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Chester Area Cachers Evening Meeting

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After I stated in a previous post that I would not be able to attend the St Georges Day Event Cache Jan and the Percey Boys contacted me and suggested that we set up an evening meeting in Chester. We therefore decided to meet at the Mill Hotel in Chester on Monday March 7th at 7:30pm for a general chat about caching. This is NOT an event cache and is just a chance for any interested cachers in the area to meet up for a drink although we stress that anyone is welcome to attend.


The Mill is a regular in the Good Beer Guide and a haven for Real Ale drinkers with up to 16 beers regularly on handpump so even if you don't want to talk about caching you can at least start the week by drinking yourself senseless.


Is anyone interested?

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Didn't want to make it an event because the idea was to make it a regular meeting. As it is informal I don't expect a massive turnout (especially on a midweek night) and no room has been booked, no arrangements made with the Mill and no new caches are being created (at least not by me). If hundreds of people say they are coming I may have to rethink. :)


When I decided on the date the "majority" comprised of me and the the Percey Boys so on a vote of 2-0 we decided to go for March 7th. That's democracy for you B)B)


Future dates will be open for negotiation.

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I think the other reason we did not make it an event cache was we did not want to put it in competition with the Cache bash on 23/4/05 in a pub not a million miles away (okay about 5.9 miles)


The idea for the meeting came about due to Kelsborow Wayfarers being manic Chester City supporters and the team would be lonely on a Saturday if they weren't there. So the idea of us meeting up was really just that, we went for the Mill cause the beer is good and Monday because it was a quiet night (If you ever heard me sing you'd understand why we avoided Karaoke nights)


We decided to open it up to the forum and anyone else who's like to come along - presently anybody visiting my cache who do not use the forums are being given an invite (sort of well done in finding ---- did you know we are meeting etc.


If anyone else has got a better idea on promulgating this to the non-forum users let me know

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You asked for this. Clearly the 50% of the non Chester City supporters are the parts of the body that contain the brain while the rest of the body that supports Chester is clearly a different part of the body!!


Must confess I used to visit Sealand Road in the 1960s. Highlight ws a friendly game against Manchester United.



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As someone with caches, close to the venue, I'd have no objections to virtual visits to them, for the purpose of keeping the TB's milage correct.





Which one would you suggest I virtually drop the tb's in?


Just be quick before the prince of darkness gets there!

As it's naughty to advertise ones own cache, I can't say :rolleyes: , but I can tell you that Steps in the Wall GC92F4, was placed by Leek, but has now been adopted :rolleyes: , and is the closest cache physicaly located to the Mill :)


Dave :laughing:

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Clock Watching would have been physically closer but it has been temporarily archived

:rolleyes: being aware of that, thats why I didn't suggest it. Once it's back up and running, don't forget to visit the Donut and Fried Mars Bar stall just at the bottom of one of the sets of stairs near to it (sorry I'm not saying which stairs :rolleyes: )


Dave :laughing:

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Thanks to all those who turned up tonight. Sorry that it coincided with jazz night but at least we know for next time. :o It seemed to be a success and it was fantastic to put so many faces to names. There are already plans to make it a quarterly event so I thought of perhaps setting up a mailing list as there are some people who showed an interest in attending but couldn't make it tonight. The following team were represented - the list was made after some people had left so I apologise to anyone I have missed off.


Mancunian Pyrocacher


Team Maddie UK

Kelsborrow Wayfinders




Jan and the Percey Boys




Capt Pugwash



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