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  1. I guess I am looking to see if this could be implemented, not wondering if it can be done now. Looking for feedback on this idea. Albiet positive or negative.
  2. Looks like that needs mainatainenece.. heheh
  3. In a recent discussion about logging caches that you were present in hiding ( with the cacher who hid it) do you log them as a find. Myself, I do log them as I was there and I am not going to go find something that I have allready located! Although I would agree in a way that it was not really a find, rather than "present when hidden". Anyways to maybe make this easier to log, could a cache be hidden by multiple names? Maybe be listed as a "shared hide by Patrick and Spongebob" and there would be stat's on your profile page that states "Shared caches hidden" Throw that around..... just a thought. If it was in place I would have about 5-8 shared hides.. Would be cool to be listed as such.
  4. Thank you Rothstafari for the response. I will look into it.
  5. ok, here's one for ya, How do I spend a Groundspeak web based gift certificate if I live in Canada and they dont ship to Canada? Will the canadain distributors accept it?
  6. I dont think one should log their own caches as finds, other than events. Your planning the event but you havent been to it before and you will go and attend. Thats different than hiding a cache. I agree with geognerd, I think it should be impossible to log your own cache. It's like signing your guestbook at your own wedding! Of course you were there!!!
  7. Oh yea.. that was in May and I am still sore..lol..
  8. I logged an "Attended" for an event I held because it was a 14 k hike through the mountains so I figured I worked for it. Alot of the hike was new to me so I sort of "found it" as well as the others. As for my traditional cache hides I do not log a find for them.
  9. You seem upset that you didnt get a chance to do so. Sorry, I will try not to hog all the chances to belittle someone else...
  10. If you did'nt hear anything about it, you should not have posted anything here. If you did, then you should have replied here. He did not ask what everyone's opinion is on this matter and whether or not he is some idiot. I never in my life seen such a bunch of ignorant people that just love to critisize others. It was a simple little posting about a possibility, and most of you blow it all out of proportion. This is the biggest reason why I rarely post in this forum. Go ahead and blow my posting out of proportion....
  11. It's a typical busy saturday... the poor old server just cant handle all the logging..... it happens alot on the weekends, it's really busy then and you cant really blame it.... everyone in the world is contacting that server... Could be a maintenance thing too...
  12. Sept1c, all those cachers around ya and ya couldn't pass one of em my travel bug!! ya old fart, get that little guy movin!!!!! He's gonna set a world's record for sittin in yer pocket!! LOL!!!! I just had ta say it.. Oakley1975
  13. I agree with most here.. bugs are meant to travel, and the risk of losing all those bugs at once if the cache gets muggled is even worse. I know if I owned a tb hotel and it got muggled I would feel like a real dipstick for everyone that owned those bugs...
  14. Turn it on... you never know .. the pilot may need you to come up and tell him where the airport is....LOL
  15. Sept1c_tank, I am hoping you will read this as you started this thread, I was wondering if you recieved any of my emails? It's about a travel bug of mine you have... please contact me.. Thanks!! Oakley1975
  16. I'm glad to see that owner maintenance visit type log will be added. I myself have visited all my caches that I placed a while ago and checked on them. I posted notes for them but I wished that it woud be better recognized as a maintenance visit. I want to own high quality caches for people to find. And I want people to know that I do try my best to take good care of them. I dont want to wait until someone tells me that one is bad...then that person has had a bad caching experince at my disposal. It may not have been my fault that the cache was damaged or what have you but if I can prevent that from happening I would feel alot better about it.
  17. Cool! End of disscussion before someone blows it out of proportion.
  18. I was just putting myself in a landowner's shoes and thought that if I found a cache on my property, that was not supposed to be there, and I came to GC.com to look into it, there is not an easy way for these people to report the cache problem. I know that there is an area in the "contact us" link for people to do that but not everyone is going to find it. I was just thinking that maybe a little blurb could be right under the gc.com logo stating someting like.. "IF YOU HAVE FOUND A CACHE BY ACCIDENT, AND IT IS PLACED THERE WITHOUT PERMISSION,.. CLICK HERE.... " or something like that.. Then it would take them to a page or email link that they could easily report the problem. Some people may find a cache and go to the site to only be confused on what to do and just bash the idea of the game.. I was just thinking that maybe it should be made easy for this type of person in case it does happen. Just was thinking of this for the better of the sport, that's all... what you do with it is up to you!
  19. I dont know what the cure would be but if we were all playing basketball and I got the ball and went to the locker room with it and took it home.... you get the idea. I can see where you and many others are coming from... play the game right or dont play at all sort of thing. I have one out there too. I dunno what else one could do.. I sent him an email as well, the guy might be dead for all I know.
  20. Hey Fireman78, Insp Gadget does have a real permanent tatoo. So go see the wife...
  21. I dont quite understand what a friend's list would do for you... I understand that you want to keep track of your friends but the only way to communicate is through the message mailing feature in the profile....... or you want to watch their activity I suppose. I guess my point is that why not use other software such as msn messenger or Yahoo messenger or any of those to keep friends on and you can chit chat and exchange files and pics through them. They work really well for instant messaging and such. I could only imagine that this would be difficult for gc.com to implement something that would do this for you. I guess that a question comes out of this, what do you want to be able to do with a friends list? I'm not bashing the idea, I guess I just want to know what it will do for you.
  22. I dont get anything but errors from the search function...... I must be numb or something.... So I presume they are not going to do anything about it?
  23. When I use gc.com's maps for locating caches, here in New Brunswick, Canada, they dont show anything but the grey background. Can this be switched like on the travel bug map page to use "old map"?
  24. Well there ya go.. duh, I new I spent that $30 for some reason! (Actually it was 37 with the excange)
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