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Thanks for posting this. It's close enough to Wenatchee that I may very well be interested in grabbimg this one on Sunday after the WCM! Earthcache is the only icon I lack in my user stats.

Tin ear was asking if I could think if anyone else who might want to do this one. I remembered our conversation and tossed out your name. I don't know if I will be able to have enough time to actually get this one but I thought I would see if anyone else had the same idea, that this was fairly close to where we were already going to be.


Little Blue, A Earthcache is basically a cache placed near a Geological, Paleontological, Arceological (although not in, of course) or other Earth type site. Usually the cache page includes a lot of history of the site, including what makes it unusual.


The earth caches go through a double approval process, I think. First through normal cache placement and then through approval on the earthcache site, I think.


Here is the website for earthcaches with a lot more info. Plus it is another icon type.

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Most earthcache pages I have looked at either ask for a picture at the cache site with GPS, or for some information off nearby information signage. Since this one does not say, I would assume a pic of you with your GPS at the site would be ok.

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If you go to the cache page bring up the nearest geocaches and you'll see Bruce had another one nearby and it was archived because it was on the Hanford Reach Monument area. Bruce has some excellent caches, so if you head over that way do his West Bar Overlook. I've cached in that area and it's not a quick drive from Wenatchee. Plan on at least a 2 hour plus drive from Wenatchee.


I see that I was over there 1 year ago today and logged Hot Number 26 on the north side of the Saddle Mtns. That is a wild desolate area with some incredible country to see. I had a gorgeous sunset and rainbow. Here's a pic I took on the way to #26.



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Having found the previous cache that this is replacing, I can highly recommend this location. We approached from the south on an old narrow paved road and descended to the north on a dirt path only suitable for clearance vehicles. Anybody wanting more details is welcome to contact me.


Edit: fatfingered south into sound

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Runhills, I see you didn't do Windy Wahatis while you were in the area. I haven't been in the south way, so I wonder if this road leads to that cache? When I was over there last year I tried to reach it from the north, but ran out of roads and didn't have a 4x4.

When we did the cache I sort of took flyingdogs on a detour headed for another FTF of Bruces's caches (they are in great locations). We had a room booked in Ephrata so it was just a little detour from Woodinville????


Anyway if you approach from the south (Highway 24) per Bruce's directions there is a paved road all the way to the ridge. We turned right to get to the saddle but I think the road can be followed to the left (west) over to Wahatis. We dropped off the north side on a rutted double track that comes out at Corfu. As you know, some wild country!


I have yet to meet you and hope to this coming weekend! Maybe we can compare notes then.

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I would love to do this.  I have a morning meeting in Wenatchee, though, so unless people want to hang around till lunch or after...

It's not really that close to Wenatchee..... but I could be convinced to go also :)

If you could leave early enough Friday that would be an excellant time to get it. Just follow I-90 across the bridge at Vantage and then head down there. There are a few other caches thereabouts.

We approached from the sound on an old narrow paved road and descended to the north on a dirt path only suitable for clearance vehicles.
Says who? :) I took my Ford Taurus up it a couple of years ago doing a couple of other caches that were there. Of course now having done that I wouldn't advise anyone else to try it. I was quite concerned a couple of times, and of course I was caching alone. But then a caching partner might have tried to talk me out of going up it in a sedan. So now I drive a beast of a gas hog, (Bertha, the 4 wheel drive Suburban) but I have clearance for most any cache. just don't meet me on the narrow roads coming the opposite way cause I don't do reverse very happily. :)
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Reminds me of hunting with my brother as teenagers. Put chains on the 58 Chev PU and climbed up a logging road through 12 inches of snow to a jeep hunting camp. Boy did we get some strange looks.


So "Doable" and "Suitable" are very different for different folks. I thought the road to my "The World" was suitable in that I had no trouble with my low slung S-10 but others have voiced concerns. Thus to keep a bit of sanity margin, I now stick to recommending suitable and let others define their own doable. :)

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So "Doable" and "Suitable" are very different for different folks.

Very true. The road is not suitable but it is doable.


Off topic, are the gates to the Ancient Lake area now open since hunting season has passed?


I think so. I have been wanting to get over there and finish up the three in the area I have not found yet. But my schedule has not worked out yet with my caching partners. I want to do it soon though. You can get in from the lower road but the hike is longer. I think the upper rd opened up sometime in Feb if I remember the sign correctly.


I thought the road to my "The World" was suitable


I have been wanting to go do your cache, and flying dogs cache also, what has been bothering me is the comments about the narrowness of the rd. My often caching partner Robinego does not want to get her car scratched up and I can understand that. Is my Suburban to wide to go the distance okay? I have been hungering to do those caches ever since you first put them up. I am just afraid I will probably get all teary eyed when I finally get to do them because that is what wonderful views do to me. :)

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I drove flyingdogs up in her "Grand Chero" jeep and she didn't even flinch about the paint. To be honest, marginal and anything wider might rub on the bushes. The area gets lots of traffic so the brush will be beat back if not trimmed. The narrow part that gets folks is just exposed hillside.


Hope to meet you this weekend, it will be nice to put a face to the spirit!

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Sorry Andrew,


I didn't mean to sidetrack your Earthcache forum quite so far afield. :)


Even if folks don't feel like they have the time for Saddle Mountain after WCM, I would highly recommend Frencman Coulee Rib also by Bruce Bjonstad. This cache has great views along the easy hike. :)

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Cool- but what exactly is the nature of this earthcache? It says it is virtual, but what do you do there?

Earthcache's are virtuals. There shouldn't be any container at the coords for this one. Not sure why there's no info on what you need to do to log it. They're still a work in progress though.


You're not the first to be confused by it. I have an Earthcache (sort of, I don't actually own it though my name is on it) in Oregon and get a lot of people asking me if they did it right or not and at least a few who looked for a container despite it having the requirements for logging it listed on it.


The purpose of Earthcaches is to introduce people to geologic features. The big difference between an Earthcache and others is that there is a requirement for the description of the cache. You're supposed to basically give a geology lesson on whatever the visitor is seeing.

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I got a reply from Bruce about the cache. here is the text of the e-mail I got from him.



There is no container. I had one there but the rangers for the National Monument took it away, which is why I made it a virtual cache. I'm waiting to hear back from the Earthcache folks on how people receive credit for finding the Earthcache. I'll get back to when I find out more.



So it definitly sounds like a work in progress. I would think that pictures would be fine but maybe a group trip for another day.


Runhills I don't mind the minor hijack, the information was pertinant to the area.

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Thanks for the info Andrew, I'm looking forward to doing that cache. I get over that way fishing/camping quite often and there's not many caches left I haven't done.


Runhills, I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting a chance to compare notes. I did your "World" cache last Sept. when I raced up there to grab a M10 coin and missed out to RWW by about 30 mins. To me "doable" is any road I don't get stuck or broke down on in my low rider Honda Civic. So far that hasn't happened and I've been on some nasty roads. That road was pretty close to "undoable" with low clearance and I had to get out several times and move rocks. Patudles you would have no problem. I don't remember any brushy spots, but my car is so scratched up now I don't worry about it.


I have 3 dents and dings on the right side of my Honda I call "Toodle" dents. Those were from a Patudles cache near Lake Wenatchee. Caching has been rough on my poor Honda. I have a 4x4 truck, but there hasn't been too many caches I couldn't reach with my Honda. 45 mpg is sure nice too!....:unsure:


The Westbar Overlook cache by Bruce is only about 30 mins east of Wenatchee and a must stop if going that way. You can follow that road south about 1 mile to the end and access the Ancient Lakes and Quincy WRA. That area opened for fishing March 1, so everything is open now. There's a herd of buffalo just down the road from Westbar Overlook that are fun to look at.


Edit: Runhills I see you logged the new Earthcache!.....That's pushing it just a bit don't you think. You'll have to phsyically go back there and take a picture or throw some garbage on the ground......<_< There are several cachers in the Othello area that I figured would jump on that cache today.

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I'm headed over to the Earthcache Saturday morning not so much for an FTF but because it is a spectacular area. I've always enjoyed the drive from Beverly to Corfu. It is simply a stunning view of the Crab Creek Coulee with a very dramatic rise of the Saddle Mountains. Have never been on top and am very much looking forward to it.

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The road that opened is the Quincy Lakes Rd. You can't drive to Ancient Lakes at any time during the year. I guess that is why it is such a nice place and has so little litter. It is about a 3 mile hike from the west and about a 2 mile hike from the east. I recommend going from the west. there are 3 caches on the rib (one by Bjornstad) between ancient and dusty lakes and one new one to the southwest of the western parking area.

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