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Anyone Want To Go Above The Clouds With Me?

Bull Moose

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After going up and finding Bandera Mountain yesterday through the rain, wind and hail with Runhills I think I am ready for this one. Who is in and who is out? I am going down early on Friday to find a couple then head to Jack's to get in the lottery to help others out. The web site states the lottery drawing is for a permit for four people. If somebody wants to carpool that would be cool, but I will be sleeping solo in the back at the hikers bivouac. Peace, Nolenator

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I'm late checking in, but I'd certainly be interested. However, don't give me any kind of preferential treatment.

Who are you? :lol:


Anyone else suspicious? Criminal bows out and all of a sudden Jeremy is interested. (Where is Clark? He just missed Superman!)


Anyway, I will draw straws as soon as I can get motivated to find some straws. Probably Sunday night.

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I am 100%. Got Friday and Saturday off work. Unsure about wife and friend, but I am at least one that will walk up that hill. If we don't need to be there Friday, it'll improve the chances of me not coming alone, but I can go either way.

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So my plan for Friday is:

Get to Jack's at around 5 to pick up our reserved permits. From there go down to Climber's Bivouac to set up camp.

Anyone getting a permit from me can meet me at the camp and secure it . (Red Xterra, look at the pic in my profile.)

If anyone is meeting down there in the morning, we'll have to make another arrangement for permits (shouldn't be tough, we are geocachers.)

Permits are $15, which I'll take cash or check since I have to buy them all at once.


Cell phones DO NOT work at the camp. I'll be on FRS 2.

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Howdy folks, I had to go out to Long Beach for the long weekend to fulfill the whole sea level to summit experience. Again, I am leaving early on Friday morning (0900). Lot's of cool caches down in that area. I drive a Subaru Outback, so four with gear would fit easily. I might stay until Sunday morning if I feel too tired to drive. Of course do some more caching on the way back home.


Peace, Nolenator

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