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2004 NJ Statewide Cache Hunt


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I would just like to get a feel as to how many people may be participating in the 3rd annual 2004 NJ Statewide Cache Hunt. I have new plans this year for the hunt that need an estimate approximately how many people may be participating. I have not as of now made up a cache page on geocaching.com. Please feel free to post your reply to if you will or will not be participating in this year's hunt on the web page www.geocities.com/funksb2002 and scroll down to the page and click on the forums and post it there or you may post it under this thread. Also while at this page you may want to check out the the section that allows you to put a pushpin on a map of your location and check out pictures from last year's hunt by clicking on the link at the top of the page. Please note the information that is still on the page is from last year's hunt and doesn't in any way have to do with this year's hunt. I am currently thinking of starting on a weekend in July or August.

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Here are some of Team Ekitt10's thoughts that he was unable to post on the other website do to technical difficulties:


How about multiple start point?

North, Central and South Jersey?

From the start points you can give two sets of coordinates, one that

goes clockwise one that goes counter clockwise. In each cache could be

part of the coordinates for the final cache, this way it ensures that

you must visit each cache.

Longer hikes to the caches will also make folks test their navigation

skills in the woods.

Multiple start points and allowing people to go in either a clockwise

or counter-clockwise direction will 1. Get more people into the race.

2.keep people from piling up on one another (like what happened at

Hackle Barney this year. 3. People will more likely run into each other

going in opposite directions which is always fun, because it make the

race more ambiguous.

I think if you release the start point caches as 'real' caches, people

would feel better about all the work they put into seeking the caches.

I noticed that after the first finds, many people stopped ... although,

more finished this year then last year, but this might be a way to keep

the race active all year.


Thanks for your thoughts they are greatly appreciated. I have thought of some of these ideas as well like having multiple start points. ;)

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We're working on something similar here in Maryland that you're all welcome to attend if you wish. We're doing a Cache Across Maryland event cache that in order to "get in" (obtain the final coordinates) you'll need to log the necessary caches.


We're just getting started planning it, but the info is here. Not sure yet where or when it is but it will be this spring/summer for sure.


Again, when it gets set-up, you're all welcome to participate, I'll post more info when it becomes available. ;)

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Molly, Joe and I had a great time doing this last year. We'd like to do it again, if he can get a whole weekend off from work. If not, maybe I can go on my own or leave Molly home and partner up with someone else in the area...


I'll let him know of the date!

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