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  1. I have a HP/Compaq 'Rugged' case. It is bulky, but is supposed to make a drop from 4 feet to concrete survivable for the iPaq as well as providing protection from rain and dust. http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping...de=FA238A%23AC3 I got mine from eBay. Much cheaper than HP prices.
  2. /me checks GSAK db for deleted log Playing devil's advocate: A possible explanation is one of simple error. The OP has a number of caches in that locality ( the original incorrect one ). Depending on how the logger searches for caches to log online, he/she may have merely selected the wrong one. One of the three others in the area was logged before and two others were subsequently logged. Human error? Just a thought..
  3. The most significant omission on the low numbered Explorists is that you can't hook them up to a PC to download Waypoints. Doesn't sound like a big problem, but personally I'd not buy a GPSr that didn't. They also use their own recharable battery whereas the eTrex receivers use standard AAs ( rechargeable or non-rechargeable ).
  4. Following on from Paul's erudite post, 'loose' is NOT 'lose'. Another two different words. I've seen 'loose' used instead of 'lose' so many times now, that sometimes I have to stop and think about my own usage of the word. I hate that!
  5. MK used to be referred to as 'Low rise, low brow'. It cannot be called that anymore as they are now permitting the development of buildings over 3 stories high! Good news on the permissions front though. Thanks to zensunni. ( Actually, the relatively new theatre is excellent ).
  6. Sounds good, especially if a bike is an option.
  7. Is that 10 mile circular or 20 miles total with return?
  8. £11.75p including delivery from Expansys. http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=0...dd=010-10425-00
  9. One of my pet hates are web sites with sound. I use Opera and ensure that 'Enable sounds in web pages' is always off. So in that respect, that has to be for me one of the most iritating pages I've viewed to date albeit with the caveat that if you hadn't highlighted it, I would never have noticed owing to my Opera preferences!
  10. Inverting my home co-ordinates to get a position near New Zealand, I get a distance to of 20,037 Km ( 12,450 miles ). So, it's the great circle distance. ( Garmin legend C - but I suspect they all do the same ).
  11. Just tried to listen in via the web but got a message saying that it is unavailable either because of a technical fault or through contractual reasons. Did your agent stipulate that Paul?
  12. Have a look at this 'ended early' auction. Read the text about watching. Then have a look at the hit counter at the bottom. As I understand it, a large proportion of the hit counter ended up on the watch list! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MEWA:IT
  13. You can enter co-ords in TomTom 3. On the map view, tools menu, there is a goto co-ords option. This'll display with a flashing 'target' which you can tap and you then get options to 'Navigate to ... ' etc. This function of TT expects the co-ords in ddd mm ss though.
  14. When I used this program with my Legend C, I had the same problem. Just set EasyGPS up with a Garmin 60CS - also USB. That'll work. Just bear in mind the two machines may have differing waypoint capacities.
  15. According to my GSAK db, with the following options - Status : Active Type : Traditional, Multi, Mystery, Other & Earth Difficulty 5 : 61 Difficulty 4 : 123 Difficulty 3 : 651 Difficulty 2 : 2258 Difficulty 1 : 2246 ( each level includes the half level ) EDIT : Brought my GSAK db up to date with the latest PQs and updated the figures above. ( Changes have not significantly changed 'Happy Humphrey's findings below )
  16. 2/ Look for the person who accidentally tries to answer his 'phone with an eTrex.
  17. Agree with the OP about 'Spring in your step' which we did a few days before the OP did it. I also enjoyed the now archived 'Trigonometry, Triangles & Treachery' for the chance to revise some maths and a great challenge. Plenty of others as well.
  18. Whilst I have only set one fairly straightforward cache so far ( I do have other more complex ones planned ) I certainly don't filter out the difficult ones completely. I have deliberately kept the more complex ones ( e.g the OPs Red October & Your Mission ) for the summer months and also when out as a family/group. If I'm out by myself, then I tend to do the more straightforward ones as my wife likes the ones with puzzles attached and is not so keen on the traditionals.
  19. Swimming has to be the one. From newborn infant to ... well however old. I grew up living by the seaside ( Cardigan Bay ) and the village had a group of octogenarians who would swim in the sea every day from March through to November.
  20. Why not just click the 'remove from watchlist' link in the email? I also add a found cache to my watch list - at least until someone else finds it.
  21. Seen at the submarine museum, Pearl Harbo(u)r, Hawaii -
  22. In theory. In reality, peanuts aren't actually nuts. IIRC it is a legume.
  23. Re Voices. For a bit of fun & variety, I've tried various other voices from the TT site. 'Sheela' is ok but that particular Ozzie accent can be a tad irritating after a while. On the other hand, 'Valley Girl' aka 'Zappa' ( California ), made me want to defenestrate the iPaq withing half a mile! And I have no idea what word 'she' was using instead of roundabout. I know in New Jersey they are called 'circles' but Valley Girl was saying neither circle nor roundabout.
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