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  1. Too bad my sig isn't working.
  2. I think that it would be a good idea if one of the local geocachers were to contact the columnist and the others mentioned and do some PR The article mentioned can now be found here. Local geocachers sent several letters to the reporter. This lead to another reporter getting interested in the story. She contacted one of our local cachers who will now be taking her out caching. Hopefully it will lead to some postive PR. Oh and for the record: The caches weren't buried. I believe they were in trees etc.
  3. havent you ever frozen tupperware in the freezer?!? I froze gladware in the freezer... then dropped it when getting it out... it shattered like glass. Of course this is entirely off topic... sorry bout that.
  4. Noticed the TB state on my notification e-mail and really appreicate it.
  5. Besides illegal caches... I avoid caches near busy roads. I ususally cache with my small children... I have a thing against getting them run over while we look for rubbermaid containers... on the other hand they're great for taking along on all those caches near playgrounds that make so many of you uncomfortable. I also avoid micros in bad parts of town unless I can take my L.E.O. husband with me and leave the kids with a babysitter.... Oh I guess that hasn't happened yet.
  6. In early July my husband told me he wouldn't go caching with me until the first hard freeze. It's hot. The undergrowth is higher than my head. There are ticks. [one of which gave my daughter a suspicious bulls-eye rash]... Bring on the Fall! I'm too excited about the upcoming caching season.
  7. I almost think a lock would make a cache more likely to get stolen. If they open it and see a bunch of stuff and read the cache info they might hide it back. But if there's a lock...well that makes it look valuable... worth taking and breaking into later.
  8. Jeremy, I'm all in favor of the new log suggestion. Good Work.
  9. We have one near here. Coords lead to a small hint outside which provides Dewey Decimal Number. The cache is a hollowed out book in the reference section. Big enough to hold some nice size trade items. The librarians know it is there and seem to enjoy seeing the cachers come in.
  10. The Magellan eXplorist 200: Unit Size (H x W x D) 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.3 Unit Weight 4 oz. The Garmin 60cs Unit Size (H x W x D) 6.1 x 2.4 x 1.3 Unit Weight 5.4 oz. w/o batteries
  11. On Topic: cool idea for a bug. Go for it. Slightly Off Topic: Nevermind... I googled and searched ESPN...
  12. In April, I was trying to explain geocaching to a friend... she acted like she thought I was crazy... and then just a few minutes later during a totally different conversation, she talked about how her family just LOVED Easter egg hunting. She went on about how great it is and how they've got to do it more next Easter.... um ok.... looking for plastic eggs in the yard is great fun for adults and their teenager offspring... but geocaching... that's just odd?
  13. For the record: Sonic usually has great toys.... and I recently got a nice biner in a Subway kids meal... I have my kids convinced that McDonalds is gross... so we don't have a lot of McToys around the house.
  14. Hmm... I don't know exactly what you mean... but most women I know would be at least slightly concerned about being sexually assulted when going alone to a park late at night... but most guys I know would not have that same concern.
  15. I would appreciate someone posting a note to a cache page mentioning that there is often inappropriate behavior occurring near the cache location. [When i say inappropriate, I mean any one having sex with anyone out in a public place.] I cache with my 2 and 3 year old children. That's just not what I want to expose them to while we're on a fun trip to the park. We're not talking about a sticker with a bear drinking bear, or a Bud Light keychain... This is offensive and potentially dangerous, any warning would be appreciated.
  16. I'm sure there's occasionally a little 'not welcoming' on both sides. Seems silly to try to place all the blame on any specific group... what did this have to do with the original topic?
  17. Off topic: But now I'm wondering, "AuntieWeasel" are you male or female? For the record I'm female... which is good since my kids keep calling me mom. In other off topic news: I'm loving your Web site... is there anymore besides the coin pages?
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