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  1. Hello Joan - don't know if you'll remember us, it was a very long time ago - good to see you back again though happy caching, Kerrie&Andyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Sorry Mandy, only just got round to posting After the excellent job you did on this years, we would definately be up for another of your fine calendars Happy caching, AB&LBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Well done, SP!!! Here's to more caching adventures in 2007!!!!
  4. Well done you guys, we'll have to get together to celebrate soon !!!!!!
  5. Ours plopped through the letterbox this morning don't know where it wants to go as we can't get on to activate it yet
  6. Yaay, our fab calendar has just this second plopped through the letterbox, thanks for all your efforts Mandy, it's going to take pride of place in our kitchen!!!!
  7. Sorry about the late entry, but I think Andy would be up for this one.................I'll have to ask him when he gets home from work
  8. I think the Luton posties may be a bit slow too-ours hasn't arrived yet either
  9. Ours didn't come on Saturday either, we were sort of hoping it would be here today but it wasn't . It's a really busy time of year for the postal service so we won't worry too much We are really looking forward to seeing it though.
  10. Way to go Kiwi's!!!! Glad to see you did it this side of the equator !!!
  11. Massive joint congrats to you all, looks like you all had a really good time!!!!!!
  12. Thats great news Nick, have you got your Gps out of the loft yet?...................
  13. Huge congrats from us two too!!! (btw Bob, we got ftf on Interception )
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