'm only buying my bug on Monday from Quintus, you mentioned that they have to be tagged?????????


If you dont mind could you explain the concept to me what has to be done etc.


I'm really keen but dont know all the ins and out about the race



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Was sent this morning.


Pitstop situation:-


2 in GP

1 in MP

1 in FS

1 in NP

1 in WC (2nd being confirmed)

1 in EC


Busy rustling up one in KZN. It would be nice to see a second.


NW, and NC, no offers. I think NC may be a bit risky from a race perspective as TB's have a good chance of being stranded there due to the inactivity in the area. Hopefully we can rustle up something in NW that is close enough to JHB/Pta to ensure cacher traffic.


I'll upload an updated cache point listing by the end of the wek work.... wek is being unkind of late :D:rolleyes:

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They were listed at the beginning of this thread, however apart from the usual cache placement guidelines, the following points must be considered:-


1.Cache containers must be a minimum 2.5l

2.Caches should be in an area which is regularly frequented by the caching community

3.Caches should not require specialised equipment, i.e. not exclusively for 4x4’s, mountaineers etc.

4.Caches must be hidden in a secluded area with little chance of being pilfered. This goes without saying, but caches should be in a low risk, of theft, environment

5.Cache owner must be in a position to maintain the cache at short notice throughout the duration of the race

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The rule clearly states that if you enter your bug in the race after the start date, then it is your job to get it to the cache.


Globalrat will put all TB's into the cache that he has on the start date.



Noddy's interpretation is correct. I'll change the wording slightly to clarify.


All TB's received by me before the 24 December will be placed by me in the start cache. The TB's will be grabbed from you closer to race start date.


Any TB's that are not received before then, it will be up to the TB Owners to get the TB's into the start cache. These TB's will naturally not be tagged with the race rules summary, or the race lanyard or the "I'm a TB and not a keepsake tag".


If late entries want these tags, the TB's can still be sent to me, but there will be a delay before they are delivered to the start cache.


Fortunately this doesn't apply to most of you.


There are only 4 outstanding TB's:-


Janputte - in the mail

Warthog -???

QFC - ???

Geocacher_coza - possibly in the mail but no confirmation yet.


I'll shortly add the items to the race page, as well as the list of pitstop caches, you may notice that some of the pitstop caches have added the pitstop logo's. This will allow you to get uber creative and update your TB's page as you see fit.

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Well... they're off. All TB's have been jacketed and tagged, and were secured in a secret location to prevent any leaks to the press.


They will start their journey to the start cache in a few hours time.


Pitstops and cache scores have been listed on the race page website.


Good luck to all participants.

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Yea, kudos to GlobalRat for the TB race of 2006.


A question on the rules though… Near the start of the race (i.e. where we are now) there will be a number of TB clustered in caches. Rule 17 states that a cacher should only remove one racing travel bug from a cache at a time, though there is no punishment for breaking this rule.


The question is should cachers be allowed to break this rule at all? (Seems like it has already happened) The only reason that I ask is because we will be making the trek to the deep south this weekend to get Speed Wobble moving and to find the caches that we haven’t yet found, and if the rule is allowed to be bent then would like to offer other TB owned the chance to get their TB’s away from the dam.


Part 2.

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Rule 17 only requests you limit yourself to one TB. If you take more than one, ensure that the TB’s are dropped off in different destination caches.


The rule remains due to the fact that there would be 20 TB’s in the start cache, and it could take a long time for 20+ cachers to visit the cache and remove the TB’s to get them on their way. Also more than one TB may get stuck in a wayward cache and the rule therefore allows for more than one TB to be saved at the same time. Due to these scenarios, some leeway must be allowed, and the rule is therefore a request.

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Well, quite a few of the TB’s are on the move with Wacky Racer taking the early lead and already having knocked off it’s second pitstop. But will it be a case of too fast out of the starting gates……..?


Snowed under at work at the moment, but will upload pictures shortly and extend the pages. In the meantime have posted the first update of race rankings.

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To all of the hopeful Capetonian geocachers who have travel bugs in the race... This is just a friendly note to say that with some bribery I am sure that your bugs could leave the starting cache.


Though… It is a far away from JHB… Maybe if you promise to scratch some Gautenger’s back later in the race, they will scratch your back now. And… There should be enough stops between then and now to not break rule 16.a.

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After another trip to the Vaal, we grabbed a number of the remaining bugs to get them into the race (it has been a month of no movement!). We will be placing them soon, but ask cachers to bear with us as there are many bugs and not too many empty caches the are close to us.


Demon sheep had some of its fiery personality washed away, but as the race continues I am sure that it will get back on form.

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Just so that all forum people can see what is happening with the 2006 TB race I have take a screen shot of the state of the nation. Sorry for the lack of details on the map, will have to wait for version 3.x to come out. <_<


2 bugs in KZN

1 bug in CT

the rest are still towards the top of the country.


check it out at GlobalRat's 2006 TB Race



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There are now three race bugs at the Botshabelo series of caches, one of which is in the Pitstop cache. So if you ever wanted to head out that way, now you have an excuse to get out and go and rotate the bugs a bit. I also left a permanent marker in the cache for marking the TB's tickets as they pass thru, so maybe other pitstop owners can do the same. Go gettim boys !!


oops. Seems none of them are there no more.... a whirlwind trip thru there by seeker two and frantre....alll gone...mmm

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Well, we have our first casualty of the race.

i am sad to announce that Tb Spongebob Square Pants was wrestled out of my hands by 3 knife wielding geomuggers while caching yesterday evening, along with the rest of my possessions, including wallet, cell phone, ID book, passport, GPS, and TB The Black Knight. :tired:

At least my ID book and passport were recovered this morning, so I can still go overseas next week :)

Alas, poor SpongeBob, rest in peace :tired:

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not to worry, Vespa, it wasn;t one of yours. it was Liesbeek River Trail, so only do that one in the day.

I found out this morning that my doctors son was mugged by the same 3 guys this week too, near the pick n Pay parking lot in Claremont.


Noddy, as much as i would love to upgrade to all sorts of fancy stuff, i think i'll just have to stick with a cheapy E-trex - although i don;t think it can compare to Whostops super Sportrak :)

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Ag nee man! That is terrible news DBob, hope you were not injured! I get so pd-off when one of my hides disappear - I'll probably get a heart attack if my GPS had to suffer the same fate!


Can we not grab these guys as part of a cache-in trash-out drive?


Or probably a uniquely South Afircan cache-in muggers-out day!

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Well, we have our first casualty of the race.

i am sad to announce that Tb Spongebob Square Pants was wrestled out of my hands by 3 knife wielding geomuggers while caching yesterday evening, along with the rest of my possessions, including wallet, cell phone, ID book, passport, GPS, and TB The Black Knight. :)

At least my ID book and passport were recovered this morning, so I can still go overseas next week :)

Alas, poor SpongeBob, rest in peace :unsure:


Oh no. Glad to hear that DBob survived unscathed. One needs to take care in SA's mugging capital! :laughing:


As for Sponge Bob....RIP... one never knows..perhaps someone will spot him floating in the Liesbeek and save him. Seems he isn't the only TB to have succumbed to unfortunate events. It seems a certain cacher has mislaid "The one that got away".... seems this little TB really did get away this time.

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I have not yet seen any of the 2006 SA racing TBs first hand, but as a keen observer, I have noted that this rule is being violated often, as is the one about one cacher grabbing 2 TBs in one go.


Maybe an idea for next time is to have the rules on a laminated card with the TBs, as I think a lot of the time a cacher gets to a cache and finds a TB he did not know was there, nor what its mission is. The temptation is big to take it anyway, and I suspect this is when the above happens. Only way to prevent it, is to have the rules with the TB.


Still looking forward to seeing some race TB in the EC - if I recall correctly only 2 have zipped through here.

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As far as i can remember there is a laminated card with all of the rules on the bugs (great caching minds think alike).


As for the rule being broken at times there has been need to break this rule (picking up bugs that have lain dormant for a while) and visiting caches/ pitstops that are far far off the beaten track. I will be interested to see what comes of these "rule/suggestion" bends...


Interesting times ahead.

(part 2)

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There is a laminated card with the key rules attached to each TB.


As for TB's visiting the same cache and not being split up. This is a request and not a rule. I would prefer not to see this happen with the more accessible pitstops like the Top Billing cache etc. , but with the out of the way pitstops (remember we wanted to include as many areas of the country as possible) this would be somewhat restrictive.


There are still a handful of TB's travelling in tandem, but most are now split up. Some of the leading TB's will probably start diverging from the pitstops to collect more points as they may feel that they are in a safer zone with regards to completing the race. Those with few stops to their names will probable still hunger to get to the pitstops.


But, keep the ideas flowing, so that whoever may be brave enough to host the next race (hopefully next year to keep this an annual event) can have as much input at hand to keep improving the race format.

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