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Where Would You Go To Cache

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i would go to the Dakotas. its beautiful up there.


Your joking, right?


They have tickets to "anywhere Southwest Airlines flys" and you tell them you would go to the Dakota's.




The Black Hills are great, but there must be someplace better.

Other then the Black Hills area what's there to see in the Dakota's?


Maybe I just find it funny because I'm from South Dakota.



How often do you get these free tickets?


Is this a once in a life time trip or something you do every year?


My wife would go nuts if I told here we had two free anywhere tickets. :)

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Southwest flies to Honolulu...


Yeah, but it's not really Southwest, its ATA!! :):P Not Southwest's planes, or high-maintenance standards or timeliness...


New Orleans and Nashville are cache-rich, but not all that far (less than a day) from where you are. How about flying to New York or Chicago? Do some big-city stuff AND log lots of caches! (We spent a day caching in Chicago last fall; there are some great ones all around the Navy Pier and surrounds.)


In both cases, (NY or CHI), wait a few weeks until its WARMER! :) Have fun!

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I would recommend Phoenix. There are a lot of really good caches there in a fairly cache dense environment. Some of my best times 'caching and some of my favorite 'caches are in Phoenix and the surrounding area....the folks there really know how to place some good ones. (I am not from Phoenix, btw, nor have I ever lived there...I am just fortunate to be able to get out there a time or two each year...so it is as unbiased an opinion as I can provide.)

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If you're looking for cache density .


If its a lot of caches you want and variety, consider the NYC southeast NY and northern NJ area. You'll find numerous caches at historic sites, pleasant walks in urban and suburban parks, rugged hikes in the hills (in areas that you would be quite suprised to know you're in NJ) and there may even be a Walmart lampost micro around here that I don't know about, but generally speaking we don't do a lot of micros around here.


This should keep you busy for a while:






You might want to wait until its a bit warmer though.

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Brian's pointing you towards NJ which is definitely cache dense. Have you thought about nearby DC/VA/MD? You can make some side trips to the monuments in DC (if you haven't seen them already) and there are a ton of nice virts down there (which I've yet to do but they're "on my list" <_< )


We've got a lot of nice caches here in MD :ph34r:

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There are two places I can think of, Oakland accross the bay from San Francisco, there are lots of caches on the Bay area that are easy to get to, from my zip code which is around 20 miles from Oakland there are over 5000 caches and from were I am half of my radius is the Pacific Ocean. Closer to were you are, maybe Las Vegas, I have been told there lots of caches there, I have some free tickets with hotel include to Las vegas, There lots to do in Vegas at night.


Edit to add: While in Proper there is not a look of caches, Just a few minutes away in Wallnut Creek, Concord, Dublin and Alamo you can find plenty of caches. Or you fly into San Jose in the south bay. that area must get 10 new caches every week

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How often do you get these free tickets?


Is this a once in a life time trip or something you do every year?



We use a Southwest Airlines credit card and earned the tix. We purchase everything we can on the CC. I sometimes can even make purchases for work and then get reimbursed.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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We are not as interested in the long hike or terrain difficulty over 3.0 but other than that we are open. We just want to see more caches.

I suppose you could come to Seattle in the summer, but your requirements disqualify you from seeing a lot of the really good ones. However, the Port Townsend area is great and we have fun ferry rides to great cache locations.

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We are going to Hawaii in October. Have figured in plenty of time to cache. Quite a few there and they seems to have a lot of TB activity which we find to be a great bonus.

Yeah, try and rescue a few that don't want to be there, and don't take any and drop off there, unless that's their goal. I've heard Hawaii is a travel bug prison of sorts, as many people think it's cool to take one and drop it there, but many of the ones dropped didn't want to go there, and fewer people seem to bring bugs back from Hawaii....at least that's what I've heard....

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