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  1. (If I could rule the world.) I'd rise the standard of the cache contents. I loved the idea when I started, and used to think carefully what to put in: a postcard & stamp with a note please write to an old friend, a fossil in a presentation box, an amethyst... Something I'd like to find myself! Something I'd pick up if I saw it lying on the ground! But I kept finding things I would pick up: rubbish, old gnawed toys, broken plastic kinder egg surprises, calling cards... OK, I am an adult, but would love a little treasure. I feel East Anglia was pretty good on cache contents. Here doesn't seem to be so...
  2. Hi all, since my move to Bristol almost a year ago I haven't done much caching, partly because I am lacking a caching buddy and partly because of my laziness. Caching buddy wanted Bristol area Many Bristol caches yet to be found! I'm a lady 27 yrs, motorbike's my transport, like cycling too but my pedal bike is not in a wonderful shape. My other half does not see much point in caching, but sometimes (bless him) he does it for me No special requirements for a buddy! Cheers Uglitangelo PS Anybody else looking for a buddy (anywhere in the UK), feel free to use this thread!
  3. Has anybody got any experience of this...? http://www.mgmaps.com/index.php http://forum.mgmaps.com/viewtopic.php?t=251 Free maps for PDA? MGMaps.
  4. Hi and thanks, I'll check those. Just a quick note - I live in the UK and will be caching in the UK (and Europe) only.
  5. Hi I am searching for an answer to this too. Can anybody help? I have iPaq Windows Mobile 2003 with CacheMate and bluetooth GPS. On my PC I have GSAK. Everything is good but I need a way to view roughly where the caches are. I cannot just follow cachemate compass
  6. Hello, I'm a girlie riding Kawasaki ER-5, started both biking & geocaching less than a year ago (winter-spring 2007). Enjoying both a lot! My other half's got a TDM 850 and an XJR1300 (the latter one not quite running yet...) but he's not that keen on geocaching.. We've just moved to Bristol - would be great to get to know some bikers/cachers in this area!
  7. Hello I like the calendar pages featuring signal the frog, and as it's October today I went to download the new page, but it was not there. It still reads download September wallpaper. Does anybody know when the October one will become available? Also, is it possible to view old ones anywhere? Cheers
  8. I don't mid off-topics, but I think that one thread per topic is enough (congrats etc). I trust the moderators, I leave judging for them
  9. And another example: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/sussex/6618737.stm Let's blow up this bat box! This is crazy.
  10. I'd love to find a pingu badge I've left girlie stuff and would like to find (and leave) adult/every-age stuff instead of kiddies macdonald/freebie/plastic toys. Charity shops often sell better quality stuff for the same price or cheaper. I've left postcard+stamp, crystal, nail polish, small bronze 'oriental type' bell ... I have come across latex gloves in almost every cache I've visited. I wonder who puts them there. I do not see the point... and I do not see the point in penny coins. Good ideas welcome!
  11. I wish I had a dog, a young child or binoculars - so it wouldn't be so obvious! Maybe just a dog lead will do - Molly, mollyyy..! Come on girl! ... Have you seen my dog?
  12. I agree. Some cases get much more publicity than others, but I am sure all their parents worry & suffer as much. But talking about Maddie's case, maybe geocachers could put small Looking 4 Maddie stickers on the logbooks or leave calling cards? The card/stickers could also have missingkids website address. This way Maddie's case could draw attention to other cases too.
  13. Oh, here we go - my father got bitten, and now he's got Lyme disease for life... Got bitten back of his leg so couldn't see it (he always checked). edit.my terible spelling
  14. (They are in cinema.) The popcorn eating froggy represents Drama.
  15. ot sorry, must make this clear - my fear was that those doggers would see me geocaching as i did not realise they were sitting in their cars and mentioned i don't think they are a threat - but started thinking of how it could be an unpleasant shock to some people... /ot another ot Wizard William and team Morris - Very interesting thoughts. I remember being scared of some limping guy as a kid. I was sure that he was a kid snatcher - all this just because he was limping. I also remmber running home as fast as I could because some strange man said to me that I have anice hair. Now thinking, they both were most probably harmless normal people. It's the kid's imagination and parents' warnings. /ot no more OTs from me, promise *sneaks away*
  16. Just an idea: Would it be possible to add a gender split poll? Options could be a. female b. male d. team - mostly male e. team - mostly female f. Other! About being afraid: this could even be a nice feeling, an adrenalin rush and a feeling of being 'alive'! Being threatened is a different thing...
  17. I'll tell them - it think it's a good idea to make people (kids, families) aware of what they may bump into... I've heard dogwalkers have complained council about them, but they just seem to move to a different site. And back to the main question (apologies for my off topic, shouldn't have posted): I have not been attacked.
  18. I could get GPS 12XL for free from friend! What an opportunity - but is it any good for geocaching? But anyway, it's free, so I could give it a try
  19. What do you think? I know some caches that are near known dogging sites and most people would feel uncomfortable going there when the doggers are 'in action'. This is only in dusk (during daylight those places are popular amongst dog walkers & families), and I don't think those people are a threat, but still... Should I mention this to the cache owner?
  20. 'Lonely' newbie girl here! I am not too nervous going on my own, but still, couple of days ago, sun was going down and the cars in the car park I thought were empty were not. It happened to be a dodgy meeting point for lonely gentlemen... Oops. Bad thing was that I am sure they saw me acting 'suspiciosly' - trying to find the cache. Also, my mum told me she had read a short novel on her local newspaper. it was about geocaching, and how some nutter was stalking lonely female cachers by letting them find a remote cache (which was full of news paper articles of missing women) and then... don't know what. Something v bad... Attack them. I hope this won't cause you bad dreams or put you off!
  21. I think a very good guideline is to leave something you'd like to find yourself! I only started geocaching last weekend, and had no idea what to swap. I finally left a postcard & stamp (well wrapped) and instructions to write to someone who may forgotten you... I thought it was a nice idea and would like to find something similar myself. I found a beutiful crystal, and the experience made me really happy. Since then I thought it would be good to keep some pound-stuff (kids' & adults') and maybe one more expensive item with me. I think I would take kids' and leave adults' if the box was full of kids' and the other way round - just to keep a nice balance. I would love to see the standard going up
  22. Hi, maybe someone could advise... I was going to buy myself a handheld GPS (cheap one, Geko, eTrex or similar), but realised that I own Palm m105! Would it be a bad idea to buy an add-on GPS receiver and wire for connecting it to my Palm? And would it be any cheaper? All the add-on GPS receivers I've seen have bluetooth, but my Palm doesn't have that. A standalone GPS would cost me £70-£80. Any idea what to do? Thanks! I can't wait to go hunting...
  23. My impression was that geocaching is a non-competetive sport - or that that's the idea at least. The film may give a wrong idea. But then, some always want to compete (on anything). But as you see, I am still a tadpole and know very little...
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