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That bucket was huge! I guess I am used to the standard ammo containers and tupperware here in Va.


I am assuming the "real" cache the family went to find wasn't just sitting on the rocks like that. I hope it was hidden a little better. :D But those mountain views were very nice.


Not a bad show. They tried to cram a lot of info into 30 minutes, so it appears rushed.

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What was the comment about hiding a cache in a schoolyard?

It wasn't a big deal, but they said something like: "Caches don't have to be hidden way out in the woods; they could even be in a schoolyard."


I think they were just trying to make a point, but "neighborhood playground" would have been a better choice. They didn't talk about urban caches, virtual caches, or micro caches at all. I know gc.com discourages caches near schools (not sure if that's in the official guidelines or not though).

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Anyone notice that they made sure that they avoided saying geocaching.com?  The page that they showed on the computer was obviously based on gc.com.

Yes, and all the online website shots they showed were gc.com too. The TV show did not mention it, but they did provide a link at the DIY website, on this page, though it's not very prominent. They also linked to a few other geocaching sites I've never heard of.

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I thought it was pretty well done considering it was from a mainstream media source. They did make that unforuntate comment about schoolyards. They also left out a lot of details (CITO, types of caches, etc), but you can only fit so much into half-hour show.


I look at it this way ... at least they didn't make any serious mistakes in the show.



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Did anyone notice when the show was recorded? The copyright was something like 2001, which would explain why the website the family was pulling up had the old logo on the main page. The guy didn't specifically say the word 'micro', but he did make a comment about caches being very small.


The one statement I got the biggest kick out of was, 'the satellites fly at 2 miles/second, over 2 miles above the earth' (rough quote, but that's more or less it.)

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man i blew it!!!!! didnt read this thread til the show was over...anyone get it recorded or is there a playback somewhere on line i can see it?

Set the VCR's, DVDR's, and TIVO



February 27, 2004


10:30 PM Eastern

February 28, 2004


1:30 AM Eastern

April 02, 2004


10:30 PM Eastern

April 03, 2004


1:30 AM Eastern

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Saturday, Jan 15, 2005 at 2:30 am, on the DIY network (channel 230 if you have DirecTv)

...and don't forget that DIRECTV will air this show on DIY Ch #230 on Sat Jan 15, 2:30am EASTERN time. If you live on the West coast it will be TODAY, Fri Jan 14th at 11:30pm PACIFIC time. I already have my DIRECTivo set to record it.

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I went to add this to my TiVo an lo and behold, my wishlist already had it in que and ready to record! Is'nt TiVo great!


I have DirecTV and I am glad my TiVo is part of their service, come march all other TiVo owners are supposedly getting screwed and will no longer be able to skip past commercials without haveing to view popup ads :D



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