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I Stopped Being A Newbie When...

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When I first realized that I wasn’t having any fun looking for a cache and so I left.

When I first logged a DNF and never went back to restore my honor.

When I first did a post that answered a question.

When I first got a warning along with a note that said “You should know better”

When I looked back at my first hide and realized my instincts for a good spot were right.

When I first realized I actually had cache instincts.

When I first learned where muggles look and quit hiding caches there.

When I first introduced someone new to the RASH.


Here's not never having to post the next topic. "I started being a caching old timer when..."

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When I got drunk at my first geocaching event

When I co-hosted an event just for the sole reason to get drunk with other cachers.


When I called in sick to work to go caching.


When I called in sick to work because I was hung over from an Event.


When I broke out the flask at a night caching trip.

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When I realized the moment when I *first* thought I wasn't a newbie changed. When we had done 10, I thought "wow, we're getting the hang of this." When we had done 50, we thought "ok NOW we're getting the hang of this". When we had done 100....well, maybe we really were getting it now. At around six hundred we realized there are still a lot of hiding places we don't know. So I guess its back to newbie again! :huh:



BTW apologies if the mention of the number of our own finds offends anyone.

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With only 23 finds, I'll admit I'm still a newbie. But the amount of time I spent camo painting my slightly unusual cache container for my first hide has got to count for something... I'd tell you more. But I don't want to give PandyBat any hints.

Oh man! Did it get approved?? I knew you were going to hide one but didn't know it was out there yet! Gotta go do some searching now.......

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