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  1. Hi there, I am a long time geocacher, and still active. You might call me old school. I started caching on a whim in 2002, because I had a gps and like navigational stuff. 18 years later, and I still love to find a cache. I use the geocaching website to help me discover interesting things in new areas at a home and when I travel. Back in the old days, geocaching was free. Now you need to be a member to access the members only caches and many other features. Can you imagine losing your job? If you had a dramatically reduced income, would you chose to renew your premium membership? Probably not. Geocaching is a great low budget activity for those of us who have lots of free time, including the unemployed! But for many these days, purchasing the annual membership is particularly hard. Yes there is a free membership level. Non premium members can peruse a shorter list of caches, and those arbitrarily designated members only caches are unavailable. Consider this example of a cache I was looking at for my outing tomorrow: The owner in 2017 had "premium membership"and hid a cache and made it members only. Sometime later that year, they lost interest and never logged in again. Now in 2020 , they no longer are "Members Only" , but the cache still is! THAT DOESNT SEEM RIGHT. What do you think?
  2. If you want to do a spring climb, the permits are free and unlimited until Mother's Day. You just need to register at the Fir Resort in Cougar. The climb might be a little longer because Climber's Bivouc may not be accessible, but you can start at the Marble Mountain Snowpark. The trip down is a hoot. Last year, I glissaded. This year I'm skiing down!
  3. Well I don't have a smart phone, but I will bring my FRS radio. My ETA is late Tues afternoon-probably around 4 pm. I can't carpool because I'll be coming in from the east side, and then meeting my family in Seattle on Friday for the baseball game, they are taking the train up. I look forward to meeting you all and enjoying some goats and granite!
  4. I'm getting so excited for this trip! Reduced my tent and sleeping bag weight to 5 pounds. Dehydrated a meal and tested it (edible). I had a failure on my steripen, but I hope to have that resolved, or will bring along a filtering device. Here's a video from someone's trip last year. Warning, the footage is good, but the music is extremely cheesy, I recommend muting it.
  5. TL, I still cant confirm 100%, but I will be happy to send you 20$ to hold the spot. Please send me your address by PM. I have crampons helmet and ice axe and will bring them if reports indicate they are needed.
  6. OK I am going to start working on this. Can you pencil me in as a hopeful while I start planning how to weasle out of my work, wifely duties and mombligations? I am fit with some recent mountaineering experience, but have done very little backpacking in the past decade. I do have all the (musty) gear though.
  7. I would love to join you if you still have a spot. Is the first night Tues Aug 9th? Are you planning to summit Dragontail or Little Annapurna?
  8. Thanks for your suggestions. I ended up going to Echo Mountain and Muir Peak. What a wonderful area, I was surprised there were so few visitors to the caches near Muir Peak. I really loved visiting the ghost town remnants of White City that remain on Echo Mountain.
  9. I'll be visiting in two weeks, and will have a day and the car to go on a geoadventure while my family goes to Universal Studios. I like long hikes,and lots of elevation gain on lesser used trails. I'm comfortable with off-trail scrambling. Can you make a recommendation for me? I would be perfectly happy with just one smiley if it's a good hike. thanks, the cfm of OR
  10. Yes There are two cache locations within view of the posted photo. One at the summit of Vulcan Peak, and another at the lake. There is also a cache halfway along the short, family-friendly hike to the lake and a micro to ignore at the TH. There is a wonderful campsite next to the lake and a network of trails nearby. Stay safe, sane and healthy Travis!!!
  11. Why not include Oregon! - your southern neighbor who hikes frequently in both states
  12. Hey Soup, go down to the Southern Oregon Coast and enjoy the cool arches, beaches, rivers and mountains. Be sure to take the family to Vulcan Lake, the best swimming hole ever!
  13. I hate going back the way I came and sometimes my insistence at turning a trip into a loop has gotten me into some trouble. But usually I plan ahead for this and I have good topo maps on my gps. Going off trail can be a very difficult way to travel, but it can also be the most rewarding.
  14. Now this is the exact reason why I don't hunt for drive-up caches. They meet the same requirements as roadside potty stops: - a good pull out for your car nearby, but hidden from view of passing traffic I also think it was in poor taste to post the picture on your blog. It's one thing to chuckle about inadvertently finding her, but taking the picture was a conscious decision of voyeurism. Posting the picture online is the act of an immature prankster.
  15. Don't let the rain stop you! Just make sure you have good gear and enjoy the solitude on the trails that comes with the less than optimal weather. I hike, run and cache year round regardless of the forecast. Sometimes I have had problems finding a cache in the snow at higher elevations. I may post a DNF, but always have a good time anyhow.
  16. I am doing a few challenge caches, but the whole challenge craze is starting to get a bit silly. I have only finished one of these out of pure luck, the others entail my interests, but I just can't get that obsessed. I understand the challenge caches that have a starting date, and you try to find certain types from that point on for interesting merits like hiking, lookouts, history, earthcaches seem a good motivation. But those retroactive caches with random sorting seem a bit ridiculous, alphabet, critter caches, difficulty/terrain rating combos....I just don't get it, or maybe it's the wine speaking...... Then what about people placing caches in order to qualify for a challenge, oh yeah, I did that too, twice, and it was good. Still, let's stop the competition and just enjoy each cache for it's own contribution, and get around to that challenge thingy whenever! dischallengedly yours, the cfm http://fototime.com/A1C7C701DB3F7C3/standard.jpg[/img]]My Webpage
  17. Here's my list of favorites, most are in Oregon. Some of the archived caches have new ones in the same spot.
  18. Marmot sightings are rare on Mt Hood, but one had been spotted recently near McNeil Point, so I headed up there yesterday to see if I could find any. I roamed all around in the scree fields below the Glisan Glacier and had given up hopes for finding one, when I stopped to dump the rocks out of my boot and have a snack. After a few minutes of sitting still, this guy started whistling at me:
  19. Bummer about the timing Travis, but glad you are getting it fixed! best wishes for a fast recovery, the cfm
  20. There is actually a cache called EPIC on the Metolius that I have always wanted to do. Nearby is the Princess Bride series of caches, which will give you a real fun day of adventure orienteering and scrambling up on Green Ridge. Anything by Logscaler, PMOguy and Chief Paulina are sure to provide you with the challenge you desire.
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