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  1. I feel like I was just pissed right on! Okay maybe not so much, but you didn't hear me saying how lousy the Brits were after I some british online shop refused to ship a USB hub to the US. Seriously, I was willing to pay the difference in shipping, only a few pounds. (or is it euros now?)
  2. I have been considering this as well. A few things to consider: 1. Not all bluetooth phones are "discoverable" all the time. Most Motorola's have to be set before each pairing. 2. You need to get it closer to the street, and still have it plugged in. 33 feet is about right for most phones, and walls, trees, and cars can block that signal. 3. Consider getting a bluetooth dongle for your computer instead. Many are 1.2 with a range of about 100 feet or so, easier to reach. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Joe Smith


    As the recent placer of a hydrocache I enjoy reading all logs, and DNF's the most (helps that no one has found it yet ) in fact the first two helped me to up the difficulty, and alter the cache page about boating regulations. Try to log it every time, even if you forget to log your finds. that reminds me......
  4. Grandma Gatewood started hiking in her 70's. She used a shower curtain as a tent, wore Keds sneakers, and had everything in a small bag she carried over her shoulder. Gain knowledge Remain aware Stay strong Invent Those four things will get you through most situations. "Beyond Backbacking" by Ray Jardine is a fantastic book for any outdoorsman
  5. I'm sure this question has been asked, and taken care of but it seemed to go right over my head. If the site resizes any picture I upload, why would I go through the extra work of resizing them myself? Even with OS X Tiger's Automator (piece of junk program by any means) it remains a chore. Does the quality of log pictures (not counting exceptions for puzzle caches) change that much to make it worth it? thanks, Joe
  6. This is mine. It looks good in this picture, but it's a pain in the butt. This picture was taken right before getting a flat miles from nowhere in Missouri. Had to drive miles on the flat, then 800 miles to pittsburgh with the spare and missing a lug nut. So then the brakes went giving severe vibration in the front end. It she was shaking and I hit a bump it became a "death wobble". My own brother refused to drive in it after the first time. He's scared to death! The kicker was 2 weeks ago. Just up and died on me! Fuel pump and $380 later it's almost good to go. Except for new tires and inspection. You can never win! So here's the other cachemobile. It it no beater, but I did a fair bit of damage while caching. (Sorry about the crappy picture) $1,700 for that mistake.
  7. I tried a little somthing with the swamp theme hope you like it Wow, I need to check back with this thread more often I guess. Thanks for the cool avatar. Do you have a larger file? it's hard to see that small (at least for me) Joe SMith
  8. I got that case, never really used it. I hate having a case, it makes a large gps way too large to handle. The Glisson antenna crapped out after about 2 months. The Invisible shield is setting up overnight, but I am impressed so far.
  9. I find that trying to be different and use software that is better for your needs often comes at a price. As everyone here knows I LOVE my iBook. I had nothing but problems with our windows laptops. I just got my Ubuntu (linux distro) cd's last night and spent a few hours playing with it live cd. I was rather impressed with only two major flaws. 1. It won't work with my built in wireless card. I may buy a wi-fi dongle. 2. No geocaching software. As people debate the benefits of other operating systems, one thing is clear. Mac users are a very small bunch of people compared to windows users. People who run linux are much more rare, and that much geekier. If you make the switch to open source software it comes with the heavy realization that you must give up the use of some good programs written for other os's. The best way to overcome this is to make one for open source that is better than what is out there already. Joe Smith
  10. This may be off topic (but not by much) I just got my bulk of Ubuntu cd's. For those who don't know Ubuntu is a linux distribution that has about everything you need in an operating system. I am actually running it on the iBook right now, and am typing this over firefox. I ordered way too many, and while they are free, they are not nearly as common as AOL cd's. Would this be an okay item to leave in a cache? Thanks, Joe Smith
  11. i use a clie and I can't think of the model number. b&w with low memory. First I tried the spinner, plucker method and enjoy the layout on the palm. It just took way too long to get the data ready and in the palm. I paid the 8 bucks for cachemate, and it's not bad. Faster bu far. I like plucker, but the speed makes cachemate worthwile.
  12. If you log off of her name you see her and "user" I don't think we had that one before. I put in as many passwords as i could think of, none worked.
  13. There is not a list in the upper corner like mine has. If root is enabled, i don't know how to check
  14. i used single user mode following command prompts that would allow me to reset the password. After that did not work, i gave up. When logged in I will go to the system prefs and 3/4 are greyed out. user accounts is one of those. i guess i am doing a poor job of describing this problem. i am actually quite good working with a mac, but this is giving me trouble. Joe Smith
  15. I'm sure there is an admin account on there somewhere, but i'm not even allowed into the setup to view them. i tried to bring up a list in single user mode, but it didn't work.
  16. I am not even allowed to go into the accounts settings, it is greyed out. On My computer I made a test user that was not an admin. i was still able to enter that area, but could not make changes without "unlocking" with an admin's password
  17. about 6 months ago we were having some trouble with our computers. One would lock up randomly, and the other was burning through power cords once a month. Around the same time we met someone with two apple iBooks for sale. Both were in okay shape and the price was right. about two days after we get them home, Samantha decided she wants it to log her in automatically rather than enter the password every time. I say "go for it, you can't really screw anything up" i was wrong. It now logs her in without the password, but somehow her account is no longer an administrator for the computer. It really limits how much you can do. We can't even change it back, and her old password won't work. I tried every trick online to try and fix this, and about my only hope is to whipe it out and re-install OS X. I didn't get the CD with the computers, and I can't afford $120 to upgrade to tiger. Is there anyone out there who could lend me the disk? We're running 10.3. Or if you know another way, I am open to any ideas! Joe Smith
  18. We were on our way back from Philly for memorial day weekend and I was tired. We had a great weekend, and I got to do some caching too! Well it was about three AM and we just got some gas at a rest stop (PA turnpike) I was VERY tired and my reaction time was very poor. i set the GPS to highway mode so I had a "heads up" of any turns. I was making good time, and was speeding back up to "normal speed" (about 85) after leaving a turn. I look down at the GPS, and as I look up i catch a flash of brown. BOOM A flash of white and the heat of the exploding airbag hit my face. Samantha grabs my arm screaming OH MY GOD!! She was asleep. Our friend (a budding geocacher) was laying down in the back seat without a seatbelt. She didn't even know what had happened. i pull over and keep everyone calm. The car was in bad shape, but thankfully everyone was fine. I hurt my thumb on the airbag, but didn't break it. The bottom line, I felt like I put everyone in danger by driving while i was that tired, and by not paying attention to the road. However the opinion from the others was had i not been looking down, i would have tried to miss the deer, and hit the concrete barrier, or flipped the car. Hitting it straight was the safest thing to do. So there's my geo-crash!
  19. I too wonder about this strange reference to viruses. My mom got pneumonia, but my Mac has never seen any trouble. We only have one computer running in our store, so to speed things up when we get busy, i took in the iBook. Wecan't ring people out on it, but it can handle almost everything else. You would be shocked to know how many customers fall in LOVE with is, mainly the ones who have never used a mac. on the other hand, it keeps getting brain farts with the wireless network Oh, and if you zip your files, it should pass the virus scan easier. Joe Smith
  20. I second the vote for Keystone! We started this game about the same time, and I can't think of another cacher who has helped it along as much as him. So i vote keystone
  21. Keys and change in the right pocket. Also a pocket knife. Paper money, and cell phone in the left pocket. If I bring a wallet (I don't usually need maxed out cards in the woods) it's in the back right. back left has cache printouts, or now the palm. Gps is in my hand or on the belt. If I have a pen it's usually in the left pocket, but I keep at least forty in my shirt pocket (if i have one). how do they all get there? that is usually all I bring. i have learned to multitask with my items, so i don't usually need a pack.
  22. I can't get this iBook to burn an iso without screwing something up, so i have to wait for my shipment of ubuntu cd's to come in. I can't wait to get this thing running on Linux! i was going to start on a really old compaq, bit this one is actually small enough to be a "laptop" and not a "small desktop" computer.
  23. This is a nice little thread. here are my problems so far. 1. USB/Serial (belkin) has no mac drivers so I'm out $20. 2. I can't the palm to sync with the ibook. I have tried palm desktop and missing sync. 3. Everything locks up when i try to open a GPX file with Mac simple gps x. I got a mac because I was tired of my computer locking up
  24. Personally, i would like the choice of worldwide, USA, or whatever. My finds are just a little blob, but a pittsburgh area map would be interesting. I'm thinking this would be TONS of work, so that's okay is you don't. Joe Smith
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