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  1. I would also suggest the Vedauwoo area along I80. If you go about 10 miles further towards Laramie, the Happy Jack area also has an abundance of caches. The Happy Jack area can be reached by taking Happy Jack road (WYO 210) out of the Summit rest area.
  2. Did anyone catch the article on geocaching in the sports section of today's (5/21) NJ Star Ledger?
  3. I have hosted for 3 years the NJ statewide hunt where 10 stages where hidden. The hunt took a cacher all over the state and I believe one cacher measured approx 2000 miles.
  4. Hi all, I will be travelling to colorado soon and plan on taking a drive around and possibly hitting a few caches while i'm at it. I would like to travel on some of the back roads, but since I'm not from the area, I do not know what to expect. I assume that the state routes will all be paved, but what about the county roads, especially in Larimer county? In particular, I would like to know about county routes 103, 74E, 80C, 162, 179(My map put letters at the end of some routes, is this correct?). Are these roads dirt or paved and are they passable by a two wheel drive car? Also, do these roads take one through scenic areas( also including state routes 14, 127, 125 and US34 on this question)? Thanks for all your input Geoman007
  5. Thanks for your suggestions! I went today to the forest to retrieve one of my caches from last year's Statewide hunt, and wanted to grab a few. I got one of the many tried. The bugs were terrible especially the flies. Where do they all come from. I will have to come back in the winter when there are no bushes or bugs. I did have a fun time driving around the many roads in my Jeep. I do not suggest anyone to take a car that does not have 4x4 or high clearance, even on Quakerbridge road. I did not need to use the 4wheel drive at all but there were points where traction was lost or the sand was very deep. None the less I had a great time.
  6. Geoman007

    Wharton Sf

    Does anyone have any suggestions about caches to do in Wharton SF near Atsion. Any suggestable routes to take? I know of Washington Road that goes through the forest but are there caches that are in a close proximity to the road. Also, are the caches close to the road and is a 4x4 vehicle suggested? Thanks for your help.
  7. I believe gas is about 2.10 in most places. However on Memorial day weekend and shortly after I got gas for 1.90 in SJ.
  8. Home of the "Devil" To go along with the jug handle phrase-"Land of right turns" Land of Diner's Home of Buzzard Boy
  9. There is hope! Today one of my very own TB's was ressurected from the dead after 2 years if MIA
  10. I have an idea for a location where you could hunt for I think seven caches in the same park. I think someone noted that all the caches in the park could be found in 3-4 hours of walking and searching. The name of the park is Baldpate Mountain Park in Mercer County near the border of Hunterdon County in Titusville, NJ. Here are the caches in the recommended order of finding: Abandoned Cache "J" Cache Yeaaa! I got Cache! Feature Cache Sphere's of the world My Brain Hurts is a multi that is challenging but is along your hike. If you would like to do this one also, find the first stage after abandoned then continue on to the J cache. My Brain Hurts The Big Egg is another cache in the same park but will give you quite a hike from the others. If you would like to do this one also, add an extra 3 miles on your total hike roundtrip. The Big Egg One more cache which is located across the street in another portion of the park is Cache by the lake which could be your last cache of the day and is found by a beautiful hidden lake. The total hike for this loop (without the Big Egg cache) should be about 3-4 miles total. The trails are nice and shady and dry up quickly even after the rain. To get to this park, take County Route 579 in Mercer County and turn on to Pleasant Valley Road, up the big hill. Go approx. 1 and 1/8 miles to the parking area. If the small lot is full, then you can park on the side of the road, which is not a busy street. The coords for parking are: 40 degrees 19.95N, 074 degrees 52.24W. The parking area is a small dirt lot near a metal gate. I have hidden all the caches mentioned except for the Bigg egg and Feature cache. This should make for a nice cache outing and is located in Central Jersey. Have fun if you wish to come here! Well, that actually makes 8 caches and there are many more near by in the close towns of Pennington and Titusville, use 08560 as zip(Titusville)
  11. I recall a Weird NJ article about the gates of hell being located in this park. Maybe you found it and disturbed the devil. When I searched for this same cache on mother's day I heard all sorts of weird noises from in the crevice and decided to call it quits.
  12. Is there any knew information on the contest or how to sign up to receive TB's?
  13. Would anyone happen to know any parks with a high density of caches within them in NJ? I know of a few such as the Sourland Mountain Reservations with about 9 cachecs in each. Also is there a recommended loop to follow to find the caches. Basically, I am wondering which places to go to find the most caches in an outing. I have been caching since 2001 and have not hit 100 yet and I would like to do that by the end of the summer. North and South Jersey locations are fine. Thanks for your input!
  14. That is one big snake! The biggest I have seen for NJ.
  15. That east/west border doesn't make much sense. North and South are two totally different types of terrain. North is somewhat mountainous with tons of different types of trees, whereas the south is made up of all pine trees and sandy areas. The central is basically the transition area, the best of two worlds .
  16. I am also confused as to what part of the state I belong to. Central Jersey seems kind of left out and fogotten about. Maybe the central cachers should make their own group. Mercer County cacher here! I agree with Nik's borderlines.
  17. Are there any rest area caches along I 76 or I 80 in Pa?
  18. WOW! I saw my house from the satelite view and it showed some of the little details. It even showed the trails in the park across the strret from my house!
  19. For those of you up for a challenge, try my new cache My Brain Hurts!!There are more directions there. Have fun. By the way, you can still be the FTF!!!
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    They have receded to below flood stage. The canal path at this point is not a path anymore in some places. It is just mud.
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    Around New Hope a new apartment complex is underwater. It can be seen from the NJ Side. There was a person in a boat on a Downtown Lambertville street. Rt 29 is closed going North after Stockton, NJ
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    I just drove down Rt 29 near Washington Crossing SP which runs along the river. There are some areas that are flooded. The whole Village of Titusville has been blocked of to vehicles with flooding. The good news is that the canal path is still above water and there are people there doing there everyday activities. If you woulds like to see the swollen river, the canal path would be a good place to see it from. I took a picture of the river going under the bridge to PA in Titusville, which I will try to upload. Titusville is just a few miles north of Trenton.
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