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  1. It is a Virtual Cache. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=127&pgid=401
  2. I think that you have to guess the right value for the "x". It may be obvious when you have done the calculation part correctly.
  3. Some coordinate systems are too inaccurate. I have heard that using a such system is not allowed. W3W is good enough.
  4. One way to find the numeric id is to click or point the link in the user's profile and separate the numeric id from the resulting link.
  5. I have noticed once that a started ALC displayed as completed.
  6. If you calculate the rate of casual cachers in every category you must admit that most of them belongs to the Smartphone-only cachers and they are the majority of all geocachers.
  7. Lab caches have effect on total count and daily counts. These are possible and allowed statistics to use in a challenge even without mentioning them in the cache description. Finding a lab from Washington state is not possible, because Lab caches are locationless caches in the statistics. And there is a very good reason for this.
  8. There are some ways to make combination challenges that are very difficult for the checker but not for a human bookkeeper. Checker easily time-outs when it can not find a qualifying combination. Available resources are primarily used to find a combination that qualifies and there is no additional time to find the best possible non qualifying solution. Optimizing is more time consuming than checking only.
  9. Some challenges have almost unlimited ways to qualify. It has also been problematic when a checker suggests one way to qualify and a player have another idea. I have understood that checker is required only to eliminate disagreements between player and cache owner whether the player qualifies or not.
  10. There is no requirement that the checker should tell anything more than whether you are qualified or not. In many cases it is the challenge cache owner who requests more detailed output. Sometimes players are upset if the checker output gives nothing if they do not qualify.
  11. I was recently informed by a reviewer that QR-code in a multi-cache is ok, if the description says that the cache needs reading QR-codes. What the code contains is another story. I have not wery well informed how much, if any, use of internet is allowed with a multi-cache. For example, I have got mixed signals wether it is allowed to use geochecker as a required part of a multi-cache.
  12. I have no problems with the current "spam filter" solution. I have received practically no spam or, at least, I can not tell when I have seen spam in the Message Center. What kind of spam are you referring to?
  13. Friends were invented before the message center. They have nothing to do with communication features. You can send messages whether they are your friends or not. Friends are visible on the leaderboard and you can easily find out if any of the friends have loggend something on a cache you are interested in. I suggest you to use e-mail or social networks when posting something to multiple recipients.
  14. The territory idea I know didn't base on an arbitrary polygon, defined by the cache owner, but a polygon created by a player using found caches. The idea was to find caches to surround a large enough area. I think that the idea was denied because of polygon rules.
  15. Once I tried a bingo challenge with selected holidays like this one https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2TN86_oklahomas-holiday-bingo-challenge-cache. It was denied because "Restrictions on date of finds used for the challenge are not permitted." I didn't appeal, so I have no idea whether the decision was correct or not. In your case there are some restrictions on date of finds too.
  16. I have attented a such Mega event https://coord.info/GC30N2R
  17. I have seen mystery caches where the description has no information about the solution but the hint actually contains the mystery. I think that one reason for this kind of abuse is the fact that players tend to read the hint only, not the description.
  18. I have heard this kind of statements only from some enthusiastic climbing gear users, not from reviewers or employees (citation requested). Cheap or not but costs should not affect terrain classification
  19. I purchased my first telescopic fishing rod over 10-years ago to elevate my GPS receiver in the woods. It got a much better reception 10m above ground. Hooking a cache in a tree was the second function for the device. The first cache I made using this technique is still hanging there with the original bison capsule. https://coord.info/GC2JRXQ
  20. I know people setup an event so they can participate and log is as attented. It is funny to see how people think that finding a cache and logging it as found may require some additional steps like solving a puzzle or visiting other places.
  21. This site can show coordinates on a map: https://www.google.com/maps
  22. My experience is opposite. As there is no seal, water can escape the container and even a wet content may dry.
  23. This feature is still available. (get the WP of the labcaches into a GPX-file) The problem is about getting more detailed data of these adventures. You can still download, for example, a GPX file of all lab caches near your home and use this in your GPS device.
  24. I would log DNF if I want to see that status on my map. In your case, the DNF status may not be what you want. When browsing the map, it is easier to avoid a cache you have already tried to find when there is a sorrow blue face on it. You may not want to avoid this cache in the future.
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