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CTRL + mouse scroll to zoom map


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10 minutes ago, Gillala said:

I have only one hand, how can I scroll now using only my mouse ?

By not using Google maps. Or by using remanent keys. :ninja:

By the way, I saw the same behaviour on other websites which embed Google maps. Therefore, I'm pretty sure that geocaching.com is not responsible for this new "feature". 

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Sorry.  arisoft and I answered the question "how can I zoom now?" while you were asking how you could scroll

Good news : this new feature simplifies scrolling as the mouse wheel now always and only scrolls (since zooming is now activated by a simultaneous keypress). (I do believe this is the reason why Google changed it.)

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4 hours ago, Verderbär said:

How can this be a google maps problem?

Because only embedded Google maps are "protected". 

This seems to be the intended behaviour in the latest experimental version of the Google Maps API. The person embedding the map can override this behaviour by setting the gestureHandling property. Have a look at https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/interaction

If you don't believe me, maybe you'll trust Google? :bad:

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I switched maps to "Leaflet' and can scroll again.  Guess I'll have to get used to that map.  I prefer the google map but don't want to use it in full screen.

One handed mouse control on Google maps is to hold the left click down and use scroll wheel at the same time.  That is a pain so I'll be using the "Leaflet" map for convenience. 

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58 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

If this isn't a change Groundspeak made, and it is something Google implemented, then it's not GS's fault it happened.

But if they can disable it, hopefully they will do that ASAP.

But Google implemented this change in August so why is it happening here and now? 

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8 hours ago, Gillala said:

I have only one hand, how can I scroll now using only my mouse ?

A magic trackpad let's me simply use a two finger scroll up or down. I'm fairly certain that there will be an accessibility feature on your system which allows you to create a sticky key effect on your mouse as well.

I should imagine that any system that didn't have accessibility features to assist navigation, tying etc... shouldn't be one you should be using - for example, getting capitalisation and punctuation without it should be much harder than it need be.

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You can alternatively use the Geocaching Maps Enhancement web script on supported browsers. That provides a number of other map sources, including google maps.  Comparing the default GC map to the map with GME enabled, GME on google maps didn't have the ctrl+scroll flag, it just worked as normal. Again, likely it's a setting in the GC include code for google maps that doesn't turn off the ctrl+scroll option.

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This is indeed a change in the Google Maps API. It seemed to hit pretty much all of my web aps that use Google Maps last week. The default for gestureHandling is now "cooperative" which requires two fingers (on a touch screen) or ctrl-scroll with a mouse to zoom. Yes I agree that it is a pain in the tail - before you could scroll, pan, and zoom with one hand but now it takes two. If Groundspeak wishes to revert back to the old way all they need to do is add a little code - set gestureHandling to "greedy" rather than "cooperative."  There is also an "automatic" setting that goes both ways, depending on the screen (it's the "old" way if the map isn't scrollable, the "new" way otherwise, or something like that).  In the meantime I am praying for a browser plugin that will "fix" this for all sites.

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Thank you, everyone, for bringing this to our attention! And extra thanks to those of you helping to point us in the right direction!

We've updated our implementation to adhere to the changes to the Google Maps API. Please let us know if there are further issues!

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