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Which Gps ?


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I'm very new to geocaching but i have a very cheap system that has 1:25000 OS maps.


The centre of my system is my trusty old Sony Ericsson P800 smart phone together with NHGPS software.




This can be used on several smart phones. I link to my Holux GPSlim 236 via bluetooth. I can carry this in my pocket and usually still recieve 7-9 satellites (its sirfIII or something?). It is on offer here




The real bonus of the NHgps software is you can use any jpeg source for your maps, so if you own the OS map for the area you need you can just scan it then calibrate it easily (very easy for OS maps, even easier with MemoryMapOS 1:25000!!). I can fit about 9 1:25000 OS maps on a 128mb memory stick duo (this is the largest that will work in this phone - if you've got a p910 or will be getting the new p990 you can have upto 4gb of memory!)


I really recomend this set up if you already own a compatible smart phone. The Holux is really good.

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I have just been reading through this thread, I am using a GArmin eTrex Yellow (Linked to Memory Map on my lap top for uploading the cache position and occasionally navigating whilst I am driving) also 9 times out of 10 when I am out I have the relevant OS map with me as well (Lets face it nothing is more interesting than a map - I love them!).


I have been thinking about up-grading my GPS, is there one (at a sensible price) which will display OS maps?

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Looking to buy an Etrex (Yellow) or Etrex Legend...


If money was no object (within reason) Which would YOU buy ?


Does the Legend have features that you dont really need or would they be an adavantage to have ?


Thoughts much appreciated...




Just thought I'd add my two pennys worth.... I'm very new to this GPS lark... I was after a GPS to support my cycling, found geocaching by accident but enjoying it very much. Budget was a big consideration for me so I opted for the Garmin Geko 201. (80ish pounds from amazon!!)


So far i'm really please with it.... found my first few caches... great for cycling with it obvious route finding benefits but the trip computer is great.


I spent a little more and bought from Tracklogs which got me the free map centered around my postcode... I can recomment this.


the only thing that I think would be a useful extra would be the digital compass.



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I have noticed the emergence of the Garmin GPSMap series, and Etrex Cx, and Magellan RoadMate series with Navigation facilities.


Has anyone worked out a way to get these to give voice directions? Or anything else that will be good for geocaching and in car sat nav solutions.


Yes PDA and Tom tom, but tends to fill the pockets too much when walking to a cache.


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I'm relatively new to this GC game - yes, it's only a game remember (the kids like "Treasure Hunting") but here's my contribution to this long running thread.


I have a Garmin Etrex Yellow. I also have a PC and laptop on which I run Memory Map with full GB coverage at 1:50 000 and some at 1:25 000 and use EasyGPS and GSAK for admin of routes/waypoints/caches etc. with a serial connection to the GPS. I also have a bluetooth PDA with USB connection, onto which I can load as many maps/portions of maps as my 1GB card allows and, better still, a bluetooth box that connects to the Etrex which can then sit in the top pocket of a rucksack while the PDA is in a jacket/trouser pocket ready to view. The GPS and bluetooth box get left on while the PDA is switched on when needed and takes less than 10 secs to acquire the GPS data and give a fix. A fairly comprehensive setup! :D


But, on the other hand......


I bagged 5 caches yesterday, 3 of them in quite remote and hilly country and all was done with just an OS map and compass and the Yellow Etrex, with the GPS only coming out of the bumbag when getting close to the caches. The cheap, cheerful and utterly reliable and accurate way of finding them - unless you are using old batteries! :laughing::laughing::laughing::ph34r:


So, my message is that yes, you can obviously spend a fortune getting gadgets that do everything but carry you to the cache and sign the log, but the reality is that a very basic and cheap setup will do the job perfectly and you will probably learn more about navigating in the process and you will have a nice collection of maps to fill shelves and pore over and make plans....


If using the Etrex Yellow, I would recommend something like EasyGPS (free) for admin and transfer of waypoints unless you can download direct to the GPS from Geocaching.com, which I don't think is possible (yet.....?)


Whatever you do, just get out there and happy caching, everyone!

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Hi, Just about to buy a new gps as I had a mishap with the old legend that I had. I am thinking of upgrading to a legend CX, I currently use Mapsource version 5 roads and recreation Uk and am not sure whether it is compatible with the newer model. I don't really want to have to buy new software as well as a new gps so it might influence my decision as to whether I replace my legend with another one or go up market!

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We have been caching since November 05, and started with a Legend bought with back pay from work.


Found approx 50 using this with printed log sheets, but also found that printing the sheets was one of the limiting factors to our caching, as well as typing all the details in by hand - couldn't get a workable way of the Legend talking to the trusty Apple eMac Computer (serial cable only - no adpator would work with the USB)


So, a combination (over 6 months at least) of an upgrade to the Mac (that was going to happen anyway) to an iMac that can also now run Windows (used for caching/memory map and not much else), GSAK, Memory Map and a Mio 201 that came with Tom Tom and is also loaded with CacheMate means that we can now do most of the caching paperless with the PDA, with the legend as backup or for when we don't feel safe using the PDA.


But, why can't one of the major manufacturers (listen up Garmin!!) produce a "geocachers toolkit", which could do everything in one box - including reading full GPX files? A bit of marketing pushing caching at the same time may well push sales of the thing (it would also be able to be used by hikers etc - even better if it could run the PDA version of Memory Map.....)


If I was buying a handheld GPS alone, i'd probably go for the 60 series, but the legend was a great starter tool. Number of waypoints is a factor, but not if you are putting them in by hand!

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Totally agree, nothing is simple. Can put all uk caches in tomtom at a click but they are all the same symbol and cant tell if they are traditional or multi etc. Click click and they are all on memory map.


I have an old magellan for 10 yrs but reluctant to upgrade till I can find a caching friendly easily updatable one, although the magellan is playing up a bit now so wondering which one to get.

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I've had a Garmin GPS12 for a while now, that I was given. It seems to work well, but I'd like to be able to connect it to the PC to transfer waypoint information.


I came across this offer, on another forum - a MAP60C for £150.




It seemed like too much of a bargain to pass up. I think it's a discontinued model. Was it a bargain or not such a good deal? I had looked at the legend, which is about £100.

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I was thinking of using Christmas as an excuse to upgrade my GPSr as I'm currently just a lowley yellow etrex user. That said I find the yellow 100% reliable provided I use 'caching skills' in dense tree cover, etc.


I would like to have maps on my system so would be looking to upgrade to the new Garmin eTrex Venture® Cx, GPSMap 60CSx or possibly the older GPSMap 60CS (non-x) which can now be picked up cheaply. Before going down any of these routes can anyone advise me what would be the REAL cost of upgrading to a system like this? I don't mean the price of the unit, that's relatively easy to establish, but what also does one need to buy in the way of sim cards, mapping software, cables and cases, etc to get a real advantage from it.


For instance when I got my WAAS etrex it cost c. £60 from the US on ebay. However, to take full advantage of it I've had to buy a cable, case, GSAK and Cachemate licence and recargable batteries/charger. All in about £100 not bad but 40% more than the face costs. I gather that if I upgrade to the cat's wiskers then there may be a host of other gizmos I will need but without knowing anyone with one it's hard to find out.


Any advice would be happily recieived. Thanks




PS If you are using Christmas to upgrade from the GPSMap 60CS (non-x) and want to sell on your old model then email me - we might be able to help each other out.

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On account of a splodge of water on my Mio 550 (see Splodge thread if you want more details), I'm thinking of getting another box.


I quite like the look of the Dell Axim, because it has a 640 by 480 screen, which has to be good for displaying maps, the GPXSonar and the cache info using Internet Explorer. I can get it on Ebay for £160 or so. It doesn't have a built-in GPSr, but in a way, that's an advantage, it means I can choose a good GPSr, and link it to the Axim via Bluetooth. By good, I mean:


Capable of getting a fix even with poor reception

Good accuracy

Able to track lots of satellites (16, or 20, or 32, but is anything more than 16 actually a benefit?)

Bluetooth, so it'll link with the Axim

Has a MMCX antenna port, so I can boost the signal (an extra several db)


So the questions are:


Anyone like to comment on the above?

Which is the best chipset, is it SIRFS III, or is there a better one?

Is there any place I can go that does a comparative evaluation of GPSr boxes?

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Global Positioning Systems are currently selling the Legend C for under £130 delivered:




I've just bought one from them - took it out Geocaching on Sunday. It's excellent and feels like a big step up in screen and memory from my basic eTrex.


Bought exactly the same one, however can't get my hands on it till Xmas ;-) Would be interested in your experiences with it :-)

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If you do get a new GPS I would be interested in your Yellow Etrex - let me know.




Sorry Brian, first I'm not ging to replace until after next Feb's Burrington Cache Bash where I hope to have someone deliver a workshop on "What do those expensive GPSr units do? - try before you buy, or at least learn what others think!" - I'm not totally daft. Second I couldn't part with my faithful old yellow, it's been such a friend and will come in useful when introducing others to the hobby or for my kids to take on one of their global trips.



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:( What do people think about this?


My father in law got a Magellan Explorist 100 which will sometimes claim to be accurate to 3 ft.

My (more expensive) 3 yr old Etrex Legend (B&W) seldom has accuracy less than 20ft - in the same place at the Magellan.


Is this right, or is it a case a 'bad workman blaming his tools'?

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We have a basic garmin Legend but also bought a Garmin Quest and would say the quest is ideal in many ways. It is as waterproof as any garmin – will get you from your home to the start of the hunt with it's mapping and voice software – and as an in the field gps beats the yellow etrex and legend etc hands down for accuracy. We often find when the signal has been lost on the Legend – in valleys and gorges for example – we are still getting a good signal with the Quest. They are quite expensive but our little quest really was a good investment...

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Hi, maybe someone could advise... I was going to buy myself a handheld GPS (cheap one, Geko, eTrex or similar), but realised that I own Palm m105! Would it be a bad idea to buy an add-on GPS receiver and wire for connecting it to my Palm? And would it be any cheaper? All the add-on GPS receivers I've seen have bluetooth, but my Palm doesn't have that. A standalone GPS would cost me £70-£80.


Any idea what to do? <_<

Thanks! I can't wait to go hunting... <_<

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Hi, maybe someone could advise... I was going to buy myself a handheld GPS (cheap one, Geko, eTrex or similar), but realised that I own Palm m105! Would it be a bad idea to buy an add-on GPS receiver and wire for connecting it to my Palm? And would it be any cheaper? All the add-on GPS receivers I've seen have bluetooth, but my Palm doesn't have that. A standalone GPS would cost me £70-£80.


Any idea what to do? <_<

Thanks! I can't wait to go hunting... <_<


Buy the standalone GPS. My experience with plugging GPS units into a Handspring Visor was that the journey was over by the time the GPS locked on. The handhelds, especially Garmins were immeasurably better

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Handheld units are more together as a single unit.

GPS devices for PDAs and the like can be have better signal lock than the bottom of the range etrexes and gekos, and often cost about as much. The problem with this, is that you should ensure you get compatible software etc.

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Just to support the good old Etrex yellow, we've never had any problem with ours and they are WASS, despite what some have said here.

I don't rely on a Sat Nav in the car, although I do have a Pocket PC with Navman facility that I use infrequently. I have yet to try using it to 'paperless cache'.

I've seen a lot of references in this thread to places to buy handhelds, but at the moment 'gps4less' is an excellent site. For an eTrex yellow the sites listed through geocaching.com are current offering:


fingertech want £141

globalpositioningsystems want £80

aboveandbeyond £100


I found a special offer at gps4less where they only want £67 each


All the above include VAT - so the moral of this tale is look around carefully. I've just brought 4 yellows for my Scouts, including shipping, for just over £280.


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Just to support the good old Etrex yellow, we've never had any problem with ours and they are WASS, despite what some have said here.


Earlier versions of the Yellow are not WASS capable, only versions with Firmware version 3 or later are. If you intend buying secondhand check which Firmware version it is, as sub V3 are not upgradable to WASS, as they do not have the appropriate chip to run WASS.


But either version make a great starter GPS.

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Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this and only got started when I bought a TomTom One SatNav. So far it has done us well. I just use the different modes (SatNav to get in area, walking mode to get close and satellite screen to pinpoint the co-ords.) Has landed us on top of the cache twice out of 4 and the other 2 were within 3 feet. As my wife has difficulty I don't see us being away from the car too long, so no battery issues. Also can't see her being out in the wet if we can help, so no waterproof problems there.


Have we just been lucky or are the TTs getting better for geocaching?

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We've got a garmin Legend on ebay in 2006 for £75..

We've found it's no better than our 2 yellows under tree cover.and no worse than an old vista we were given .

We've found under trees and near high buildings that our legend and Vista try to make it up.

Our yellows seem more honest and say when they are having probs with tree cover etc.

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