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Going Somewhere Slowly: 2006 Tb Race


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What really irritates me is that QFC, Noddy and the gang are doing everything in their power to get these bugs to the final cache, yet a deliberate act of selfishness has now prevented QFC's bug from taking any further part in the race. Very un-sportsmanlike by everyone involved.

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Just let it be. I was irritated at the fact that QFC had specific ideas for their bug, and that they would have wanted to place their bug in the final cache themselves. Especially after all the effort they are going through to get the last batch of bugs to the final cache. I know I am ranting, maybe on their behalf, but many e-mails were sent to the team that had the bug, and was met by complete silence. And just enough silence to effectively put Speed Wobble out of contention. Speed Wobble did make it to the final cache, but against the owners wishes, and the best part was that is was logged this morning. Too many assumptions can be a bad thing, but as far as I see it, the bug was man-handled to the final cache, placed there and then only logged as such this morning.... Ah well. To the victor goes the spoils.

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I somehow get the impression by reading beween the lines that the comments are being directed at Scallywag. I hope I am wrong. :D:D:D


In my opinion the only reason that assumptions have been is because the same cacher that helped Scallywag finish the race also "picked up" Speed Wobble and put him in the final pit-stop against our wishes. As far as I know, this is the first occurrence in the race where the bug's goal was not adhered to, which is in the end the point of a travel bug.


As Bjbez pointed out far too many cachers (possibly all of us) are more interested in picking up bugs and coins than helping them attain their goal (or never read their goal), what would our guidance teachers say <_< (but this is a topic for another rainy day).


I am just happy that Speed Wobble made it to the final pit-stop, because I was doubting whether or not he would be placed there at all, what with the lack of replies and all.


The worst part of this is that I am not stuck with 5 (possibly 7) race bugs that need to get to the final cache, and yet the inspiration to drive the 50km there, walk the 2km and drop the bugs has been “stolen” from me. Of the eleven pit-stops in the race Charlie and I helped Speed Wobble though six of them (maybe too protective) and I really wanted to visit the final with my bug in tow. I would have then visited all 11 pit-stops, on opposite sides of the country, during the race. :D


c'est la vie, on with the race…

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The banana express is in a siding and not going to get to the turn around point. Unfortunately I have in my knapsack 3 bugs that needed to get to JHB.


I must say a very beeg sorry to the owners of the roasted sheep, not the best, and the minor problem that stopped the mini. I tried several options to get your bugs to the finish.


They will get there a little late.



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As far as I know, this is the first occurrence in the race where the bug's goal was not adhered to, which is in the end the point of a travel bug.



Michael Schumacher also had a goal and that was to win the F1 GP but his dreams were 'shattered' too.


...and he also drove Damon Hill of the track to win his first championship :anitongue::anitongue::rolleyes:

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The provisional results are in and the race is officially closed. Final results will be posted in two week’s time.


Congratulations to the nine TB’s that managed to complete the race.


:anibad: Sadly, three TB’s went missing during the race.


:ph34r: Demon Sheep and Rumpus Compass…. so close to the finish line.


:mad: A BEEEG thanks to all those that participated. A special mention to the pitstop cache owners, the concept of this race could not have been executed without your assistance. Bjbez’s efforts in this regard must be highlighted. The Race wanted to include as much of SA as possible. He chose to man a pitstop in the far north of Limpopo and tirelessly travelled to get almost all the TB’s through this pitstop.


;) Also, a BEEEG thanks to all the cachers that took part in moving TB’s from one cache to another. There was a lot of hard work by many cachers to get TB’s through the pitstops and help them on their way. I’ll not venture to start mentioning names….where does one stop?


:mad: I must also mention one particular achievement. QFC was the only cacher to visit each and every pitstop, WELL DONE!


Hope that those that participated enjoyed the race. It’s been a great year for caching in South Africa.


We can look forward to the 3rd annual TB Race in 2007 hosted by QFC and Noddy and a new and exciting race format.


A prosperous year of caching to all! ;)

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