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  1. Bem, se até final do mês não existirem ofertas fica tudo arquivado...
  2. Realmente podia ter simplificado a tarefa... - Monte Real - Senhora do Monte [Leiria] - Santo António dos Capuchos [Leiria] - O Arco do Ernesto - It's on the other side!!! - bezaNA NO terreiro - no tiNA NO cache - Sopa de letras à portuguesa São todas em Leiria, a excepção da no tiNA NO cache, que é em Lisboa.
  3. O titulo diz tudo... Depois de cerca de 1 ano sem cachar activamente acho que chegou (ou ja passou...) a altura de doar as caches que temos para adopção. Interessados: postem aqui ou mandem mail.
  4. Valor actualizado: 16. Este valor conta com FTFs colectivos mas não com FTFs de eventos... Ouviu Sr SERGIO CRUZ?
  5. The funny thing is that, while at home, I saw chinese characters on that page and while pasting the results from babelfish to the cache description - the only problem was publishing the cache page itself... The problem with the image is that... well, no one here in Portugal would understand/translate it.
  6. I'd like to create a cache where the text is in chinese; however once I copy/paste it to the cache name and description the only thing I get is several "?????" I've seen chinese characters in other cache pages (such as this one), so I know it's not a matter of missing any browser language packages or something similar. Any help?
  7. During a visit to Rome about 1,5 months ago I placed a nano cache near Castel Sant'Angelo (aptly named "Il nano e la segreta del Castel Sant'Angelo"). Because of my work I now have to travel frequently to Italy but because the cache has such a small logbook it got completely full in just 1 month... To make things worse some water has gotten inside the container, turning the logbook to a pulp. What I'd like to know is if some geocacher from that area (or that visits it frquently) would be willing to perform regular maintenance on it. I'd send him/her 2 or 3 of the appropriate speacial containers (it's a nano cache) so it could be done inbetween my visits. Thanks in advance for your interest.
  8. Thanks everyone, I've investigated a bit more and I'm thinking the 300 is the wisest investment.
  9. After over 1 year I've decided to upgrade my GPS and buy a new unit. I'm really interested in a garmin Colorado, however I can't really tell the difference between the 300 and the 400. From what I read the various 400 come with pre-loaded maps, but these wouldn't help me much as I'm based in europe. That being the case, do you reckon the 300 would suffice if I bought it with a pre-loaded european map (available in the european version)? Apart from this, what other differences can I expect when comparing the 300 and 400?
  10. Many thanks for the info! After reading it I decided against taking my GPS unit; instead I'll go for the virtual caches and try to do the other 2 I wanted using googlemaps - not the best solution, but at least I know I won't be arrested...
  11. Já entrei em contacto com a embaixada, que por sua vez me redireccionou para um site... de venda de bilhetes online? (estranho mas verdade) Em todo o caso a resposta no forum all nations foi elucidativa q.b.: a consulta a este link tirou-me todas as dúvidas... Resta-me tentar as 2 virtuais e, quem sabe, os googlemaps das caches sejam elucidativos o suficiente. Obrigado pela ajuda.
  12. I'm off to Russia on Sunday and, being the curious geocacher , already decided which caches I wanted to do during my stay. But I have one question... Is it legal to take a GPS unit into russian territory? If it is, do I need to declare it when going through customs? I'd really hate to have my eXplorist 210 end up in the pocket of some over-zelous customs employee...
  13. Vou para a Rússia no domingo e, geocacher curioso que sou , já vi quais as caches que tenho possibilidade de fazer no tempo em que lá vou estar. Mas tenho uma questão... Alguém sabe se é legal levar um GPS para dentro do território russo? E se sim, é necessário declará-lo à entrada no país? Pergunto isto porque sei que em alguns países (Cuba, por exemplo) é ilegal entrar lá com aparelhos destes, por isso não gostaria nada de ver o meu eXplorist 210 a ficar no bolso de um qualquer funcionário da alfândega russa...
  14. nollscoffen

    GPS perdido!

    Uma atitude verdadeiramente louvável. Parabéns!
  15. It sure looks like you wrote something really helpful there, but without punctuation... dunno.
  16. So I'm about to receive my eXplorist and still haven't understood the whole process of downloading (for instance) a bookmark list I've created. I have about 30 caches in my area and I'd like to load them all into the Magellan but I'm clueless on how to do it. Can someone give me a help on this?
  17. Thanks for your (very useful) insight and happy geocaching to you too.
  18. I've decided to go for the Magellan, already ordered it from a website. Because tomorrow is a holiday I'll only get it on thursday...
  19. There's no rebate option here so that's my final price. The thing is, I've been reading about the extra functionalities in Venture Cx and they look great but having to pay for a mem card on top of the 74 euros difference really hurts my budget... That is why I'm aiming for the Magellan but still thinking if it's a good option for 180 euros...
  20. I've been reading what people have answered me in a previous post and been also listening to suggestions from other people. Since price is a factor I put the question: Magellan eXplorist 210 (180 euros) or Garmin eTrex Venture Cx(254 euros, I have the cable but no card)?
  21. I've been reading what people have answered me in a previous post and been also listening to suggestions from other people. Since price is a factor (and I live in Portugal, so no rebates available here) I put the question: Magellan eXplorist 210 (180euros) or Garmin eTrex Venture Cx(254 euros, I have the cable but no card)?
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