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  1. Blimey, you can tell I don't look in here much these days! Cheers y'all, twas fun indeed
  2. Mmmmm Red Fox! Needless to say, I'll be there too
  3. In one cache somewhere up Luton way (yes, found in the company of the other Grockles) we found a little plastic zip-loc bag containing a cigarette, a slightly over-sized rolling paper, a tiny rolled-up bit of cardboard and something that looked like a rather small oxo cube. Oh, and a note in the bag saying something along the lines of "here's a little present for whoever finds this box". I'm sure it must have been left by a non-cacher. Anyway, no idea what that's all about... *ahem*
  4. Fantastic! That's some serious Grockling, fella!
  5. Nice work Keith! Now that's proper Grockling!
  6. Nice one John! It was an ace caching weekend, wasn't it?!
  7. Normally us 'limeys' (or more correctly, lemoneys, as limes were rightly discounted as not providing as much vitamin C as lemons, apparantly [although I could well be wrong]) discusss more insular topics. Besides, staying home is rather appealing: we have warm, flat beer; tea with milk; pyjamas and horlicks. Who could possibly ask for more?
  8. C'mon guys, enough prodding and poking already. Wouldn't it be a better idea for all concerned to learn from our collective mistakes and try to come to a solution together? Surely we can all see that some sort of plan needs to be worked on to help the continued enjoyment of this hobby/sport/past-time that we all enjoy? Team-effort needn't be restricted to just a small part of the team, y'know. We're all in this together. As many people say: it's just a hunt for a lunch-box, why get angry with each other? Save it for your boss!
  9. My 'handle' is simply the name of one of my favourite Robert Rankin characters: a drunken Irish ne'er-do-well who happens to save the world (with his bestest friend Pooley) on numerous occasions. I'm not in the least bit Irish (although I wish I was) and I've never, ever, saved anything more significant than a few rashers of bacon from the grill, but I do like the odd pint of Large now and then.
  10. Just a suggestion, nothing more: How about if moderators *did* take a regular sabbatical? Herding cats is no easy task; many previous mods/reviewers have done a sterling job but I can easily see that it must get too much (especially as services are volunteered most generously and without call for thanks). Perhaps a 6-month rota of pairs of mods might work? Or maybe just a 1 month break for regular mods over winter, with a couple of well-trained stand-ins? Whaddy'll reckon? It's gotta be better than losing mods!
  11. I remember having mittens on elastic as a kid: maybe you could invest in some sort of utility-belt along the same lines?
  12. Such a pity. Coupla great mods/reviewers. Still, chins up, lads: more boozing time, eh?
  13. Fantastic news! Well done all concerned! It was a pleasure to revisit the New Forest today to find the new cache! []
  14. Cheers y'all! The weekends mega-caching spree was a tad knackering, but there was BEER so that's OK then!
  15. What a guy. He'll be sadly missed by many, many cachers and indeed by family and friends, myself included. Bye Mark, 'twas good knowing you.
  16. Apparently it's to allow for the cable that goes from the LCD to the gubbins underneath. My Vista is the same.
  17. Grock n Roll! Well done mate! I was there at the momentous occasion and we celebtrated later by playing on a rope-swing in the woods! Grow up? Whaddya mean, grow up? Come on Chris, surely 200 inside the next coupla years?
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