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How many caches in your 100 mi. radius.


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Now I understand why website is basically under siege. WoW! Seems way too many new caches introduced just in the last few months(many questionable caches IMO). Easy to see why the sytem administrators, approvers, and the website itself is overloaded.


Perhaps time to limit new caches in some way in certain areas?


I see users placing new caches and not maintaining ones placed previously.


Quality not quantity!!!! NO MORE DRIVE UP CACHES!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by maleki:

Quality not quantity!!!! NO MORE DRIVE UP CACHES!!!!!!!!

Quality, yes, but don't confuse difficulty with quality. Drive-up caches have their place.


As far as quantity goes in Central Oregon:


In Sept. 2001, 25 caches in 50-mi radius.


Today, 241 caches in 50-mi radius; 448 in 100-mi radius. That last number is explained by the fact that east of here the population density is less than a person per square mile in many places, and west of here is the Cascades.


If I lived in Winnemucca, Nevada there would be 27 caches in a 100-mi radius.

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I'm so fortunate to have 1902 within 100 miles of 94560. There would be more, but the San Francisco Bay and a big chunk of the Pacific Ocean are within 100 miles.

I remember it being 1109 on September 11th the last time that this question was asked. That means that the cache count nearly doubled in five months!



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Wow, I'm absolutely amazed at the figures represented here.


I see 168 within 100 miles of 50265 (West Des Moines, IA), but I see 25 caches within 10 miles. I could hit the road on my bike and visit 10 caches in an afternoon. icon_wink.gif


A search from a more "remote" part of Iowa (from a Geocaching point of view at least) - Cumberland, IA 50843 - produces 243 caches within 100 miles, but zero within 10 miles and only one within 25 miles.


(I'm assuming everyone is including the disabled caches that show up in the searches.)


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