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Who Sees The Ghost?????

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Check the link above, half way down you will see a link to a stream of an apprent ghost at one of Pharisee's cache sites video taken by some cachers....


Not sure whether this has been talked about on the forum b4 - sorry if it has....but I just wanted to know if anyone can see the ghost? because Im either really blind or it just aint there....Who sees it?


Pid :unsure:

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Just to add to how creepy the area is.....


1) Just a mile to the NE and in view of the church is Deadman's Hill!! :o


2) Just across the A6 from Deadman's Hill is the layby where in 1961 James Hanratty committed the notorious "A6 murder"!! :unsure:


Hmmmm.... maybe it's not a trick of the light! :)





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Thats a really odd video. Infact It's very convincing in my eyes. I have become a total sceptic over the last 2 years with reguards to ghosts! I've been to a lot of 'creepy' places and given the spirits ample opportunities to jump out at me and none ever did! but when looked at closely the still of the woman is very life like, the way the collar bone is visible especially, she also appear to move slightly. However, I thought it was strange how the right breast seems to pick up torch light, although the rest of her was supposedly transparent and that the hole in the wall seemed to make up part of her 'head'. Stuff like this can be faked, that we all know. This is a good one if it is a fake, interesting stuff and a great vid :bad:

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It's taken me two runs to see 'her', but it looks pretty convincing.

I can make out two arms, as if suspended, and can clearly see her breasts (no giggling down the back there) and hair.


Can't wait to show this to the girlfriend when she comes home later heehehe :bad:

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I'm of the opinion it is a trick of the light, the pattern of the stones and the position of the window.


Its a bit like star patterns. If you look closely enough, you can find all sorts of "patterns" and images in the night sky, because there is so much material (ie stars) to pick from. In this video, with all the graininess of the video, the shadows cast by the torch and the detail of the stonework, there is plenty of material to help form images. I bet if I looked hard enough I could find a few other "images" in amongst that lot.


I would be quite happy to go there at night and take a look myself. If any ghost wants to pop out and chat to me they are welcome to do so. Remember this is consecrated ground we are dealing with, (a church, albeit a ruined one) so it is the last place I would be expecting spirits and spectres to be hob-nobbing about in.


Now if you told me they were *outside* in the fields...that might be a different matter.

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I could definately see something in the video, What it is however is open to the imagination. i am not a disbeliever of ghosts but I think I would have to be there and see it for myself, for me to be convinced. However it is on a site that claims that a lot of happenings have occurred here so there may be some truth to the video.

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Yeahhhhh.......... naked lady ghosts!!!!! Now that's more like it. Beats the hell out of headless horsemen and the odd monk drifting about rattling chains  :rolleyes:  :)  :P  :D

I was going to say that DomHeKnows did draw a nice set of breasts :D



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The church at Clophill has always had a bad reputation, even the old gravestones were moved after a body was dug up and laid out on an altar! Maybe this was the lady who is hanging around the belfry? Also the church has a reputation for Devil worshipping, the police even used to go there on Halloween to calm things down, I don't know if they still do? Andybug is pretty sceptical about this apparition, but I like to think that when we are off this mortal coil, you can still have some fun scaring geocachers <_< !

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Humm. I can see what the fuss is about Pid. The human brain is designed to try to see patterns in random things. Take looking at clouds and seeing rabbits or the face of Jesus found on a dirty dishcloth in Mexico just last year. To me, the figure of a woman looks to be nothing more than the reflection of light from the edge of a torch lens, especially as 'she' seems to move with the bright spot of torch light to her lower left. Why would a ghost 'wobble' in mid-air? Call me sceptical, but I find this rather laughable as 'evidence' of a) life after death? :) the existence of a soul? c) the ability for half a ghost to fly?


SP <_<


P.S. Omally's image is even funnier! People see a ghost, I see a vague meaningless blur at best. Could be a fast moving binbag blowing past...

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Cool, Well I finally found the ghost! and well its all pretty shocking. I am inclined to agree with Simply Paul, but really and truly I have to confess at it being the most convincing thing Ive seen.....all the other "UFO's" "Paranormal Poltergiest's" etc etc Ive caught on TV havent been like this.....so I think its real and not tampered with but.....is it just light or a ghost? Who knows.....but I know its a dadgum shame theres a cache there already...lol.

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This footage is more convincing... :back:

Thanks Omally.


I'm on the forums at 2300hrs about to goto bed when I checked out this site.

I watched closely, I waited, looked again as I couldn't see the apperition clearly.....


You nearly gave me a heart attack old boy.


One for the mother in law I think!

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On Saturday I was on my way to drop of a TB at Cave Pass which is behind the lump of rock (Lovers Leap), can be a bit spooky in the Pass with its caves, and was taking some photos it wasn't till Sunday night that i noticed the white figure on the Lovers Leap!!




Musst remeber spelchek

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