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...then changed...to my current one to represent what the forums have done to me!

Ask not what the forums have done to you, but what have you done to the forums! :):)

Oh.....what have I done to the forums? Probably caused a lot of nightmares! :)

My wife say your full size pic and screamed. I had to give her two of her vicadans and a glass of wine.


Hehe--- now i don't have to listen to her it is time for bed.


My first avatar was not too good... ok LAME... so I got another till I can find the Right one.

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When foreign people we talk in other languages the names or nicks of the members are difficult to remember, when i am noticed that someone changes his avatar i usually lose his references and automatically it seems a new person for me


For me is very important have the same avatar, because I associate people with their avatars.

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Personally, I think an avatar is akin to a corporate logo.  It's something to identify with.

That's how I feel too. At least after I've heard I've been referred as that horned guy from Finland. Guess I won't change it, unless I play with colors sometimes and change it red. Or have another Photoshop-doodling session, and come up with something totally different.


You mean they're not real?? :)

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Personally, I think an avatar is akin to a corporate logo. It's something to identify with. When I'm scanning through a topic, I sometimes overlook a particular comment because the writer has changed their avatar.


I'm not necessarily against change (and some avatar changes could be improvements; it has even been suggested that I change my own), but I'm more comfortable when I can easily recognize somebody by a familiar avatar.


I have changed mine only once. That was a minor change, just adding color.


(9Key is making me dizzy with his changes. I even emailed him ans asked him to stop!) :):)

I am the same way. The only time I changed mine was to make it more viewer friendly. If you look at my profile you will see the main Amish Hacker Logo I created....or I will just post it here...Ohh technology :)



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I suppose I could sue you for misappropriating my image and harming my right to publicity.

I'm sure that Jeremy has stated before, that anything on their servers is theirs. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure there is a Markwell out there.


Just to clarify. That means you(Carleen) are theirs. :)


:edit: spelling

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She has possessed all of us. She is taking over the forums! She is taking over the world! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


That is correct, you have all fallen prey to my evil plot to make you all look silly! :bad:


edited to add "to make you all look silly"

Edited by carleenp
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