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  1. I believe I once was considered a Charter Member but let my paid membership lapse for a year or two. I renewed today and see I am considered a Premium Member - Did I lose my Charter Member status for good? Thanks-
  2. Looking to purchase any of the Boy Scout Pocket Knife coins - unactivated. Please PM me if you have any available. Thanks
  3. I have 50+ caches on my watchlist. I've really not been paying attention, but today I looked and discovered some I haven't been notified on in months. I did notice I had this message on my forum homepage; EMAIL WARNING Your email address has been changed because it was in use by another account. This means that all email will NOT go to your correct email address - this could include lost password notifications, etc. PLEASE change your email address immediately. I'm guessing that has something to do with my wife and I having two accounts but using the same email address. I do get some watchlist notices and some other email, but some items on my watchlist, I may have never received an email. What does it mean that my email address has been changed? Changed to what? And does this have anything to do with not getting some watchlist notices?
  4. Check your math. It's better than you thought. $65,000,000 / 31,676 is about $2000 each. Jamie Even better, the price listed in the Charlotte Observer was only $55 million - so now we are down to $1736 each. Maybe we could haggle it down to $49,999,999 and be at $1578.
  5. Not 100% sure the best way to explain this but: When looking at a TB listing (lots of TBs logged into an event for example), under LOCATION if the TB is logged in to the event, it will show a square- my question is why are some squares on a green background and some gray? TIA,
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head with what's quoted above. You enjoying reading the logs, and some people don't. You write interesting details of your visit and others don't. We had someone come through here last year and found many of the caches. They simply wrote "thanks" on every cache they logged. I'm like you, I enjoy reading the logs, but I've come to realize that not everybody is going to do them.
  7. Thanks for the quick response. I'll login before I get to the cache report. Eswau
  8. I keep getting this when I try to submit a cache - can anyone tell me why? It is a long description and contains some long sentances so I wonder if that is part of it. Are there limits on characters or sentance lenght when listing a cache? Thanks
  9. I'll be in that area this weekend and should be able to do it. However, I've alread done this for someone else, so if anyone else wants the oppurtunity to do it, feel free.
  10. I had a feeling Metroguide wasn't go to do the trick. Thanks for your help. E
  11. I've had my V for almost 3 years now. However due to several computer room moves I've lost my Cd and codes. Now the old PC that I've kept running just to update my GPS has died. So I need to get some software for the V so I can upload new areas when I travel. However, I'm a little confused as to which software package I need to get to handle my autorouting. My prefered vendor has US Metroguide v6.0 but when I look on the Garmin site, they have City Select North America v7. Are these basically the same thing except for the versions? I didn't see any refrence to autorouting when I looked at the US Metroguide. What do I need to get to get the updated version of the software that came with my GPS. Thanks- Eswau
  12. Technically, if it doesn't have a log sheet. I've found a regular cache that was a magnetic blank business card - being used as a log sheet.
  13. In nongeocaching terms, it means sticking to the set of rules that exsited at the time of issue, even if those rules change where newcomers must start with the newer rules. OK, I guess it's hard for me to define - here's an example: When I started college a certain set of required classes exsisted to earn my degree. After two years, those requirements changed (now required economics for a biology degree ) Since I started under the old requirements, I was "grandfathered in" and didn't have to take economics - I was allowed to stick to my original requirements, but everyone starting new had to meet the new requirements. There are probably alot better examples, but that one is the only one I can come up with now. E
  14. Some of my favorite OBX caches were: GCJ75C - Windy Sunsetspecial GCGTBF - Ocean Opposite GCGEQQ - State boardwalk Cache - OBX Lost but Found (forgot to write down waypoint) There is also a couple webcam caches there if you like those. Micro Beach - My favorite one was archived awhile back and I haven't done the state park caches yet, but if I was going to spend a day caching, I think that's where I would head.
  15. Maybe I just missed it, what's the star on the western border for? If you're taking a list - I'll take 4
  16. Similar to some "distributors" around here, who logged in everyone they took out of the box as a find, before distributing them to other cachers. So yes, they have lots of WJTB finds - but didn't have to leave the house for them. The cacher that gave me some to distribute was all class, and didn't log them in first. E
  17. Speaking of archived caches, is there a way to see caches that I've found that have become archived, without going through the all of the pages of all finds? E
  18. Sorry, that should say a mile ot two before you get to the event, not past it. E
  19. Hmmm, A meet and greet on the 30th - I'll have to check that out. Just a mile or two past the event location is I85 Travel Bug Rest Stop It's easy and in a different spot than most interstate travel bug hotels Sorry, not very familar with the Rock Hill/I77 caches though
  20. Hi Fenriswolf, I was in SC today and got your picture. I'll email you the details. Eswau
  21. This coupon was also listed on Slickdeals.net A good site to check for such things as % off coupons. A while back they listed a 2D cell maglight for $5. E
  22. Same here. But the real reason is that she's a school teacher and still has 3 days of employement before summer break (she has to work on Memorial day) E
  23. We'll be travelling on a Sunday. I don't mind tolls but do hate the thoughts of sitting still on the interstate. We do have some time to allow for not the most direct way. Thanks again to everyone for the help- Eswau
  24. Next month we will be driving from NC to Maine. We have a stop in Gaithersburg MD so I can do the Project APE cache. After (if) I find that cache my next stop for the night will be next to the Philly airport (business meetings). Should I just cross my fingers and take I95 or can somebody suggest a "better" way? We'll be driving this leg on a Sunday. Thanks again for the help, Eswau
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