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Glow in the dark Signature tokens

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Yeah I just looked at them myself...will probably order some. Gotta come up with some kind of art to put on the front opf it and hat I want it to say.


Anyone getting theirs numbered? If so, are you going to have a tracking system on them?




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As to what we put on the front and or back of them. We have art for the front or the back, our name, website for both us and geocaching, the numbers and the year. We really like tokenfactory and I have listed then in a couple of threads about the geocoins. There is a place my husband wants to use some time in the future that has holographics on it, that is really neat as well. I didn't mind where we got them from, as long as the Sig Item, portrayed who we are.

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Originally posted by -=(GEO)=-:

This is cool. I like the 'Glow In The Dark' kind to leave in caches done at night. But otherwise, I like creating my own signature tokens (wooden nickels stamped on both sides).


Hey Geo, do you stamp them yourself? If you do how do you register the stamp to the nickel? I'm having the darnedest time getting the stamp centered. Right now I just hold the stamp upside down and press the token into it. This mostly works but I average 1 out of 5 being too off center to use


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Team Kender...


Yup, I stamp them myself.


Centering is definitely an issue but nothing I get overly worried about. After all, each one is unique. I found out that drinking a couple beers before I start a series instead of coffee works well and makes things more 'centered' ;-)


More seriously though...I line up the upper left corner of the 'G' stamp (which looks like my forum sig.) with the edge of the token and press hard for a few seconds. The other side is easier because the stamp is smaller and round. After just a couple tokens, I get into a groove and they all look right.



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I'm giving away secrets here, but there is a glow in the dark acrylic craft paint you can buy that paints on clear, but glows oh so pretty. We are using it for some of our signature stamped wooden geotokens.


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hmmm..just went to order some of the tokens from Tokenfactory and it quoted me a much higher price! I originally had art on both sides with text and consecutive numbering in the 1 1/2 " size. Quoted me $73. Noticed they are charging added amounts. Changed it around and changed the size to 1 1/8", glow in the dark, art on one side, no numbering and text on both sides. $19 for the tokens, $6 for the "glow in the dark' and a $25 setup (under min. order of 500). Total $50 for 100 tokens? That is crazy. Are people sure they are getting them for a total of $25 for 100?




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The glow in the dark paint paints on clear? sounds like a cruel joke to play in a multi cache, stop 2, found the cache canister, paper inside blank, unless you look at it in the dark. hmmm. (and no clue that you have to do that.) icon_razz.gif


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Originally posted by The Gowen Family:

I had posted this, not realising that my husband had changed the art we were using. With the new art, it uped the price to $70.00 for 100 of them.


Well there's a $25 setup either wayif order less than 500 tokens. If you even went with just tax, you are looking at around $45 just for plain tokens (100). Then they add $6 for hte glow in the dark.


Man that is a lot. Granted it's only 70 cents a piece, but in one shot. It would be differnet if you could order a handful at a time, but then you still have to pay the $25.




As long as you're going to think anyway, think big. -Donald Trump

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I have looked at buying glow in the dark tokens before... but I think I am going to have wooden ones made instead... I haven't really decided but I need a signature item. Wood is cheaper and has more print area, but glowing tokens would be much cooler


For all that do have tokens made can I ask that you send me a pic of them? I am looking to start a catalog of known geocoins.



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They are 1 1/8" diameter.


They glow fairly well, but it's hard to tell when you cup your hands to your face with one. It isn't overly bright; more subtle than bright.


I think the total for 100 serialzed with an image was going to run about $70, but I had to call them to straighen out some issues and I think I dropped some features so it may have come out cheaper. I haven't seen a bill yet. My goal was a token that was less than $1 each and these have a lot of bang for the buck!

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Originally posted by CrimsonWrath:

Whoohoo! My glow in the dark tokens from Token Factory arrived today!




Now I have to part with 'em? Argh! What was I thinking!?


Very Cool.


Hey your not that far south of me... let us know when you hid the first one where it is ;o)


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If anybody orders from Token Factory and puts the Geocaching logo on the token, please let me know via email.


I have a number of signature items but am thinking about doing this as well.

If somebody else has the logo that they (Token Factory) has used already, it would make things easier (and undoubtably cheaper) for those of us who follow so we don't have to start from scratch with them.


Thank you.

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The glow in the dark paint paints on clear? sounds like a cruel joke to play in a multi cache, stop 2, found the cache canister, paper inside blank, unless you look at it in the dark. hmmm. (and no clue that you have to do that.) icon_razz.gif<!--graemlin::D--><BR><BR>I bought a GPS. Now I get lost with style.

That would be MonkeyBrad's favorite kind of cache hide.

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Instead of tokens I wouldn't mind having 1 ounce real silver custom geocache coins.


You can make them yorself using PMC. Its a clay that burns off to .999 silver. Not too expensive and using PMC3 doesn't require an expensive kiln. :unsure:

That's some pretty neat stuff - too bad I have the artisitic ability of a stump. Do they make other metals (ie cheaper metals)?



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No, but there are metal letter stamps that can be purchased, and rubber stamps can be used. There's some PMC that is more liquid and can be painted on stuff like leaves and fancy pasta, or a cork form you can buy from the distributor and form shapes yourself. I was thinking that you could stamp out a circle and stamp a design or words into it. On the cheaper side Sculpey clay can be used, but the original idea was for a silver "coin".

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