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Stu You Are A Nutter!

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Although don't tell anyone... it was a public footpath, not a bridleway. Still - I'll only have to pay half the fine, I guess.


It seems my idiomatic use of English is flawed though: apparantly red rag to a bull doesn't quite mean what I meant. Ho hum. You get the idea :)



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Pure comedy genius! What skill, what camerawork, what music! Congrats to you both :laughing:




P.S. Red Rag To A Bull: Something that seems destined to produce an adverse, as well as the reverse reaction. Example: "You can't get 14 people in a Mini" - Result, 14 people in a Mini. I think your use of the phrase is fine, and I should know, I'm a sort of part time journalist type fing.

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Splendid - now can I get a unicycle in my Smartie?

I got this one in the mini...




So if you can't do it, you're not trying hard enough.


Although I did think it would have to go on the roof at first. But no, my oft quoted "You can get anything in a mini" held true.





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Your unicycle is much taller than my Pashley - mine has direct transmission - and you have an offroad tyre as well, I guess that makes the difference eh? I was always wary of the tall ones, I imagine they're more difficult to mount.


Liked the music as well, never heard of Goldfrapp before.


Very good

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Your unicycle is much taller than my Pashley

That's only one of them :laughing: - I sold it a few weeks ago, so I won't be caching on it.


The one I rode to the cache was my DM Ringmaster Pro:




20" wheel with track tyre! Not great on grass!


I used to have 8 wheels - 2 of which were Pashley Mountain Unicycles, but now I'm down to two. The other is my Ultimate Wheel:




which made an appearance in some of the pictures at the Winchester HCC Event in 2003.


Oh, and yes, the 5-foot ones are seriously hard to get on without something to lean on. And pretty hard with.


Obsessed, me?





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I was expecting Stu to cycle down the hill, out of control, and end up sitting in the pond at the bottom, surrounded by ducks (In great "Last of the summer wine" style)

I have to admit that the first thing the crossed my mind as I came over the brow of the hill was "Oh poop!" :huh:


What isn't clear from the film is that the fence between the downhill and the pond is barbed wire. "Double poop!" :huh:



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