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  1. Hi all Many moons ago I set up a free account for my daughter but because I have not cached for a while neither of us can remember what name the account was in. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can find the account as she is desperate to log our last 15 finds? Thanks FBC
  2. Been caching for a few years - have hidden 4 - but have only done about 160 - 170 because of work and family constraints. I should be at least geo sapien but stuck as a nethanderthal!!!!!! FBC
  3. Thanks guys - nearly lost it there. FBC
  4. Hi All I just can not get on with the new cache maps. They only show the cache in question and not those in the surrounding area!!!!! I preferred the old ones as they were great when planning a day out because you could hit the certre of a bunch and pan out from there. Please bring them back FBC
  5. Hi all, Whilst going through my freecycle advertisments I came accross this - gifts.kudosnetwork.co.uk/80543 It looks too go to be true does anyone have any dealings with this site or is it a con? Being an old f##t I really dont know whether it would be worth taking part in for a new tom tom? Any ideas? FBC
  6. I started with a Garmin Geko and have progressed to an Etrex H. The Etrex H works for me - yes it is a pain to download cach co ords but the plug in lead to the pc is fine. It works well under the trees and has never lt me down (only when the cache is not there!!!) Got my 'H' off fleabay for £50 brand new from the USA - works fine. FBC
  7. Pink Floyd - Wish You were Here Elbow - Seldom Seen Kid Feeder Thin Lizzie - Live and Dangerous AC/DC If you want blood you got it Paramore - Riot System of a Down - Toxicity They all keep me on the move some quicker than others FBC
  9. Right hand bend, on a public A road, at night, on a motorbike, large dollop of horse poo. Leant into the bend, next thing I have the ability to fly luckily into a small link fence, 3ft either side of where I bounced back, and ended up eating grass, would have killed me, as the chain link was held up with concrete posts. This incident happened just out side of the New Forest boundry on the way out of Lymington. There are over 100 miles of forest to ride on so why do horse riders HAVE to ride on the road? FBC
  10. My TB went missing in the good ol USA almost as soon as it landed back in july I think. I have just had an e mail to say that the dog tag has been found and hopefully it will continue on its way. Of the 3 released by me it looks like this one is the only one to survive. 1 lost in the USA after a good few miles and another one lost in Holland. In your case it would seem that the cachers in question have forgotten to place it or have not been caching for a while. I have this problem because wifey and son hate geocaching and I have 2 jobs covering most days of the week but every so often I will go out and do a few. If I have a tb I always make sure it is dropped off as soon as possible. FBC
  11. One that has grown up into a real sized cache Or a dead one of course FBC
  12. Just a question - if having a go at the most countries in 1 day record, does the UK count as one country? Just wondering FBC
  13. Pick it up and walk away with it - to make the c/o show himself. Then deal with the fall out!!!! FBC
  14. I started caching in 2006 and have only completed about 120 caches and have hidden 4 . It looks like I have not cached for a while only because 1. My wife and kids don't like caching. 2. Work commitments. 3. Too many micro's. I now look specifically for a series of 5, 10, or whatever amount so that I can cover a good distance and see the countryside. The last series I did was 9 miles long and was a good couple of hours out and about. I have done 8 of the UK Mega series but again do not have the time to do them all!!! For me it is not about the numbers, it is about getting out in the country side and having a good walk. I have been known to do the odd one or two nanos but would not put myself out to do them. I may reach 200 by the time I am 55 FBC
  15. It got bounced. Although the site was primarily about the ruins - the effect of many earthquakes can been seen throughout the area and it did have a good example of a MASSIVE sundial. Not to worry there will be others. FBC
  16. Thanks for your pointers folks. I have entered all the details needed and am waiting to see if I have got it right. If it gets published it will be happy visiting to some interesting ruins in Turkey. FBC
  17. I have now watched the clip. The radio presenter did seem to think that caching was an underground 'nerdy' thing but I think he was hooked in the end. Of course we all enhance the signal from our GPS by putting it on our head. And we all step back and say ' I think I may have located the geocache' smugly at every find. Good to see the presenter look daft FBC
  18. I recently visited a place in Turkey and would like to make it into an earth cache to encourage more people to visit the remote ruins. The trouble is, that when I try to work out 'what type of cache is it' on the input page there is no specific earth cache heading. Do I just place it as a mystery cache or do I have to re join as a premium member? Any ideas? FBC
  19. I need a reviewer in the south of England to un archive one of my caches as it is now reachable!!!!! It is GC19A88 can some one help?. Thanks FBC
  20. There is a travel lodge in Basingstoke if that is any help cant think of any camp sites though. FBC
  21. Just a mere 48 - can still cache the pants off my 11 and 7 year old kids though. FBC
  22. Many years when I was having a bash at letterboxing there were over 250 letterboxes 'lurking' in the New Forest. They were hidden all over the forest and stealth was the key. I have tried to find out if they are still out there but to no avail. The co ordinator lived in Southampton somewhere but I think he went abroad. I have also taken a look at one or two of the boxes I had visited previously but they had gone. The forestry commission obviously did not like the boxes being there and when discovered they were just thrown away as litter!!! There were a hard corps of boxers in the forest with some superb series put out, If I remember rightly the Standing Water series went on for 25 miles. There was also one box near every trig point in the forest - all you had to do was work out which clues matched which trig point. I am very suprised that the Forrestry commission have limited the amount of caches to 100 think of the income they could produce from camping cachers holidaying!!! FBC
  23. Thanks for your replies. I think that the only thing I would possibly miss is the downloading of caches onto my gps, mind you I still have to change the name any way!!!! £15 is not a lot of dosh in the current climate - 4 bottles of reasonably nice red wine, 6 pints of real ale, a take away curry for 2 or 3 packets of fags. The only thing I could do with from Groundspeak would be an automatic update of stats on my page in that as I do em the stats change (I would be willing to wait overnight for it to up date if necessary ). I will have to make my decision later FBC
  24. Dear all, I do not take part in werigo or Waymarking I look up the caches and go and get em when I can - so to the delemma - do I renew my premium membership or don't I. What would I loose out on - not much me thinks, I can still access the co ords for caches and go out to do em that is all I need. Does anyone else agree? Can anyone talk me out of not renewing my premium membership? If so why? FBC
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