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Cacher Could Use Your Prayers...

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Greetings everyone...

I'm Ladyofthelake, a long time & close friend of Darkcacher of NEPA. I'm sure he's going to kill me for this but i'm writing on his behalf. A couple of weeks ago he came down with a virus that has progressively gotten worse to the point where he is in the ICU of a local hospital (i won't devulge which one for his privicy). He could really use your good thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery...he is very sick. I have noticed that cachers are a strong & friendly group so if you could add him in your prayers and send him your good thoughts...i'm sure it would help.



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A while ago I would have read the post, paused a moment, then passed on. Now it takes on a while different meaning because I am in the same boat.


Last wed. My mother in law went in for "routine" surgery, and it went fine. For a while. Soon she was back in the OR to fix some staples that had "blown out" as the doctor put it. She was holding her own until we got a call last Saturday to come in. From the conversation we had nobody expected her to be alive when we got there. It turns out she has a very severe staff infection that tried to shut down her lungs, kidneys, and immune system. Thankfully she is beginning to recover. It has been one week, and the fever is almost gone, and her vitals are creeping back into "normal" range. We are hoping to have her off of life support by Monday or Tuesday, but i'm not holding my breath.


The nurses are doing a great job taking care of her, but the doctor is beginning to make us mad. When you have a patient in critical condition I would expect a phone call every few days. he promised to call us on Tuesday, still waiting



She is listed as "stable, but critical" meaning she could still do a nosedive on us, but it's looking okay. On the bright side, she is in one of the coolest beds I have ever seen. The Rotoprone. They were flipping her over for a few hours a day, but her lungs are getting better so she's just been rocking side to side.


I understand your want of privacy, but I don't care. She's in Allegheny General on the North side of Pittsburgh. 3rd floor Surgical ICU. On another sad note, my cousin just went in on Friday after a car accident. His knee was shattered into over one hundred pieces.






I'm sorry if I overpowered your post, i just needed to get everything off of my chest. I don't really have a big " support network" so I end up keeping everything buried deep inside. It feels good to get it out. I consider the geocaching community to be a network of friends, so thank you for taking the time to read this.


I will add prayers for your family into the large quantity I have been saying .


Joe Smith

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