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  1. I'm interested in knowing if you have received any estimates or quotes on what it would run to have a privately owned satelite system comparable to the birds which provide us with our geocaching fix. Not to mention the issue of national security and the legality of actually doing such a thing. Wait... You were kidding, weren't you? I think this is easily acheivable. The first amateur satellite (that is not government controlled or funded) was launched in 1961! Over 70 have been launched since then for voice, data and other scientific experiments. Most get used for general chit chat between Hams. Amateur GPS - easy. (Radio hams have been text messaging and photomessaging from the 1970's) What about privately funded missions to Mars? Without government control? Its already being planned: Mission to Mars! More mars stuff Background to amsat Seems they weren't kidding after all
  2. Hi there. As you already own a bluetooth gps unit why not get a cheap PDA, I think you can get palm based ones quite cheaply off ebay. You'll be able to go totally paperless too. I know they aren't as hard wearing as dedicated GPSr's but unless you are into rock climbing or something similar batteries and waterproofing are relatively surmountable issues. Think of all the gigabytes of maps you can store too on flash memory. P.S. i'm new at this too, but i have a bluetooth gps unit which i use with my old sony ericsson p800 very well. I use nhGPS and memory map os 1:25000. I plan on updating to the p990 when it comes out and when i can afford it.
  3. What an old thread? Anyway, i'm Scott from the west midlands and am also M1EPS - not a very active ham at the moment!
  4. Hi I'm very new to geocaching but i have a very cheap system that has 1:25000 OS maps. The centre of my system is my trusty old Sony Ericsson P800 smart phone together with NHGPS software. http://www.nhgps.com/ This can be used on several smart phones. I link to my Holux GPSlim 236 via bluetooth. I can carry this in my pocket and usually still recieve 7-9 satellites (its sirfIII or something?). It is on offer here http://www.nav4all.com/site2/www.nav4all.com/enguk/index.php The real bonus of the NHgps software is you can use any jpeg source for your maps, so if you own the OS map for the area you need you can just scan it then calibrate it easily (very easy for OS maps, even easier with MemoryMapOS 1:25000!!). I can fit about 9 1:25000 OS maps on a 128mb memory stick duo (this is the largest that will work in this phone - if you've got a p910 or will be getting the new p990 you can have upto 4gb of memory!) I really recomend this set up if you already own a compatible smart phone. The Holux is really good.
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