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  1. I found a error in Finnish translation of geocaching web pages. Is it possible to contact the person responsible for the translation?
  2. Stop changing the direction. Just walk straight and it will be useful. I have found this text to speech feature very useful. You can use it two ways: during navigation to the selected waypoint and general point alert which activates when there is a cache nearby.
  3. I know what are you thinking. I have seen some that needs more than visiting the site and reading the description to answer. Sometimes the most difficult part is to understand the question. For example, one EC question was "Explain the meening of the thing you can see in front of you if you look north in your own words." Here is what you see. You must use your imagination to answer correctly.
  4. I always use to the circular way. Newer used the rectangular one. I have newer used offline mode when geocaching in the woods. I do not recommend to use offline mode because the GPS-A receiver used in mobile phones works better with cell reception. More details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GNSS
  5. When they are used in an ideal environment, there should be no difference. But when you are finding a cache in the woods, the story is usually the opposite. A phone will stop working properly, but the dedicated receiver with a more sensitive antenna will continue its job.
  6. The reason is here: https://unece.org/trade/cefact/unlocode-code-list-country-and-territory In Finland we have opportunity to visit two countries because one Finnish province has own country code AX. This creates some problems because the choice of country is the cache owners responsibility and there is some ramdomness. It is not possible to select Kosovo as the country for the cache because there is no Kosovo in the country selector list. I think that it will be added when Kosovo is listed in the UN/LOCODE.
  7. Very surprising The image is heavily scaled up from the thumbnail https://img.geocaching.com/communication/thumb/d21f36a1-4ea0-41db-b2d2-f04f207e8e57.jpg There is no problem in your device, the image is stored in this way. I guess that the changes are better if you can find a way to reproduce this effect. One way I can imagine to get this result is to open a thumbnail on a mobile device and then send a sceenshot of the upscaled thumbnail.
  8. For me, your sample images look like a preview images. Please, try to open one image to another tab in your browser and post the address of the image here for verification.
  9. I don't know about the history as I started at 2010 but there has always been some discussion about D and T ratings. There is a similar loophole in D ratings too. Some D5 caches just need a special tool like a screwdriver. The difficulty level may not always indicate the meltal difficulty. I have heard that caches that need a fishing rod are rated either D5 or T5 depending local preferences. For example, in Finland they are traditionally T5 not D5. Comparing a fishing rod to a boat seems more problematic than comparing a boat to a climbing gear. My own rating for terrain is quite straigthforward. T1 is accessible using only one limb T2 is accessible using two limbs T3 is accessible using three limbs T4 is accessible using all four limbs T5 cannot be reached using only the limbs Difficulty and Terrain are attributes. Their main function is to give the searcher additional information about the cache at a glance. Most applications display D and T ratings at first. Looking for detailed attributes is usually more complicated. When I see T5, I know that I must look the description deeper before I decide whether I try to find the cache or what tools I may need to reach the cache. If the terrain is 2 and the cache needs a fishing rod, I propably find myself disappointed when I notice the need of the tool at the GZ. If you want to find caches that need a highly skilled and experienced specialist you should focus on T4 caches. T5 is not for you.
  10. This guideline is about Geocaching. Now we are talking about Adventude Labbing. That makes using non linear Adventure Labs possible in the offline mode. The player can answer questions after leaving the country if visited coordinates. Yes, it is obvious. It is using multiple choice questions thus rendering this "Make sure all Locations require players to physically visit Adventure Locations." requirement pretty absurd. But this is not the only ALC made for armchair logging, if too easy answers are the criteria.
  11. Because they can. I am interested what guidelines limits placing an ALC in Pyongyang. And if there are some, why these guidelines are needed in this case?
  12. I tried to make multi-cache where you get final coordinates form the checker. I asked from the HQ whether this is ok and got green light that it is allowed. But then a reviewer said that is it not allowed and then HQ also changed mind about this matter. This seems to some kind of grey area.
  13. I found it useful and interesting too. It happened to contain some spoilers that were removed when transferred to Groundspeak HQ Admin account.
  14. When I started geocaching I was a Basic Member for a long time. I was aware of Premium Only caches just because I saw them on the map. There were some offset in coordinates and the cache description was somehow blocked. Today a Basic Member can not see PMO caches on the map. The filter to exclude PMO caches is not available for Basic Members. It is nailed for All I don't know when PMO caches disappeared from the map. But if it is intented feature that Basic Members can not see them, I suggest to nail the filter to Basic Caches instead of All.
  15. The process is explained here https://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/compile.aspx and here https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/mchlp2528/mac
  16. Interesting result. Connection to geocaching.com is already encrypted and NordVPN should not have any way to modify the content of the site. It seems quite odd behaviour because the link is already available, as you noticed from the bottom left corner, and it is not even scripted button - just a normal anchor. What I would like to check next is how "Log Geocache" button reacts to the right mouse button. Will it open the pop up menu where you can open the page into another tab.
  17. When (in Firefox) I hover my mouse over the green "Log Geocache" button the link appears on the botton left side of the screen like this (before I click anything) Do you see anything like this?
  18. You can try to start writing a log manually. Open: https://www.geocaching.com/play/geocache/[GCCODE]/log Just replace the [GCCODE] with the correct cache code. The result may give important imformation about your problem.
  19. I have not seen any statement about GS's HTML 5 compatibility or intention to make it compatible. It is just an arbitrary set of available features you must manually test how they work. Some features are ripped of immediatelly from the source when you save it and some are modified at runtime.
  20. There are plenty of geocaches with flags and and religious characters. It is not about the image but the intention. Are you asking someone to do something or not.
  21. One reason why upload fails is too large image format. If your images are in megabytes, they are too large. Ordinary photos are counted in kilobytes. For example, I have no problems with photos that are about 400 kilobytes.
  22. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=menion.android.locus.pro
  23. It is as hard to find emojis from new titles as old titles. I am little surprised that there is no easy to find tool for this problem already. Is it so, that no programmer is using Garmin GPSr anymore? We have complex tools for spoiling reverse Wherigo caches etc. but nothing this easy to help Garmin users, really?
  24. Can you explain, how this can fix the problem properly? There are already plenty of published geocaches with emojis in the title. I have made one https://coord.info/GC8AZ85 Banning this feature from new caches doesn't make the real problem disappear at all. Removing unwanted characters from the GPX file fix the problem permanently. What are your arguments against this solution?
  25. Locus Map with Geocaching addition can filter caches from GPX file exactly the way you need. When you open a list of caches in the GPX group you have option to filter caches by all standard and special attributes. I have used it to filter, for example, T5 with boat required. When filtering, you can select whether you want to see or hide these filtered caches.
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